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They are the supernatural reflection of particle physics – a [celestial] means of expression and control. When combined with knowledge, bound by energy (mana, etc.), and a perception based on aptitude, they form the basis of magical powers.

All sparks are ideal expressions themselves, and while most are abstract ideas which can be tapped from within oneself through perception and control of threads within The Pattern, they also manifest as an embodiment – a reflection of their nature and function. Directly manipulating Sparks is like channeling a typhoon – you can do incredible things, but it is very dangerous. Sparks are grouped into similar entities with roughly the same capability or impact [when controlled]. These components ultimately control every way in which the subject interacts with everything. In their natural expression, they have no form or direct manifestation, but tie everything back to the Aether.

Corrupted Spark: A spark that is decaying, volatile, and inimical to any who would control it. They cannot be summoned or conjured – they are found in places where The Pattern has suffered repeated sundering.