The Green Lady (Bella)

The Woman in Green: Bella of Mosshaven


The party should be well established in Torrelsons Ford – a known fixture and participants of several adventures. They should have some renown and reputation enough to attract the attention of Bella. She comes for the obvious ability to make money off both the PCs and Baronial family (and mercenaries!).

Warlock 3rd (Seeker) w/Occult Aptitude; Background: Hermit
Cantrips: Prestidigitation, Poison Spray (Disadvantage on saves from swamp affinity)
Spells: 2+1 @2nd: [4+2] Identify, Locate Object, Detect Magic, Enthrall, Charm Person, Invisibility
Eldritch Invocations: Misty Visions (Silent Image at will), Beast Speech (Speak with Animals at will)
Skills: Herbalism Kit (Expertise), Healing Kit, History, Nature
Affliction: Madness – her isolation from her clan and people have driven her slightly mad.

Bella is a midwife and a specialist in herbalism. She is known to possess knowledge of the local tales passed orally from many, many centuries ago. She is often seen on the outskirts of town, in the wetlands – looking for rare plants.

She can make:

  • [10 silvers] Mustard Poultice (+1 overnight healing for 3 nights, prevents infection of a wound and swamp rot); starts campaign with D6+1 (can make more)
  • [50 silvers] Purgative (prevents natural healing for 24 hours, does 1 damage, and removes swamp rot and many natural diseases); starts campaign with D3+1
  • [75 silvers] Burn Balm (10 points; expires in 48 hours)
  • [50 silvers] Moss Poultice (stops bleeding, heals d4+2 in 8 hours; expires in 5 days)
  • [25 silvers] Leaf Roll (smoke to suppress 1 level of Exhaustion for 24 hours; expires in 3 days)
  • [200 silvers] She can make a potion of Enthrall (she is rumored to have made one for the Baron in one of his recent town square speech’s) – but she will need a special ingredient from the swamp (the PCs must retrieve it from Moor Cat territory!).
  • [25 silvers] She may be persuaded (DC 16) to reveal she can make a love potion too – it will require some piece of the intended target (hair, nail, blood, saliva, etc.) “Tis not a true love potion, but it will get them to notice you above all others for a brief moment – it’s up to you after that!”
  • She may be persuaded to sell the party some of her private stash (see the contents of her trunk).
  • Potion of Water Breathing or Potion of Poison ingredients; Arcana DC 12 check in the cottage; 1+D3 days for each; one of each. 100 silvers and 200 silvers but they expire in 3 days.

Trunk (in her cottage): Lock x 2; DC 10 and DC 13 w/Poison (DC 15 Constitution check or 10 damage per round for 4 rounds – save for half); Inside is 2 books, 4 writs of deposit for thousands of silver (forgeries) in Bar-Innis area, a Potion of Fire Resistance, Potion of Poison Resistance, Potion of Water Breathing, 2 scrolls of Detect Magic, ancient (crumbling) Scale armor [in a false bottom], Balm of Bad Ends (this pot has 3 doses of an unguent that when smeared on a target, in 3 rounds will attract a Swarm of Insects on them if there are enough nearby), silvered dagger, Potion of Nourishment (trial; CON DC 12; heals 3 [-3 fail or +3 major], full day of food, +2 Perception 24 hours) x 2. A total of 8 trinkets. 823 silvers, 200 silvers worth of minor jewelry. Scrolls of Protection: Disease x2, Poison x2, acid, fire, and cold. Bella initially gained her occult knowledge through a magical grimoire. She has a wizard type spell book: Identify, Locate Object, Detect Magic, Enthrall, Charm Person, Invisibility. She has a spell scroll of Scorching Ray x6 – a Wizard would need to make a DC 12 Arcana check to use it correctly, it was a gift to her from a wizard.

Description: Bella is a middle aged woman with olive skin – a dusky color belying a mixed heritage from the south perhaps. She has an austere look to her, like she has had to accommodate a lot in her life and is not happy about it. Her shoulder length dark hair is pulled back with a loop. She wears elbow length supple gloves and wears plain clothes of green and brown earth tones. At her hip is a full sized dagger scabbard – rather nasty looking for someone in her line of work (the Black Shore and river delta are tough places!). Her sharp green eyes are slightly bloodshot, her skin is unadorned and without many wrinkles, and she has no visible scars.

Things to Notice:

  • She might be wearing a ring under the gloves.
  • She might be wearing an amulet or holy symbol under her robes (you can see a necklace of silver).
  • She speaks with a strange accent (south? north?) and sometimes a lisp (Perception DC 10)
    She hints at being from Mosshaven in Bar-Innis (she makes casual reference in conversation – it seems she had competition there)
  • Her clothes are ALWAYS clean (no matter how much mud she tracks through)
  • The sight and talk of money always perks her up (DC 16 to notice a slight salivation)
  • DC 10 Perception; There are no books in her cottage (if asked, she taps her head and smiles; “it’s all up here!”)

Bella’s History

Recent: She came the the town about 3 months before the party got there. Prior to that, she claims to have grown up in the barony of Lily Glen – she does know all there is to know about the Black Shore Road. She knows quite a bit about the Earldom of Bar-Innis. Her accent is a bit off (DC 15 Perception) – it does not match any local, it seem more like a mish mash from all over… more like the accent of one of the Elon travelers. She never seems to have been married – at least nothing to that affect ever comes up in conversation. Her family is long dead and she wont talk about it.

Future: Bella portrays herself as an older woman, but she cannot help her more expensive taste in fashion. Hints she lets go may indicate her noble upbringing, and she is certainly haughty in moments where she need not be. Her stated end goal is to retire in the out of the way barony of Crestwold. She wants to sell her stores, buy a patch of land, and live the good life. She has several writes of deposit.

Relations with House Malor: House Malor is watching her, but believe nothing more than she is a hedge wizard or warlock, selling minor cures and love potions. They have in fact, used her services. She pays them no mind though, which frustrates them as they believe (though cannot prove) she is using wizardly magic.


Bella’s Enclosure

Her cottage has hanging roots, dried plants, petals, and many preserved dried items. Several mortar and pestles have various substances she is working on. It smells of mustard and herbs. She has a pigeon roost, rabbit hutches and a duck pond outside her cottage – they are always full.

Things to Notice:

  • Waiting outside her cottage; DC 14 Perception check to notice animals watching.

Bella’s Home

  • Makeup: This seems like an excessive amount. In fact, its used to mask her virtually undetectable origins. Her green tint skin would normally give her away as a half orc (orcish ancestry any way!).

Events with Bella, the Green Lady


Start: At least 3-5 months of the campaign time should have passed before introducing this set of scenes.
[ __ ] Provides healing for baron troops
[ __ ] Rumor that she took a young boy away from an attacking dog
[ __ ] There’s a noxious weed growing near the well – blood and garlic – she causes it to die back
[ __ ] Saves a woman’s wife in childbirth
[ __ ] Caught a snooping ____ (opp faith) n a trap at her cottage clearing
[ __ ] There was a sickness in the beer at the inn and she cured it
[ __ ] One farmer had woolrot in their sheep and she cured it (only 2 died)
[ __ ] The seneschals wife stepped on a rusty nail – she cured the infection
[ __ ] The Rime Soldiers of the east seem drawn to the town for a brief time, she follows them to see where they fade back to
[ __ ] She tests out a warding from natural ingredients found on the Black Shore and the Rime Soldier spirits never come in her enclosure

Birds of a Feather

At some point, if she becomes aware that the party has a relationship with Lucky (LRS), she will want a meeting. She is very interested in trading and trying to get the upper hand on the rascal.


Ashfall Calling

Background: The ancient Bronzeman calls to the creatures of the swamp reactivate at Ashfall. They draw the few remaining Lizardmen.

Bella’s Role

Bella knows all about the ancient enmity between the Brine Soldier and Rime Soldier spirits breeding new bloodshed. She has some specific knowledge of the defeat of Apshai and what happened at Ashfall. It is locked away in her memories from conversing with spirits and tomes she has found. Her madness prevents her from seeing things clearly.

Lizard Folk of Dwindor

Lizardman call
Lizardfolk shaman ritual of the upright form; elvish roots from long ago, disguise to interact with humanoids alter self renewed each week
They are drawn to a place in the delta on the Murchart River,and seek to re-establish a lair. They find a place near Torrelsons Ford. The bulk of their tribe (about 30) is miles away.

The Brine Soldiers Angered

Background: The spirits of the ancient Apshai temple sense the Ashfall influence near the coast and begin to follow the Lizard Folk.

The Brine soldiers of the Sea Kings have begun to congregate on the north side of the town every few weeks.
Something has “moved” in the Dwindor Swamp. Some presence is stirring, moving and stirring up memories and power that is long dormant. With that a call has sounded in the unheard depths. Evil has answered, ancient evil.

Fortunes of War


DC 14 Perception: A thicker fog than normal is covering Torrelsons Ford.
DC 15 Perception: Weeds are growing at a faster rate; if spring/summer overgrowing flowers.
Rime Soldier spirits are seen at the east and north edge of town – a half mile away. Patrols are being sent out – never do they go that far. Mercs being hired to augment militia.

Communing with Nature

[If the PCs have a means.]
Commune with Nature: DC 10 Sanity check or D4 hard psychic damage. Nature screams – it is being pulled in multiple directions. A strong new presence is within 1 mile. There is a stench, like rotting vegetation.

Augury of Bella

  • She has auguried and the bones say the party should leave, it is a bad time for them (woe)
  • Something the barons ancient ancestor did bring it on.
  • She has seen Dwindor Moor Cats in town at night prowling in the shadows looking for something- nature is set against us!

Augury of the Green Church

Those in the Briarwood have noticed something… A foreign presence, of about a few months, no more. The will of animal creatures about town are suborned by its presence. The small furs nearby have holes in their memory, anda fog covers some moments. No specifics are discernable – normally we can sense the Feywild. None of the usual stuff. We have used common techniques to detect good and evil and nothing has revealed itself.

Augury of the Justicar

[If the Justicar is in town.]
Each night i sense a slithering like presence. It prowls, it reeks of a foul stench. Evil has answered the call of evil and it must be driven into the earth. I have fought the Rime Soldiers and killed them. No tracks, no blood, no source – infuriating but that is not the evil.

Augury of the Dwindor Witch

There was a disturbance. It is an echo from long ago – hundreds perhaps thousands of years ago. There is an ancient call, and some of the creatures of the area have obeyed – their minds are clouded.

The Land Revolts

Corpse Flower

Giant Bat

Giant Centipede

Rot Grub

March of the Brine Soldiers


Mayor, Josey, Bella, etc.
It started slow. There’s a ghost in the cold mist. Then the ghost casts a shadow in the dim street light. The fog rolls in in the evening and covers these shadows – protecting the soldiers who creep closer at night. Each night the soldiers get closer to the Inn and the central district of the north side of the town. It would appear that the goal is the population center on the north ridge of Torrelsons Ford.
Bella’s cottage = real target
Leaves no tracks
No blood in the ground or snow

March of the Rime Soldiers

Background: The Rime Soldier spirits are actually looking to protect the Lizard Folk.

Clash in the Wetlands

Background: The Brine Soldiers clash with the Lizard Folk.

The sun descends as it does on any night, but tonight there is something different. Watchers have reported that shadows like the spirit soldiers from the ruins of the ancient enclave to the east are seen to move in the fog. These though come from the west and north, and the fog seems to claw its way further into town each night.

At the base of an ancient cliff outside the north edge of town, whose peak long ago crumbled, a witchy nimbus of green-yellow light bleeds into the sky. Sibilant screams echo across the slough north of town. The fog encloses parts of the town and is driven back with the screams and lights of the townsfolk. After a half an hour, the light dies and the area north of town is left in silence.

A mob [20] forms with pitchforks and torches. They will either menace the north side of town and/or follow the PCs. Persuade DC 12 (Disadvantage) to disperse the crowd.

You make your way to the area of nimbus light.
There are tracks (DC 14) that indicate a fight. The tracks are zombies (booted feet of soldiers boots – all uniform) and lizard men. There is some sort of beaver dam or nest the soldiers tried to tear apart – back from the slough in the wetlands.
DC 10 Nature/monster lore = Lizard Folk origins
There are 3 lizard men left (of 8; 2 warriors and a shaman). Two of the dead are being used as food by the tribe, the others were taken by the soldiers. They can be treated with if approached with care (food offering, etc.). They speak Draconic and Elvish.
They lizard men were drawn by the scent in the wetlands of an ancient spirit – the Luminary of Belw’n (History DC 25). What it is is some religious figure as far as the PCs can tell. Someone important, and powerful. The lizard folk were bound by ancient blood to send some of their folk to guide the luminary back to them. The luminary will lead them to enrich their tribe in power. Though there are much fewer of them than thousands of years ago, they are still bound.

A Time of Salt and frost

1 on D6 per night that a townsperson disappears; 1-5 on D6 that someone is assaulted and escape.

Hillside Frost

The hillside is covered in blue frost. The blue-white lights of the Rime Soldiers eyes reveal they seem to be searching for something. As a few come over the slough, the fog covers their movement. Cold shadows are cast at the edge of town.

Swamp Visitors Below the Ridge

Up on the hillside of the collapsed ridge, a salty fog covers it and the eyes of the Brine Soldiers glow with feral purpose as they shuffle around the hillside.

Clash at Towns Edge

The spirits of soldiers begin to fight in earnest.
Militia doubled – some questionable people added
Baron paranoid locks himself up
Bella is seen trying to leave town on her nature walks and stopped. A mob forms and wants to stone her. She says she was performing one of her normal nature rituals, under the moonlight.
Thefts at the bella, the curiosity shoppe, merchants hall, some figure prowling around lucky ship
She will say watch out for lucky – he’s not as friendly and happy as he appears and there’s a faction in town who wants to take back the position he stole (hint – you may have allies if you move against him?)

Prowling Frozen Streets of Salt

Lizard folk send emissary
Shaman explains they have used up the ritual of human form. They have raided an encampment along the edge of the river delta. From a black boat waiting off the shore, they have stolen back the two brethren that were taken captive.

Zombies come from the west, reeking of brine. Six residents of Torrelsons Ford and killed and dragged away, a dozen or more are wounded with burning salt wounds.
PCs must talk down a mob looking to attack anyone who is an outsider.

The Return of Friends and Neighbors

The six killed and taken come calling on their friends and family.

The Night of the Snow Wight

A Reason for Love

Characters will return to town

Maweh McRanyish: Maweh is the daughter of Richard (a cooper) and Ginny (a seamstress for the Baron’s family). She was groomed to be a seamstress as well, but her passion was dance. She learned all the courtly dances from the Baron’s staff and the wild seasonal ones from the Green Church. She dances in a local tavern and is the fantasy of many a local lad.

Bradley Tilvers: Bradley is the 2nd son of Elgin (a boat repairman and sailor) and Theresa (mother of 4, gardener and goose tender). Bradley is young, handsome and seeks to find his way as a sailor. He has been down the Queens Coast on a few trips and through Dwindor and up part of the Nanford river as a hired hand on a barge. He is an avid bird watcher.

Investigating Blaylons Reply

Events seem to surround this place. She will want the party to assist in this,and will pay them well.

Rubble chokes the ancient entrance, but there is clear signs of recent activity.

Ancient Treasure Hoard

Bolt of Silk (120 gp), Gold Cloth Ribbon (130 gp), Leather Belt set with Azurite (20 gp)
Bolt of Silk (120 gp), Gold Cloth Ribbon (130 gp), Leather Belt set with Azurite (20 gp), Banded Agate (9 gp), Iolite (40 gp), Red Spinel (100 gp), Sardonyx (40 gp), Fiery Yellow Corundum (900 gp), Jet (90 gp), Malachite (12 gp), Rock Crystal (20 gp), 12 gold, 1302 silver

Potion of Healing x2, Potion of Climbing x2, Drift Globe x3, Scroll: [cleric]