Quiz 032015 for v6 Playtest

Q: What happens to my essence if my CHA drops?

A: Recalculated; SAN x CHA

Q: How do you measure how someone looks?

A: Using “Looks” – its not an attribute, everyone is normal

Q: How much damage can a character take? What is it called?

A: Health; Size x VGR + Toughness, Toughened

Q: what is the standard # of aptitude points for a normal character? If all are in a single one, what is the term referred to as?

A: 5; Natural Talent

Q: If a trait cost is list as 4 CP and 1 essence, how much does it cost if it is taken at the time of character creation?

A: -1 CP (1 min) and -1 Essence less = 3 CP

Q: How are dispositions? How many are there?

A: Adaptations which are direct modifiers for attribute (1 for each) checks – not used in skill level calc

Q: How are effects which cause unconsciousness resisted?

A: VGR checks, mostly at -4 unless helmet or other protective gear resists direct blows

Q: What are the 4 environmental conditions affecting survival [skill]?

A: Climate, Terrain, Ground, Pressure