Paemyth – A Land of 6 Circles
The ground is multicolored; the 6 colors of the path you are on, but merged and blended. What appears fuzzy is a rock, what appears solid moves like liquid.
A warm wind blows (CON DC 10 or parched throat, -1 attack 10 rounds) as 2 pink marble statues mark the width of the path ahead. Coming closer, you can tell that the status move, as the heads and eyes stay centered upon your group. Within the heads are holes through the head where eyes should be – a creepy site for those looking and listening (the wind howls through the eye tunnels!) closer.
> Yawning, the statues attack! [random 3D4 HD; AC = 5+D10; D3 attacks per action @D6 or D10 – special move: “poison dart eyes” (DC 10 Constitution or poisoned condition 10 rounds)] = 1 attack
Terrain: The path is gelatinous, ooze – 1 round after combat, Dex DC 10 save of disadvantage
There is an ooze in the form of a dragon that casts shadows of chill touch; buried within the ooze are the memories of all it has killed, it will trade items for knowledge
Random Ooze 10% chance per hour