Asides/Side Treks for [original] Crestwold Campaign

The Lord of the Undying Sees Their New Servant


Type: Side Trek/Aside
Fit: Crestwold Campaign Arc of Dunstrnd Rising Living World [Campaign] Ben’s character decided to expand the extra level of Warlock granted and the power he was siphoning took notice and demanded he do a service for additional power.
Writing: Kelly Berger
Design: Kelly Berger
Editing: Kelly Berger
Art: Kelly Berger
Testing: Benjamin Persinger, Duncan Hueber, Alestra Glassman, Lucas Grenier, Arabus Grenier
September – October 2020

Making Of: This was also an adventure one-off for one character to develop their Warlock connection.

Original Vision

A failed ritual has exposed one of the Lich Lords to be robbed of power, as they robbed the god of death itself. A skeletal visage stood ready for you to grasp its hand, though it paid no attention when you did – a symbol of the unnoticed bond. When you grasped the hand, the boney fingers seized your hand with a grip that infused you with power and a feeling of loathing and disgust. A taste lingered in your mouth for weeks, you nearly wretched with every bite of food, every drink of ale.

Current Reflection

(choosing to pursue the Warlock path)

You think back upon the circumstances that brought the power to you. You’ve not thought of it too deeply, for there has been no notice from the entity you are connected to. The original visions said that the Lords of the Undying in the north have left an open wound in their power. You exploited that and gained power without notice, but now you have pursued it beyond the original parameters. The binding has a cost, and that cost is revealed…

Dream Sending

The PCs will be collected from wherever they are currently, restored as if a Long Rest has happened, and taken to a place to fulfill the request of the entity the PC has bonded themselves to.