The Baron Cerstwhile’s Library

The library is an old library, under the west tower’s cellar, built into the plateau. A servant leads you, and unlocks the cellar door in the tower’s base. The passage is dark, and he gestures towards a small table with a lamp and candles. “The passage takes you directly there, it’s not far. What with the civil war of Bar-Innis and recent trade disputes, it has only been used for regional maps and histories a few years back. But even with that, it gets a visitor every few months only. It normally gets cleaned once a year, and visited less.” A spiral stairwell leads downward and evens out about 20’ down and opens into the library. The library is a mouldy smelling place where few go at all. Everything is coated with a thin layer of dust, and other areas way more. There was once a sign in/visitors sheet – but the last date is the baron himself about 4 years ago. There is not even a pen there any more. The Cerstwhile family library follows the standard protocols and setup followed by the ancient bardic order of the The Winding Wind, following the tradition of the Fallen East. There is a small lectern area, where a high rise podium and seat is positioned to see the entire library. Off this lectern area are several private chambers with provisions for copying.

There is a crossbow hidden nearby the lectern podium.
I > DC 16 Perception: A ring of keys hangs off the high podium of the lectern.
i > DC 15 Investigation of the whole area to find the off limits door.

Searching for Local Lore

The library has over 500 books and scrolls.
The library adds a +4 to local history
The library adds +2 to ancient history of the area

Finding the Reference

Clue Words
Four broken trees with roots buried deep
Crafted by giants, secrets held to keep
Moor lights mark the way, behind the fog they weep
Under black of night, restless in their sleep

Naming the Place
DC 20 to find a reference to things built by giants, and an old legend of Bronzeman Enclave of Aquarine. It has a reference to 4 stone towers, which anchored the bridge over a river that were built by giants.