Redouzit – A Land of 6 Circles
The ground is multicolored; the 6 colors of the path you are on, but merged and blended. What appears fuzzy is a rock, what appears solid moves like liquid.
A howling wind blows (Dexterity DC 10 [cover ears], loss of reactions and bonus action 10 rounds) as 2 bronze statues mark the width of the path ahead. Coming closer, you can tell that the status move, as the heads and eyes stay centered upon your group. In the heads gleaming glass marbles/orbs painted to look like eyes – a creepy sight for those looking .
> Squeaking, the statues attack! [random 3D4 HD; AC = 5+D10; D3 attacks per action @D6 or D10 – special move: “polished bronze” (glint causes Dexterity DC 12 save or blinded for 1 round)] Terrain: The path is brick – perfectly interlocked perpendicular
There is the “upside down” one; the PC’s can catch its wandering thoughts to be used as Clairvoyance potions… its eyes see the beyond
The Messenger: There is a chance that the encounter [The Messenger] happens after the initial encounter.

On the surface, the land seems uncharacteristically whole and hale. It hides true despair.

Each hour:
Difficult terrain x2 time, .5 move – mud, clay, water from nowhere, mist, bog,
Spells: 1 in 20 Wild Magic Surge
Encounter: statues of medusa victim/basilisk victim/cockatrice victim
Pleading Victim Statue (Demon): yolchol / devil: lemure = pitiful – heeeeeelp me, swarm over PC, “so cold”, :keep your poor mother warm:, etc.
Animated statue, armor, item – the Hope Chaser statues still have their equipment thay had in life.
> Stone statues are almost all slaad – stone now, size varies but color not known

Redouzit – Common Knowledge:
Redouzit is the strangest of all the 6 lands of Escalon. It is here were the ties to the lands of chaos are thinnest. It is thought the guardian of the land is near god-like in theor own power (within the confines of th eland itself). The guardian is an ancient creature, with an endless memory and ability to discern the gulfs of mortal thoughts. Many statues of from other of the 6 lands are brought here, to be gazed upon and contemplated by the lands great guardian; it is from the depths of these thought, locked in stone to others, that the guardian somehow gains their own life-knowledge and furthers his depth of understanding of the cosmos. Ultimately, many have sought out the creature to leech from this great wisdom, but fall trap to the perils of its minions mostly, and it is rumored that challenges of greatest sort are trapped forever in the misty cerebral corridors of its magical mind maze.

Coatl dream protecting hope/ It is by far the most powerful guardian. It was tasked with protecting this land, and found a mate to pass the time away with. Sadly, the hope of the guardian has been turned to ash when his mate was turned into an undead creature. In the far past, defeated enemies were eaten and forever gone, but now the guardian tortures the worst of the invaders that make it as far as his land. Statues from the other lands are brought as signposts of dread. Additionally, the guardian has consigned the souls of many demons, etc. to live on in a state beyond death. Forever feeling the pain of their killing blow, they can sense the happy memories of those around them, making them even more frustrated. They prey upon those seeking to pass nearby, entrapping them with the remnants of their own power.

Shattered City of Agrayginia
(A-gray-ginia) When the Lich Lords entombed the north, they used powerful magics to instantly freeze and corrupt entire cities, causing those in them to embrace the icy bargain of undeath. At the time powerful druids and cleric were working with the guardian and managed to shift an entire square quarter mile block of the city of Agrayginia into the guardians land. In the block was the great amphitheatre of Vrenbaer, sacred to the Lords of Light, which was used to summon otherworldly music and song from the outer planes – this was to be the anchor to try and save the gathered people. The portion of the city was transported, but it too became shattered. In an attempt to stop the effect from spreading, the guardians mate rushed in to stem the tide of undead sweeping out of the evil blight. The guardian was recovering and could do little, His mate sacrificed herself to contain the effect. It stopped it from spreading, and she succumbed to the embrace of undeath. She haunts the ruins now.
> It is a portal now which could be exploited to bring in invaders without facing the Wall of M’Drone! The Slaad will send in raiders to try and open up a portal here using from human sacrifice.

Quest for the source of Escalon’s Vulnerability
See Raiders

Quest for the Rest of Ages
Intro: The party has successfully prevented the raiders from opening a gate.

The Guardian of Redouzit wants to put his undead mate to rest – her soul is still trapped within the echo of the shattered city Agrayginia. She still has a greater ward pact and cannot be killed by creatures of this demiplane. The guardian asks the party if they would perform this act that he cannot do. He is willing to arm them with her true name and a weapon (Sword of Sir Barys of Devonshire) which will be particularly effective… it is a bulwark against fey creatures and the entire place and denizens has been touched by the feywild deeply.
“I would have a word with your band… you survived the trek to the shattered city and armed with powers to keep it at bay managed to stop an act of nightmare proposrtions. My time is nearing an end, in many ways i sense myself growing thin. This is the diet of hope and it is meagre since the loss of my beloved. You probably saw her shadow in the ruins of the shattered city. Great was her sacrifice and snesing her there torments me every seond of every day.Before my dream unravels, i would seel her sould put to rest, for i fear she may be trapped forever or even worse freed and her will suborned to evil.You were only of interest to her in the city, now she is fully more awaked and her powers strong once more. Death is what needs to be brought, it is a gift for her now, not a lament. Her true name and the blade of an ancient hero i can give you to take the fight to her. What say you?”
Agree: “Should you succeed, the blade is yours to keep. Additionally, our kind is ancient and power funs through every bone, vein, organ and system in our material body… her soul is all i care for, you my do whatever you can also.
Coatl Mate (undead);
She is Fey, AND undead
Damage is a mix of cold and necrotic.
She can summon illusions.
She has a ward pact against all denizens off the plane
She has a ring in her tongue.
When she dies, her throes will be violent, and DC 16 Perception check to notice sparkling tears (flakes of gold; each tear is worth 200 silver.
Rewards for Resting the Mate
Sword of Sir Barys of Devonshire
Emits a blue pale light when wielder target of charm or mind control. Warns on use of Misty Step to ambush, allowing surprise of ambusher. Feybane of Barys: +1 vs Fey but always magic… bonus applies to initiative, hit, damage, and AC vs fey. Includes maneuver dcie too. And parry maneuver as a Reaction 1/ long rest for 2d4 increase in AC vs. an attack
Library Research: DC 9 for Tears
Catch falling tears of an incredible beast. Arrows of death ice (D6 necrotic/D6 cold/D6 piercing) when exposed to the grave-frost of the shattered city. They must be handled carefully. Each arrow (enough tears for 17) must be held next to a rune carved stone in the Shattered City… DC 6 Dexterity check. On any failure, the character must make a DC 17 Constitution check or see the ice crawl up the arrow to their hand – doing a point of permanent ice/cold damage.
Library Research: DC 12 for Scales
Scales of Mate: Undead scales of mate can make armor… light scale flexible and supple and white hauberk med size; AC 13 but 2 Resilience… vulnerability to radiance and resist Fear effects. Or made into a cloak that can protect vs shattered city effects and cast Detect Good/Evil 1/short rest. Boots that leave no tracks, increase initiative by 1 and movement by 5’ and can cast Misty Step 2/short rest.
Library Research: DC 15 for Eyes
Eyes of the Mate: The Black orbs of the eyes of the mate can each be used once to either make an automatic death save or used to animate dead.
Library Research: DC 16 for Brain
Heart of MAte: Boon to Turn Back Time (up to 12 characters)
Characters can change what they did at their last level increase – take different class, take Feat instead of ability increase, etc. (though all requirements must still be met).
Library Research: DC 14 for Heart
Heart of empathy (up to 12 characters). Gain a bonded creature (sprite – only a sprite and it won’t like evil characters)