Thug Life Character Ideas

Joy Toy
Female, rogue 2, toys
Caltrop equiv, trap, silly string, clap bang,, marbles,
Urchin contact watch while asleep
Tinker tools
Yak tail with wire strands
Pro at bounding hard rubble ball off walls sneak attack d3

Stutters and drools
San check if anyone laughs, turns on rag
berser 2
Improvised prof
Mumbly peg d3 Spike pin to ground, -5 movement

Fat Albert
Wears helmet for 1 res one use
315 lbs for one resilience, 20 move
Makes sounds, does not talk.
Head injury, bad int
Blood domain. Thrown into slums to die. No martial wpns but second wind for sacrifice per short rest
Blood fetish is straw doll drenched in blood familiar, no second wind
Black toe :: lost toes to frostbite, minus move and dex. Fighter 2
Uses shit smeared knives, chews black root, teeth and lips perm black; juiced for +2 str and 1/long rest reckless attacks 3 rounds with false life for 50percent income

Jimmy quip:: smartass but no str low san
Rogue 2
Plus 2 Cha in slums, 1/long rest can summon swarm of beggars in slums with whistle, takes 3 rounds, costs 25 percent and favor every now and then to beggar king

One eye Jak:: Necro outcast from hall of hanging dead, one eye, withered arm, poor balance
Mage 2 banished
Hourglass can be used 1/short rest. Bone powder inside, obsidian. 1 damage and until sands quit running 10 rounds or tipped over as action cast stir the dead or chill touch each round or grave mist lasts for 10r. All living but caster in 30 radius effected as a entangle spell. Each 5′ moved through towards caster causes wiz level in damage necrotic. At end of spell all in effect gain grave smell for an hour on failed con save