An Ending at Thurlow



What is the adventure about?

Location: [Setting] Brief information on the main or starting locale.
Premise: How do the characters get involved?
Story and Progress: What is expected to happen during the adventure?
> Outcome(s) > What is the end goal? Any potential other results?
Challenges: Monsters and type, traps, role-playing pitfalls, physical costs
Rewards: What can the outcomes bring to the characters?


Entire background of events leading up to the point the characters enter the picture.

What the Characters Know: Common knowledge and Uncommon [what checks are required?].

Hidden Knowledge: What is completely unknown to the players (and perhaps to the NPC’s!).


When: season

  1. Characters enter the picture…


Narrative for the characters to get them into the adventure.


Path of the Black Dragon – Kill the Alliance

The “princess” in the north must be apprehended and this northern alliance blocked.

Path of the Thane – Cement the Alliance

He would consider it an honor if the party would accompany him on a hard ride to the estate to save his princess and the peace in the north.

He says he was to meet a guide here that was to take him to the estate of Sir Steven Normir of Thurlow; his family has a private estate south of the city and their own docks – she is to arrive there and it sounds like the ambush was being arranged by the cultists in South Drift. The plot thickens. The party must not dally too long – but he is persuasive and a little bit forceful. The party needs to return to Southdrift for healing.

Gathering the Princess at Thurlow

Its really a horrible sea creature and drowning – it attacks when she is landing. She is permanently hurt.
Kalscorian Maiden Maialla of House Tobin, The Maiden of Juniper (one of 4 daughters of Margaen Tobin, “prince”/Thane of Kalascor – one of several).

Path 1:
He thought he had the support of the Empire of Gwinn – it makes no sense.

Path 2:
Its agents of the old powers says Temiri -The old blood, Gaernians. Temiri’s order has been worried for hundreds of years if they would make themselves known.

Key Characters

Key Character Template

Who they are…. and their role in it all.

Motivations: What does the character hope to achieve?

> Aversion(s) > What do they hope to avoid or will not do?