Blip and Bloop Go Home

Author: Kelly Berger and Jamie Adams
Year: 1988 (earlt Steel Realms adventure – after Baltos Inn)
Overview: 2 Homunculus, sent by the Mage Modekai to fetch a shipment of goods; Homnculus entrap the party into shrinking to ant size to regain the goods they had stolen, and then force the party to get them back safely to the master in order to get the antidote to make them big again.

The party hears them arguing about what to do next. They are in the woods, and know the party is nearby and will pretend not to notice them but spin a tale of how they will be floggrf for not getting the shipment home,etc.

The party should feel bad and offer to help.

They will agree. They can cook! They will cook for the prty in exchange.

they take the party to a rat hole. They sale the dirty rats stole it.

The whole world is miniaturized. They will have mixed a potion of dmunitionin with teh soup. Time to go!

Crows (equiv, of Roc)