Pact of the Temple

The Feywild Moon Spirit of Waele

The GM may decide to provide an alternate set of adventure materials for characters looking to form Warlock Pact Bonds.

Rivin is a spirit fo the Moon Spirit Waele – He is a special bull lycanthrope. He is almost always in his moon influenced minotaur form, and when he gets to leave the maze, during the full moon, he is a normal man, like to watch wrestling, enjoys good smoke and whiskey and has a normal wife. They lead a boring life, and he considers his time as Maze guardian his “job”.

Unseelie vs. Seelie
Ultimately Titania – the Queen of Summer – is the spirit’s arch-fey superior. Any pact would ultimately be with her, but the spirit of Waele will be an intermediary.


1 Essence in addition (as long as there is a pact with his mistress) or 1 HP life essence permanently.

The spirit shrouds the PC in the border Feywild at night, and all HP regained due to rest are doubled as time passes strangely.

Lesser Warlock?