Amazons of Red Valley at Zermai

Valley’s Dark Secret
There is a hidden place where a few adventurers have fled to. There is no aging or true need for sustenance, but they farm and breed any way. There are several chained males, breeding stock, but the encampment is made up of 20 women. They have intercepted some of the equipment that seekers of wisdom have shed in the village that the monks usually end up with, gathered it to defend themselves should the need come.
Dark Past: In the early days, more than 500 years ago, the men ruled and held the women as slaves. There were 3 women to every 1 man, and they were treated horribly. Male babies were generally killed unless a loss was to be replaced. The women rose up and murdered the men, throwing the few young men and a couple of the older in chains to use as breeding stock.
They hate outsiders and are well guarded by the council of 5
#1 Maria
Equip: Short bow
@2 Eunice
Equip: Short bow
#3 Belda (priestess of Whelm; Cleric level 5 [War])
#4 Carrie (priestess of Ezrilus; senior, Cleric level 7 [Nature])
Commands rat horde during day as watchers
Commands bat horde at night as watchers
#5 Freida
Equip: Short bow
Older Women: 8
Anemic male slaves: 6
Adolescent Women: 7
1 acolyte for each priestess (as cleric level 1)

Possible Quest: The PC’s will be helping to clean and tend fields, in preparation for the monastery closing and the monks fleeing. The know the Modrones are fighting every day now – which is the whispers they hear.
Each character should make a Persuasion check, DC 15; if any succeed then there will be a hint that there is a group of others like the PC’s.
… > More information means humans of race, descendants of adventurers not brought to heel immediately. The monks treat them as some sort of zoo now, accepting their presence but observing and learning.
Negotiate a truce – convince them the lands of Escalon are dying and the monks wish them to come with them, in peace, and will teach them how to get home.
Subdue them if they have to
Do not kill any
Help them prepare to leave
Free the males?
> If they are, you must persuade them not to take revenge.
… > There is a secret cache of weapons one of the males knows about. They will try and access it and get revenge on the women – rape and murder. If the initial attempts fail, then a [fated] check with disadvantage for turning aside the mob (Intimidate or Deception could work too – but always with disadvantage). Angry Man-Mob: HP: 20, 20, 20, 20, 30, and 40 (leader: Michael), weakened from slavery so no fighter abilities except leader as F5 (champion). Weapons cache is 10 daggers, 5 spears, a battle axe, and 2 long sword – spears can be thrown. They will threaten but tactics will be to swarm who they believe to be the leader and overwhelm them.