Uormyth – Land of the 6 Circles
The ground is multicolored; the 6 colors of the path you are on, but merged and blended. What appears fuzzy is a rock, what appears solid moves like liquid.
A fetid wind blows (CON DC 10 of throw up, -1 attack after 10 rounds – incapacitation for 10 rounds) as 2 stone statues (10% chance to be there when through the gate; 100% in 3 hours) mark the width of the path ahead. Coming closer, you can tell that the stone statues move, as the heads and eyes stay centered upon your group. Within the heads are holes where eyes should be – a creepy site for those looking closer.
> Singing (in baritone – the ground vibrates!), the statues attack! [random 3D4 HD; AC = 5+D10; D3 attacks per action @D6 or D10 – special move: “opera voice” (la, la, la, la, la-la! Vibration does D10 force to all in 20’ rad if both are alive)] Terrain:The path is flesh *screams 1 round after when walked on when combat happens) – mouths open under feat screaming
The Messenger: There is a chance that the encounter [The Messenger] happens after the initial encounter.

> cockatrice den/lair (reborn daily) – 10% per hour
The Guardian is a cockatrice that can actually fly. It has a green emerald and blue sapphire for eyes. It can sense thieves and lies (DC 5 + target’s Charisma bonus) in a 1 mile radius. It is referred to as “The Plumed One” – for indeed it has an appreciable plume of ragged colors. Despite its unkempt appearance, it is wise. When it speaks it silences all the mouths in the terrain around it, and eyes eyes both vibrate with a buzzing sound. It is by far the most primitive of all the guardians – violence and petrification are its charge to any who seek to travel inward.
= One way around this is to march backwards across the terrain, it will confuse it.

It is simple too… it enjoys games with shiny or sparkling rewards.. If it basically senses that the PCs are non hostile, it will engage them in conversation (punctuated by clucks and clicks) and suggest they play games.

It will ask them to congess all they have stolen.
And their lies.
It will ask the other party members to ask questions and force each of them to go through a round of questioning. It enjoys parties turning on each other and making everyone uncomfortable.