Man in Grey (Adventure)


Incarna is a system of gritty realism. The mechanics promote deadly combat, intense action, and the intended focus is on story, skills, and a mixture of combat and puzzle/problem solving. Some rules herein may reference concepts unique to Incarna - you will need access to the online rule set for specific details. Most GM’s can assess the Incarna specific elements in context and leave or remove them as needed. Where you see this: , the GM must "plug-in" their own materials to round out the adventure in their campaign. It is strong recommended something such as a Gaming Contract be put into place.

  • In DnD terms, Incarna uses 8 hours rest as a short rest, and 1 week rest as a long rest.
  • Incarna uses Sanity; this is an optional element of DnD and should be used.
  • Incarna uses a form of life-power called Essence; (Charisma+Sanity)/2 = the starting “well” of Essence (which returns at 1/Short Rest if used to trigger effects). Items with Essence themselves require attunement before their benefits can be gained.


Planned Location



Motivation: MacGuffin?



This adventure literally pulls all the characters out of their physical environs and in the middle of what they are doing and catapults them to a pocket dimension where they must win through a series of ‘tests’ to meet the individual behind it all. It does not matter where the character are in the campaign either in its progress (though it's more suited towards the end) - the challenges can be tailored to any party as always.


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