Exploring Creb-Navarood



What is the adventure about?

Location: [Setting] Brief information on the main or starting locale.
Premise: How do the characters get involved?
Story and Progress: What is expected to happen during the adventure?
> Outcome(s) > What is the end goal? Any potential other results?
Challenges: Monsters and type, traps, role-playing pitfalls, physical costs
Rewards: What can the outcomes bring to the characters?


Entire background of events leading up to the point the characters enter the picture.

What the Characters Know: Common knowledge and Uncommon [what checks are required?].

Hidden Knowledge: What is completely unknown to the players (and perhaps to the NPC’s!).


When: season

  1. Characters enter the picture…


Narrative for the characters to get them into the adventure.

Key Characters

Key Character Template

Who they are…. and their role in it all.

Motivations: What does the character hope to achieve?

> Aversion(s) > What do they hope to avoid or will not do?

Black gorgon came from inside shattered city. If Kaaldian forces win, they want to know where they came from! Survival tracking to old estate and hidden summoning chamber.
Manor of Balen Tomarsi in the shattered city of Creb-Navarood
> This is long been a place where Black Gordons can teleport to safely. Unique items have been placed in the ruins – a cursed item to keep people away, and dweomers placed to frighten the weak away with fake glyphs.
“There appears to be a sort of outline of a safe place through the shattered path to a collapsed villa. All that is left appears to be corner – the rest are broken stones. The corner faces away and obscures from the safe path anything that may be hiding there” (programmed illusion) DC 10 PER = sees something – no ID
“Glyphs shiver and flash.” Smoke begins to come from a few stones as you draw near.” (programmed illusion) 2 real 3D6 fire minor glyph; 6 fake glyphs
Detect good and evil – radiates good!
“Snorts and scraps come fromt the obscured area. A rumbling threatens to dislodge more stones. Obscured glyphs are made visible by the rumblings.” (programmed illusion)
Stary eyed creatures peering from behind walls (programmed illusion)
Behind is obliviox – memory mould + Dex DC 15 or fall unto 3D5 fire glyph as well
WALL – dc 10 acrobatic balance on it scamper over; fall = step on a rule
Swarm bats 19-20 = disease; 20 for rats
Real Rat Swarm 1/hour in this area
Real Bat Swarm 1/hour in this area
12 real glyphs of warding. On the inside of villa
There is a symbol carved into the floor – the symbol of the High King of Gladnor. An old penon is tacked to the wall – that of his black Gorgons. Several empty canteens and kits, crates of old supplies, etc. wait for those who would use them it looks like.
Too late you see the eye that moves on the tattered penon. The black creature jumps down to the floor. As you move to combat it, the area glows red – the entire area is suffused.
Teleported to Heroes Hall, the “Chamber of Sendings”:
> When it dies down you are in a massive dark room with 40’ vaulted ceilings and pillars as thick as 3 humans. You and your friends are standing at various poses in a sunken floor area. Three old women stand at the edge of shadows. You feel magics course through you as wards are triggered. “Gently creatures, gently” You will not be harmed. Your intent is strong, but neutral. We only wish to find out what happened to the Knight of Cloakwood!”
> They are the sisters do Dajhar Hardeen – the Seers of the High King (advisors directly to the High King).
> Such is the outcome, Dead he is and so are the plans? This was not foreseen, and we must regroup – perhaps that path was not so plain sisters, perhaps the path is not one of pain… let us test the pain of one of these.
> Choose party member with most scars and disfigurements
– if good aligned then: “Suffered and kept the faith”
OR if party members has done something for the high king
– if neutral aligned then: “Suffered and has not given in”
> They will persuade the party member that in order to not be an enemy, they must spy on the Kaaldians.
– If evil aligned then: Attack and send back. “Bah, banish the thought sisters – unworthy and banish the creatures” Shazam – they are back.
When the party is sent back amidst the mutterings of the sisters, they get an investigation DC 15 check to realize the High King does not probably know directly the results of any of whats going on – the sisters are operating this, or at least in conjunction with the Kinight of Cloakwood. .
> Any Kaaldian foot soldiers will be killed and party have to make up a lie or explanation.

3 cursed shields
Thanevoor Rebuff
Shield of Aleaas
Grescot’s Line

Exiting the Ruins


Your assistance is obviously making a huge difference. The loss in numbers is still high – at least half of the Kaaldian’s forces are taken out (one archer in particular took out 3 heavy infantry before being taken down). The Kaaldian leader you saw taken down by an arrow but he has risen again and rallied his troops.

Conversation with the Winner

Aerabois the Black Gorgon explains that these traitors were organizing a rebellion in the north, forming an alliance with powers and men forbidden the protection of the High King. He would use Speak with Dead on the fallen “prince” to get his destination and reason for meeting here. The “maiden” is to be arrested. Their service is no longer needed, and the High King will hear of their assistance.
Rewards: Reputation, titles, Elven healing wine (20 draughts of 8hp each), sword of the Thane: +1
Bloodied and beaten (arm in a sling and bleeding from an arrow in the thigh), the leader of the Kaald forces extends a hand. “I am Logoss Kaaldavian – of House Kaaldavian, of the blood of Ru Peravoir, Thane of West Cut, and i would know the names of my new friends!”
Rewards: Rewards: Anything the Black Gorgon has (all identifiable really – he will see to it it is dealt with the clean their presence from it)), enchantment (if they help) of defense at the end. Claims to have some of the finest armorers in the north at his disposal, including Ruardin Forge-Binder a maker-wizard who makes pacts with fire and earth elementals to infuse armor with powers.
> Can make Animated Shield, Resistance on Armor, Armor +1 – all will have the mark of Kaald, Dunador, and “the north”

Northern Path #2 – the Thane

Let me introduce my allies. This woman with a matching arrow in her leg is my half sister Elicia NaKaaldavian (she winks at you – a few of you – when her brother is not looking); she is a warrior in her own right and commands my foot troops. Alas, we have lost by brother in arms Matthew. That ignorant bastard of a ranger took him with an arrow through the eye. We have a lot of wounded, and my sister is no good at woman’s work (she frowns at him and puts a hand on her rapier) – do you have anyone who can help our wounded. We did not expect to meet with such violent opposition. If you can help us with our wounded, perhaps you can help us backtrack them into the Shattered City. I’d like to know how they followed me through it, or what magical means they used to track us. What say you – can you help us make a quick foray into this place of shadows and mystery? If i can secure my position and wounded, perhaps we can retire to a place where i can enjoin you to assist me further. What you did was no small task, and i have a place at my side for warriors such as yourselves.

What does the Thane want?: They are forming an alliance in the hinterlands, and most of the major powers in the area, including the newly announced and rekindled Sea Kings Empire, pine tribes, Ilyndria, and Kalascor will recognize their authority. In fact, he was going to rendezvous with his allies in the far west – Kalascor! An alliance between Kalascor and Kaald would silence the north for the first time in thousands of years. The Thane claims a marriage with him and maiden of the House Tobin (perhaps the largest to the claimant’s to Kalascor’s royal blood line). The high king does not want this. More agents will be sent.