Soul Raiders

Raiding to the Githzerai = surprise is key that why there are only 4 slaadi – this is what they believe in their hearts… really they are being lead to the slaughter, but are being sacrificed to plant the seeds of the land’s demise. They have with them a crystal shard, it radiates a shifting pattern of lights fro some strange source inside it. One of them has been told to ambush the others and kill them, that once the crystal is planted, and the sacrifice made, that they will split the reward 4 ways, but his master has hinted that he could aclaim enire 4 portions if there was only himself. He will transform into a green slaad with Berserker powers.
= party will track them down and watch 1 red slaad kills other while they rest, and see transformation. They may have a chance to find other Green slaad, but if not may be ambushed by it.

Slaad Master
Following the red slaadi is a green Slaad that is insane.
Wearing a harness, with a rolled copper scroll that has, written in slaadi, clear instructions and a ritual to enact that will “for once and ever more leave the realm of sixlands open for invasion – bypassing the wall of M’drone!”
Stinking cloud, phantasmal force, web

Slaad Encampment
Ritual Book
Chaos Larva!