Fallen Sparrow of Estraga


SYSTEM: D20/Dungeons and Dragons™ 5th Edition©

Long has the area of Scar Flow been avoided. Its a dangerous place where ocean currents meet the evils of Dwindor Swamp, and unknown evils prowl. Those who go here are often never seen again. The ancient ruins are mostly sunk beneath the waves, but the ancient Estraga family temple still stands on a lonely peak. In this peak, a being of light long ago was given its home, and venerated by the Estraga family. It is a source of great knowledge and guidance, unending optimism and hope. Within the confines of the temple, it took to rehabilitating broken creatures it would find. Since The Sundering, the temple has become even more remote and ignored. However, to a select few, it is known as a source of knowledge and power – secrets that can be traded or bartered for if the seeker is willing to pay the price. The temple awaits such seekers, lonely and mostly fallen into obscurity. The path to it is dangerous, and those seeking it often fail. But it is to this place, that the PC’s must go, seeking knowledge locked away.

Location: [The Steel Realms] The fallen termple is located on the very western edge of Scar flow – the west side of the peak it is on faces the open ocean.
Premise: The PC’s either need some antidote or locked away piece of knowledge, or their Patron or related order needs it. They are sent to retrieve it and return.
> Macguffin > The GM can insert whatever knowledge or potion or item that they need to in order to give the party a reason to go.
Story and Progress: Arriving at the temple location is up to the GM – the Dwindor Swamp and Scar Flow are places the GM can introduce or run the party through or over to get to the temple. How the party learns the way is up to the GM – a Patron or obscure literary reference, perhaps.
> Outcome(s) > The PC’s should get what they have come seeking. Alternatively, they may get knowledge of what they seek.
Challenges: There are ways to bypass some threats by exploring. Phantoms, undead, hounds of other realms. Horrific monsters like Gibbering Mouther requiring sanity checks. A test to not disturb the graves of the fallen.
Rewards: Either the knowledge of what they seek or what they seek – this is the only reward gained.


Estraga Family:

The creature bound of light:

What the Characters Know: Common knowledge and Uncommon [what checks are required?].

Hidden Knowledge: What is completely unknown to the players (and perhaps to the NPC’s!).


When: season

  1. Characters enter the picture…


Narrative for the characters to get them into the adventure.

Monjoi Peak

Monjoi Peak stands almost 200 feet out of the water.

Light Bringer Temple of Monjious

Crathern Peak

Crathern Peak is the small peak about 200 feet off the east side of Monjoi. It is the burial place of the family pets – dogs, cats, horses, rams, and bulls.

Hound Shrine

The shrine to the twins hounds is facing east here. As long as the sun rises each day, any hounds that were slain are reborn.

Estraga Family Catacombs

Catecomb Entrance

Entry Passage

Guardian Alcoves

Northern Secret Passage:
> TAKING THE OBJECT > In the final battle, the party gets Disadvantage on their Initiative rolls.

Southern Secret Passage:

Alcoves of the Twins

Alcoves of the Broken Statues

Alcoves of the Dead

> TAKING THE OBJECT > The party gets Disadvantage on their Attack rolls

Ikribu Shrine

The Bone Pit: This is where the aniamls were given in sacrifice – their haeds smashes with the sacred hammer.

> TAKING THE OBJECT > The party gets Disadvantage on their Saves.

Enshrined Passage

The Spirit Web


The Spirit Trap

Mothers Hearth

Corridor of Light

The Room of Judgement

Passage of Judgement

The Family Gathering

The Chamber of Stars

Key Characters

Key Character Template

Who they are…. and their role in it all.

Motivations: What does the character hope to achieve?

> Aversion(s) > What do they hope to avoid or will not do?

The Hounds of the Twins

The three hounds were sacrificed, the light of judgement changed them. Now they have the ability (can sense any creature in these places within 90′) and travel the borderland realms nearby – the Ethereal, the Shadow and Feywild. All the creatures to eat in the nearby area are gone – only a few rats, insects and snakes remains that are well hidden – anything that moves into their area, they eat. Sometimes they roam as a pack in the Feywild to hunt. Each new sunrise, as long as their temple stands, if they are dead, they are re-born.

  • Yeth Hound
  • Devil Dog
  • Shadow Mastiff

Motivations: The guard the private family shrine of the Light Bringers.

> Aversion(s) > What do they hope to avoid or will not do?