Character Creation for Dunstrand Rising

Steel Realms
Steel Realms - Dunstrand Rising (A Living World Campaign)

The character creation process, unless noted, follows the standard for the steel Realms characters as noted in the Incarna online materials.

Additions and changes are as follows:

D20 Character Creation

  1. Omsara – The Steel Souled: [Characters After 3-1-2018] Sanity DC 10 check to see and embrace the shine of a steeled soul.
    • All get +1 Essence, and do not enjoy the benefits of the Tear Gift of Ezrilus.
    • A Steel Gift: Based on the Sanity check results choose 1 (simple), 2 (major), or 3 (critical) of the “gifts”:
      • Maximum HP at 1st; If an race or ability already grants this, they get half a hit dice in addition.
      • 3 [Greater] Inspiration (greater can be used to achieve an automatic simple success).
      • Darkvision

Incarna Core Character Creation