Last Sanctuary of The Rimbus


Incarna is a system of gritty realism. The mechanics promote deadly combat, intense action, and the intended focus is on story, skills, and a mixture of combat and puzzle/problem solving. Some rules herein may reference concepts unique to Incarna - you will need access to the online rule set for specific details. Most GM’s can assess the Incarna specific elements in context and leave or remove them as needed. Where you see this: , the GM must "plug-in" their own materials to round out the adventure in their campaign. It is strong recommended something such as a Gaming Contract be put into place.

  • In DnD terms, Incarna uses 8 hours rest as a short rest, and 1 week rest as a long rest.
  • Incarna uses Sanity; this is an optional element of DnD and should be used.
  • Incarna uses a form of life-power called Essence; (Charisma+Sanity)/2 = the starting “well” of Essence (which returns at 1/Short Rest if used to trigger effects). Items with Essence themselves require attunement before their benefits can be gained.

Setting: The Steel Realms

Planned Location



Whispered tales and legends cause them to seek out the monastery at Lake Curr, for it is said that a hidden entrance to the fabled Shaarmaas - the dark highway - lies beneath its crumbling exterior. The ancient place is steeped in Fey lore and forgotten by all but a few. Is there truly a way to the realms under the earth there? Do the Ducateon still keep up their ancient under-earth sacred places that allow them to move great distances quickly? What creatures may have made their home in this place? The unknown must be braved for the need is great and hour late!

Motivation: MacGuffin?
The PC's must travel a great distance securely and without exposing themselves.


Feywild influence, The Elemental Plane of Earth influence, an ancient fallen race of elves and Fey guardians.



Rumors have persisted
Background Facts:

Getting there

You must travel widdershins 3 times around the lake, a 2 hour journey each time, before the monastery will appear on the high rise to the east.

T’greyn The Tender

T’greyn has lived for thousands of years, and is perhaps the last of The Edraim. He is sad beyond reckoning, having slowly watched his people die out or choose the life of the under-dweller and is lost forever. His Drow wife died over 200 years agao and he is the last of his kind here. He tends one of the last refuges of The Rimbus. He speaks only Sylvan and understands spoken and written forms; he will ONLY communicate in this way. T’greyn inspires the last defenders – those who have taken refuge. As such they are able to draw on reserves in defending the place from any perceived attacks using the following:

  • Dead on Your Feet: Like some of the undead, a creature can make a DC 1 + the last damage they took to stay up for a single more round of attacks. There is no limit to the negatives a creature may take, the effect is a single round of more attacks, after which it instantly dies and cannot be saved.

Refugee Defenders

Formorians: 2 young formorian giants, a half ogre, 3 goblins, 2 ‘broken’ Ducateon.

Monastery Grounds


Bottomless Rent

Heat can be felt – geothermal vent. If observed for 4 hours, it will blast a vent of steam once.



This is the core of the sacred Garden of Stone, pathway of The Rimbus.


Doors > Fey Twisting: The Stone Troll