Lucky Red Scarf and Crew

Steel Realms
Steel Realms - Dunstrand Rising (A Living World Campaign)Part of Transformation of Crestwold (Campaign Arc).

This describes the character of Lucky Red Scarf, his resources, boat, crew and some [optional] scenes he is part of. He is a major NPC character for the campaign arc.

The Red Pony (ship)

Red Pony; Loamwold Cutter type vessel that he has customized. Lucky says he won it in a bet.

Captains Stash

smuggling storage: 8k in fake diamonds (looks real)

Operators and Agents of Lucky

Agents: LRS has agents and contacts in every major town, and in most villages. He can spread rumors, hear rumors, and follow the movements of large groups like the PCs. He has agents inside some of the mercenary bands as well (local thug hires) – and supplies almost all of them with drugs and alcohol.

The Red Scarves

Not a guild or brotherhood, just an informal gang. There are few in Torrelsons Ford. These work for LRS directly.
Trevor: Trevor is a pale, older man with a long beard. He lived in Torrelson’s Ford his whole life and gives the impression of never having ventured far. He is a Lt. in Lucky’s crew. He runs all of Torrelsons Ford except the docks. All movement of goods and people related to Lucky out of the town by land is overseen by him.
Gang: 7 direct; plus freelance informants/spies and a few thugs that he commonly hires for beat-downs.

Lucky Red Scarf (LRS)

Appearance: Lucky stands tall for a halfling; nearly 5 feet. He always has a wry grin, and is accompanied by his signature red scarf.

Where: He stays in the boat during the day, and has a booth at The Bitterwheel Tavern. He most often sleeps at Sundri’s Boarding House – right next to the Sacred Grove of of the Green Church in Torrelsons Ford.

Treasure: He has the other token half for Anna Waithe (for passage) and her bag of 500sc in pearls if she shows up; he has 300sc in a locked box; he wears about 200sc in jewelry, he has 100sc in wine in his cabin, 120sc in halfling nice clothes, he always carries a potion of gaseous form and one of invisibility. He has a few healing potions stashed on his ship and a bolt hole in town. He’s in it for the long haul, and usually does not have massive sums of silver – though 1000 is not uncommon to have access to – hes always investing and growing.

  • Holy Symbol of Elancil (hey – he’s a coastal smuggler; 50sc)
  • Fake documents and papers for his ship

Lucky’s History

Ongoing Feud: Lucky has worked tirelessly since to worm his way into Crestwold, even to the extent to usurping the smuggler leader Frad Elgor (his boat the Wind Witch) 6 years ago. Since then the 2 alliances have had brawls and underhanded dealings against each other – though the barony is mostly unaware of the ongoing dispute. Frad Elgor is still alive, but does not show his face much in Torrelsons Ford. It is rumored that he hides in the Black Shore area – one thing Lucky has been unable to find is his hiding place. He still has loyal workers, and a source of income from somewhere, as every now and then one of Lucky’s shipments is hit in transit to load or unload.

Rumors About Lucky

  1. Dad killed young in a bar fight (false)
  2. Mom was a prostitute and junkie (false)
  3. Is being hunted by the Umbakians
  4. Is secretly engaged to one of the Barons family (false)

Frad Elgor

Frad is definitely still alive and trying to foil Lucky. Lucky lets him live as he’s always one step ahead, and it creates strife to have him always trying to get revenge.

Scenes with Lucky

Errands for Lucky

Contact for the PCs: The deeds for Lucky’s operation will be managed by his commander on the landward side, Trevor. Trevor uses a disguise at all times he meets with the PCs. All meetings will be in public places and only with him after sending the PCs a message on where and when to meet.

Rules: No killing, no mainming. Be as clandestine as you can. No letting them buy their way out of the confrontation or offer some equivalent solution – follow orders.

Running: PCs spotted may attempt to flee if they fail Stealth, etc. They will be pursued by one or more guards, militia or workers depending on where they are at. If they used a Disguise Kit, they likely won’t be recognized.

Choosing: Any; The PCs do not have to agree to any. The rewards can be increased by up to 50% with a major result on a DC 15 Persuade check.

Executing: If the PCs are identified in 3 or more, it’s considered a “crime spree” and an investigation will occur. The investigation should start at a DC 20, and be reduced by anything in which the PCs are identifiable or tracked back to them (flashy weapons/gear, colors, not disguising themselves or poor disguises, etc.). If it is successful, the mayor’s aide, Bill Slawe, can be bought off for 500 silver. No amount of trying to leverage his drug addiction will get him to back off any more than down to 400. The PCs have more to lose – it would mean jail time, floggings, and a major loss in reputation and trust. If LRS gets implicated he leaves town.

Collecting Rewards: The PCs wont get the rewards right away. Once Lucky determines that the right outcome was achieved, he will get them to the PCs. Half reward if PCs skip any job after doing a few.

Orphanage Gift

Mission: Deliver an anonymous gift (in a locked box; illusory script to his contact there) to the orphanage in Red Grass. Baby box: 1-3 on d6 is available. Climb to get inside barred at night
Sneak into the town of Red Grass (Stealth DC 12)
Find means and place to leave the gift (Perception DC 15)
Sneak in and drop it off (Stealth DC 15) and exit without being seen (Stealth DC 13)
Reward: 50 silvers + expenses

Motivating the Dockmaster

Mission: Surprise the lazy daytime dockmaster in his place of work and motivate him (deliver a verbal threat) or leave a note in locked drawer
Find the dockmasters station and sneak in (Stealth DC 17 or Lockpick DC 12 & Stealth DC 12)
Perception DC 15 check to observe the shifts and normal movements = Advantage on checks
Threaten him with Lucky’s warning (Intimidation DC 13)
Sneak out without being seen (Stealth DC 13)
Reward: 50 silvers + expenses and a night on him (prostitutes, drugs, booze)

Motivating the Stable Owner

Mission: Intimidate a stable owner to back off a price increase in renting beasts for him (landward smuggling)
Intimidate DC 13, bribe of 25 silver + Persuade DC 10, or Persuade DC 17
Reward: Expenses and a night on him (prostitutes, drugs, booze)


Mission: Sneak onto a rivals boat and non harmful sabotage
If caught can try and dive in/jump and swim away (Athletics DC 10 and Stealth DC 15)
Get on the boat by Stealth DC 25, or Athletics DC 12 (swim) + Athletics DC 14 (climb) + Stealth DC 15
Find something suitable non-critical to sabotage (Perception DC 17); Hide something that will hurt a sailor (but not permanently) at just the right time as a message (Sleight of Hand DC 14; failure means the crew finds it before it happens and sabotage will not work)
Get off the boat without being seen [same as getting on in reverse)
Reward: 50 silver + expenses; if Sleight of Hand passed get an extra 50 silvers

Red Message

Mission: A prank – paint a red stripe looks like dripping blood on the mayor’s sisters building (mayor/slaw pissed him off)
  1. Get near the building without being noticed (Stealth DC 25) – If disguise kit DC 10 is used, the Stealth DC is 18
  2. Get the heck away (Stealth DC 14; Advantage if the character took stock of guard patrols and such)

Reward: 25 silvers + expenses

Package Delivery

Mission: Deliver a package late at night in a bad part of town to an associate
  1. Get into the neighborhood and the house without being seen (Stealth DC 14; Advantage if the character took stock of guard patrols and such); Give the knock signal and hand of the package over
  2. Get out of the area (Stealth DC 14; Advantage if the character took stock of guard patrols and such)
    Option > Disguise +8 vs. Perception to notice not the right person or Insight DC 20 if the character does not look close. Just someone who overheard the handoff instructions and wanted to make a score – F1, HP 12, AC 11; he will try and run (Athletics +6) to get away if caught. The normal contact is bound inside. If there is a scuffle, Persuade DC 16 the guards who come in 2 rounds – too late to find, untie the contact and assess – or be taken in for questioning.

Reward: 50 silvers + expenses

Debt Collection

Mission: Collect a debt on a merchant from Red Grass who has fled to the tiny hamlet of Norover
  • Find the merchant (of Morben Brothers Casters and Haulers) is hiding with a contact. Investigation DC 15 to find him.
  • Have a talk to persuade him to see the error of his ways in dealing with Lucky (Intimidate DC 12).
  • Reward: Expenses and a night on him (prostitutes, drugs, booze)

    Outcomes: Josey Warrrin will not be happy if she finds out it was the PCs!

    Escort a Lady

    Mission: Escort a lady and her (reluctant) daughter from a wagon recently arrived at Torrelsons Ford.
    Setup: The daughter is known to be a bit in the wild side and rebellious and may try and run. The destination gives no clues. Int 20 or Insight DC 15 check to know not a lady
    1. [Only If Requested] Scout of path between 2 points (Investigation DC 12) – this will only get the PCs a bonus on finding her if she runs off
    2. Perform the escort of mother and daughter. The daughter will try and run 3 times. The character with the best Insight DC 17 check can sense it right beforehand and a move of Athletics (restraint) vs. her Athletics check (run). See the DMG for Urban Chase rules. If the PCs fail any insight checks and she attempts to run, there is a chance it will be seen by the town watch or called to their attention.
    Arrival: The destination is actually changed in the area, it’s a brothel a block over, the “daughter” is just a young virgin girl being prostituted by the madame.

    Reward: 100 silvers + Expenses and a night on him (prostitutes, drugs, booze)

    Wagon Escort

    Mission: Drop off supply wagon in Willtheson hamlet nearby. Its a normal supply wagon, but there is a specific locked box that needs to be protected. Go at sunset.
    1. Perception vs. Stealth (+8) to see they are being followed by 2 fellows in opposite faction
    2. Perception vs. Stealth (+8) to detect the ambush set before the hamlet (4 crossbowmen)
      Vehicle vs. Animal Handling – pursuit
    3. Arrival: The group is met at the tavern to unload the wagon. Perception DC 15 check to see the chest unloaded and tossed carelessly – its an empty decoy!

    Reward: 50 silvers + expenses

    Protect the Lady

    Mission: Escort a lady home after a party to her father, a landowner in Blackroad Bell hamlet
    Setup: The characters can try and posture (Intimidate), hire a human wall around her (5 silver per), or wait for the ambush (Insight)
    Execution: Fight to protect her if necessary – Frad’s men attempt to kidnap. There are up to 10 of them from a few of the local hamlets. Lead by a man with a scroll that has a drawing of the woman’s face and a note that says to bring her to a certain area. That area is where one of Frad’s suspected hideouts is. Written in Cant.

    Reward: 100 silvers + expenses