Anameth’s Troubles (Adventure in Ph’yrin-Tys)

This is an adventure summary. There is little to not statistics included in this. It is the skeleton of a set of scenarios which are not fully formed or detailed – it can be used as an easy to follow pattern and inserted into almost any campaign.

SETTING: Ph’yrin-Tys
LOCALE: Starts in Portent Downs; runs mostly in Dobenwaald Reach; ends in Portent Downs

Gazza Characters: Drafala retires to contemplation in the nearby temple for 60 days. Karandaman is recently in from the south and has heard Spider’s crew talk about the party and wants to get to meet them. He is seeking a group to sing of – high adventure, heroes, powerful folk doing great things!

Following in the path of Comrades

Setup: Raxhanne has, with the immediate help of Spider Brah, gone in search of demon blood. Her patron has told her that if she finds this, she will attain the needed knowledge for a magical item to increase her powers. She has, soon after the party reconvenes after the last adventure, gone missing. Teppo, one of Spider many lieutenants, tells you that Spider gave to her an old book about a temple to a strange god – long ago abandoned and buried, in the hills 2 days west of their current location. Its a days hard ride, and another hard day trek into the steep hills. Teppo remember s as he was the one who made the contact for the map from their sources, and verified it (he does not look like a literate person!). He can try and redraw the map and the directions from memory (DC 10 Intelligence; he has a 12 Int)

The following is a dream of Raxhanne’s siblings.

About three days after you return, into your rest period, you both begin to have disturbing dreams. By the fourth day, you have talked about it. The dreams are vague, there are a lot of birds, or at least beating wings, covering you. You wake up panicked each morning, unrested.

If they ask, the characters are NOT REGAINING SHORT AND LONG REST POWERS. If the characters try in any way to seek out the meaning ahead of time, then let them work through it to lead them to her being in danger, and the wings are some sort of clue. Give the group as a whole, a PLOT POINT. On the way to the encounter location (Adventure A Week – Temple of Sanctuary), they will encounter swarms attacking them.


  • Killing Everything = No extra reward; possible curse
  • Negotiating up front =
  • Killing up until opportunity to talk =

The Journey to the Temple

Teppo will re-draw the map from memory. For Every point of the DC missed, add 2 hours for the characters to search for markers and features described by him.

The journey is about 35 miles – a full day of hard riding. At least 15 miles is Difficult Terrain if the characters have to make it by walking. If any character has a Constitution of less than 12, they automatically take 4 HP of fatigue damage; double if they are not using mounts and wish to push themselves to get there at the earliest opportunity.

Perils Getting There

Swarm of Bats – Swarm Data

DC 11 Perception: The attack was trying to push you away from the temple location.

Swarm of Ravens – Swarm Data

DC 11 Perception: The attack was trying to push you away from the temple location.

… The PC’s follow the instructions, climbing higher. It should not be far now.

You climb closer to the temple. Several attempts to dissuade you from your path have not deterred you as you labor up the face of the cliff. It is a fairly easy climb, though grueling. Ahead, you can see a ledge coming up 20 feet above you and to your right 40 feet.

Each character will require an Athletics check. Any fumble and they automatically take an additional 8 damage and lose 10 movement for 72 hours (without Lesser Restoration; 5 feet with it). 3 checks at DC 9 or D4; 2 checks at DC 12 or D8; 2 check at DC 16 or D12.

As you look for your next hand hold, a figure strides out onto the ledge and scans the area. You freeze, hoping he will not notice you.

The figure is Digune – an Aaisimar get to guard the temple and he has the power to summon swarm, granted by the Ki-Rin pair which use the temple. Cleric 8th; HP = 48; AC = ; DEX 16, WIS 18, CHA 15; Perception, Insight;
4 x Cantrip
4 x 1st – Command (fall), Create/Destroy Water (washout), Protection from Evil/Good, ___
3 x 2nd – Blind/Deaf, Warding Bond, _____
3 x 3rd – Dispel Magic (flying/protections), Glyph of Warding, ___
2 x 4th – Control Water (divert the stream)

Regenerate in rising sun: 1-2 on D6 (essentially resurrection; 3 fails and dead forever)

Commands: Swarms, a Vulture, 2 Sprites,

Temple Entrance

Curse afffected characters will feel their limbs get heavier here as the sun gets closer to setting if the group rests before continuuing on. This will give them a hint at what might happen – another cumulative level of exhaustion (up to 3 so far).

Inside Temple

General Changes: The ceilings are 30′ tall in all corridors and rooms – domed.

The Vrock will attempt to fly over the party if it is trapped in one of the corridors.

Room #1 Changes: A & B > DC 10 Perception to notice a black, glass-like stone embedded in the reliefs on the wall. It is actually a strange resin, generally worthless but worth 25gp each.

Room #2 Changes: Creatures unaligned or without a good portion to their alignment receive a -4 penalty on their Wisdom check to resist Gibbering.. and its range is doubled in the echoing corridor. The bones of several creatures and their remains. There is a serviceable suit of chainmail, but the other armors are falling apart. There is a long sword, short sword, and a scimitar (5E DMG p19-20) which have been imbued with an evil animation from the gibbering mouther. One can enter the foray each round after the mouther starts gibbering. Unless a character has a passive Perception of 14 or more, they get surprise on their first attack.

Room #3 Changes:

Room #4 – 6 Changes: NONE, except HollowBone will use these effects as weapons bagainst a pursuing party

Room #7 Changes: Up ahead, strange whispers echo down the corridor. The 2 creatures use the runes carved on the wall to amplify their evil whispers. It causes Confusion in a 60′ to people who hear it other than themselves. Bardic Counter-charm works against this.

Room #8 Changes: Unjustly imprisoned! Promises to summon for the group a chest it has discovered on its astral travels; says the chest it cannot open but it is sure to contain something of importance – otherwise why would anyone have secreted it there.

Room #9 Changes: Masquerades as an angel. Says you can find the devil in #8. She is covered in bruises, sores, and cuts. She was part of an experiment and enchantment to siphon off her strength to fuel this complex. Mercy will cure her temporarily (food, water, and clothing), compassion will cause the chains to break – a kiss is all she needs.

Room #10 Changes: IF the party has cleared out the temple (Hollowbone must make a DC 5 Wisdom check to avoid being angry and losing his teachings) and reasons with Hollowbone, the Ki-Rin show up and release them and him and the party with their thanks. The party can then ask the Ki-Rin any question and they will try and answer. If HollowBone drops below half his HP, he loses his teachings and invokes his old master – giving up his path towards good once and for all. An Imp is sent to hail his return and assist in the fight. HollowBone gets a DC 13 Constitution check when invoking his old master to call down the effects of a Shatter Spell on the largest group of PC’s. If the PC’s have ignored or bypassed #8 and #9, these are allies he can break the chains of. He will attempt to disengage and fly to them, breaking their chains. If this happens, on the 3rd round after the first one freed, the Ki-Rin (Volo’s Guide) will appear and put down the evil creatures. They will tell Hollowbone how disappointed they ware, and how his death hurts them more than it does him. They will then turn their attention to the party and chastise them for what they have done. If only they had taken the time to talk to him.

The Fate of Raxhanne: Her remains rest here, along with a few other intrepid adventurers who have come seeking the temple’s font of wisdom or its inhabitants. There is a total of 3,411 silvers, and 1,204 gold. Minor jewelry valued at approximately 1,500. Broken and smashed equipment, armor, and weapons with no value. All that is left among the ruined books, scrolls, and clothing tatters is a figurine of stone (on a leather necklace) – a crouched warrior behind a engraved shield. It is a single use Animated Shield (anyone can use) that lasts for 1 hour; the command word is in Celestine on the bottom.


Specific to the Party on the Adventure: Your days of having Spider as your quasi-patron and even friend are over for the moment. He has used you and tossed you aside like furniture. He does not return messages. In fact, he may have even left town. After retrieving the artifact for him, there appears to have been some minor altercation involving some religious sects, politicians, and himself… perhaps causing him to lay low for a while. In fact, a few unidentified individuals have come seeking his whereabouts form you… and you even had one group almost attack you. So it seems that your association is temporarily on hold.


Due to a local festival, your usual haunts are full up. You should have made plans, but it simply slipped your mind. Instead of your typical well-off lodgings, you find yourself at The Leaning Weasel. More of a taven than an Inn, its cheap, the beds are mostly clean, and the servants dont bite. Its a place where mercenaries are hired, and back room deals are made. Not your typical clientele or company. Sullen, you stake out one of the corners for the evening, waiting to see what entertainment will be found tonight, and waiting on the generously named stew and bread. At least the butter is good. Following the waitress is another woman, dressed in clean versions of peasants clothes. Your meal is served… under cooked again. You wait expectantly for the clean dressed woman to speak. She nervously looks around, perhaps thinking you will make the first move and after a couple awkward minutes she says her name is Anameth. She has asked for a rough group like yourselves for a job of finding a friend of hers who has gone missing. Itheena, the waitress recommended you, because she said “no one here is up to the task, sober. Theres some new group though – maybe they are not incompetent.” And so i fond myself here, beseeching you to aid me in finding my best friend Marin. Will you help me?

Anameth Gunlane is a young Lady of Portent Downs; she foolishly wears her signet ring, even clothed as she is. She comes to the party seeking to find her handmaiden and friend – Marin – which she believes has been kidnapped. She offers 1000 gold to find her, and patronage the entire way (see Negotiating PAtronage). Last Seen on the docks in the company of Hemal Wilst – a locally known pimp, drug dealer, and all around scum bag.

House Gunlane: Known for its economic interest in silks, dyes, shipping, swinneries, and tapestries. Few practicing MAtrilineal descent.

Background Setup

Her brother Gerrard has had her handmaiden kidnapped and sold into slavery because she has been putting “silly notions” in Anameth’s head. Gerrard had an idea to sell her into slavery (whispers in his dream – he wont be killing her, it will stabilize the situation, good for family, whatever it takes; in reality the mad, aging fallen angel is trying to expand influence and spread evil from Willait). Anameth is the elder sibling of a family which practices the old ways of matrileneal preference in inheritance. Anameth once trusted her brother, and now believes the worst of him – rightfully so. She should fear for her own life, but is concentrated on her best friend.

Ending Setup

Returning Marin results in the PC’s discovery their employer has had a “tragic accident”. Must decide to leave alone of follow up.

Negotiating Patronage

Basic Benefits: You have to give up 50% of everything you get – though you get first pick on items.

  1. Payment for mundane mounts/travel costs is covered.
  2. Payment for room and board is covered.
  3. Payment for mundane healing is covered.
  4. Payment for repair or replacement of mundane goods is covered

Negotiated Benefits
Healing Potions to start (2 Minor Healing + 1 for each 3 over the Persuade DC of 10)

Confronting Hemal Wilst


SCENARIO: The PC’s track down and confront Hemal, trying to get Marin back. It starts with finding out information about Hemal.

  1. History DC 13 > Hemal does not have a crash pad per se; he does have a girl friend.
  2. Bribe dock harbor master >
  3. Attack a drug den and get information on his girlfriend >

Hemal is found, as you expected, in his usual dive. He appears already intoxicated, as early as it is in the day. A few passed out scalawags litter the tables, and a couple more low life’s eye you as you enter.

>> Discovery >> She was sold to the captain of the boat Mired Minutes heading to the Dobenwaald Reach in Grarrosh Bay.

Next Step =

Bad Luck at Sea



The Blue Light stands ready and waiting on the docs. It will take a couple days to provision and get the full crew back from shore leave.

thieves before leaves dock – weapon stolen
sick on boat
slip and fall and NPC close to party hurt
storm/blown off course
parasite on food picked up – exhaustion for 1 month
ill omens (disadvantage)

>> Discovery >>

Next Step = City of Willait

Sightings of Marin in Willait

Locale: Dobenwaald Reach

Locale: City of Willait – ‘capital’ of the free territory of Horritan; population 6000. It is known for its wagon wrights. Its products are grain, orchard land and sheep plus silk and ceramics. It is the gateway to Troneth Traphaven which is east and north on the coast and the remote edge of Horritan’s territory.
Persons/Contacts: Chris, the Second Mate of Mired Minutes –

SCENARIO: Captain Hadrok (Human Fighter 5/Champion; rather not fight – but if provoked can be intimidated to surrender (DC 10) or Persuaded not to fight (DC 12). He says the woman they seek was a servant of Gael Brintal, a merchant of Willait. His offices are above the Wind Star Trading Company in the warehouse area.

SCENARIO: The PC’s will track down the merchant Gael Brintal and find out she was passed on to the Bright Star brothel.

Wind Star Trading…

Bright Star Brothel…

Non-Humans NOT welcome!

>> Discovery >>

Next Step = Drugged out prostitute, “rescued” by Derik, a servant of Sir Wellrin Cath (local land owner/noble)

Sir Wellrin Cath’s Abode



You travel to the abode of Sir Wellrin Cath. It is…

>> Discovery >>

Next Step = She was a dangerous wench. I had her impudent tongue cut out and gave her to Goramir Bendt – i owed him a debt from gambling.

Pit of Charip

Locale: Charip = town of 1000

SCENARIO: The PC’s travel to Charip to see Goramir Bendt. No one gets to see him directly except his friends and the pit winners. The only fighting available for a party in the pit is an epic battle against a fallen paladin Oath Breaker – who will animate the bones of the pit dead.

>> Discovery >>

Next Step = Marin was sold to pit operators as pleasure slave; passed on to Skrandel Duur as a reward. He is known to work for the Temple of ___ at Varwood.

Poseidon Temple at Varwood


SCENARIO: On the surfce it is a temple to Poseidon. Under it is a hidden temple to Apate and Dolos. The temple is a false one. It promises to take in orphans and those down on their luck and send them as missionaries to places where they can restart their lives… this is false! Skrandel Duur is a recruiter for the temple.

Under Temple to Treachery

A pair of Yuan Ti. Through the cellar and into a hidden cellar with a secret door. The priest of Poseidon above think that Skandreel Duur is just raiding the wine cellar and think it harmless.

The temple also has a one way exit that leads to a cliff face near the sea. The door only opens in one direction and Skandreel Duur gets let out there. Of course, should the Yuan Ti need to flee, they know how to change the mechanism to reverse it so that once its open, it can only be opened from the other side when closed – a perfect way to escape.

>> Discovery >>

Next Step = Shut it down – it is the source for some drugged fighters in Charip. Skandreel Duur kept the girl for himself.

Lair of Skandrel Duur

Locale: Floating Barge

SCENARIO: He is a smuggler and slaver, and a fallen aaisimar


>> Discovery >>

Next Step = Heal up and return with Marin.

Revenge of Igrik


SCENARIO: Igrik is the demon and patron of Skandrel Duur. She is mentally ill, and dying. She is being driven mad by the foul magics of the wizard Polgo Mhere, who discovered her decaying prison and the twisted magics surrounding it that are slowly killing her. She sends progressively worse servants to get revenge every couple days, during which much damage is done to the locale.

Servants sent to get revenge on party:

  1. Steam Mephit:

    Town Peril = Just after rain and hot clouds of steam are scalding townsfolk (at least half a dozen wounded!)
  2. Manticore:

    Town Peril = Animals Stampeded
  3. Ogre Zombie:

    Town Peril = Minor fires as it rampages directly through town to get to PC’s; animal stampede, folk and animals bitten with disease rot
  4. Beholder Zombie:

    Town Peril = Major fires (fire bolt eye instead of disintegration!); PC’s must choose between dead townsfolk or splitting their party in battle. Saving people gain blessings and inspiration but risk DC 10 Constitution major wounds (lung damage: -1 CON; Burns: -5 HP; Shattered Arm: -1 hit and damage; Shattered Leg: -5 Move

>> Discovery >> As the Beholder Zombie does, some of its memories are released. In it the PC’s will see Skandrel Duur and a strange looking wizard bowing before a rotting Glabrezu demon, but notice that the wizard has some sort of talisman that seems to control the demon like a puppet – only Skandrel cannot see this from where the beholder sits.

Next Step = Find out who the wizard is?

Ending the Demon Scurge

Armor destruction

Confronting Polgo Mhere


SCENARIO: The Wizard who put it all in motion; Do you let go? Zilch. Report? Cursed. Combat? Death for 1 using disintegrate, but powerful magic

>> Discovery >>

Next Step =

The Fate of Anameth

Locale: Charip = town of 1000

SCENARIO: Marin’s fear becomes realized when she hears about the accident – it was the exact plot she overheard 2 conspirators in the dark whispering. Gerrard swears to take in the hysterical Marin, but she screams “murderer!”.

>> Discovery >>

Next Step =

Record of Adventure for Anameth’s Troubles

Gaming Contract – What to Expect

Not hack-n-slash: Plenty of combat, but you will be expected to use stealth, intimidate and problem solving (same XP for non combat solutions to problems)
Slight Roleplaying: You do not have to be in-character, but situational bonuses will be granted if you do roleplay.
Player Readiness: Be familiar with your character – do not ask the GM to offer opportunities, you must take them; you will lose initiative if you have to fumble through something.
Player Chronicle: Someone has to chronicle; please send GM copy before next session. Worth 200xp per session currently.
Track Items: You should track limited use items (arrows, etc.) and you may be expected to make repair or replace armor, shield, etc. from normal use.
GM Readiness: Adventures will be complete and smooth flowing. I don’t use digital tools, but i do use miniatures. If someone wants to run fantasy grounds for the sessions, thats fine. If theres a glitch, we dont stop, we fall back to verbal descriptions.
Rewards: There is patronage in-adventure, hence you will not need to “kill people and take shit”. There is not as much treasure and coin, there will be more XP than normal.
Choose Preferences: (Y/N)
1) Lethality: Critical automatically do maximum damage plus another dice; on spells with individual target it does half the dice or fist dice maximum damage.
– Choose as a group

Equipment Supplement

Mothers Tears

This necklace has 3 large and 7 small sparkling crystals (scintillate with blue, green and clear) that appear fragile yet are hard as steel. The crystal shards work as a unit – if one breaks, the entire necklace is useless. When the wearer takes them off, they can sing at a certain frequency, pitch and tone to enact their magic. The crystals vibrate when they are working. Each effect can only be done 1/long rest.
> All functions are at the minimum level to enact for the spell, unless the wearer is a bard and their bard spell level is higher – it then uses that level. A bard is considered 2 levels higher for their song of rest. The singing to enact is done as an Action and takes 1 round to work.
1) The necklace is placed on the chest of the target and the wearer sings: The target is affected as if by a Lesser Restoration and Feign Death if so desired.

2) The necklace is placed on the head of the target and the wearer sings: The target continues to hear the song in their head for the next hour – during which time they are resistant to psychic damage, immune to Charmed and Frightened and it negates 1 level of Exhaustion during that time.

3) The necklace is held above the wearer and the wearer sings: combines the Light cantrip and Healing Word; if cast at second level or higher then each D4 may be placed on different targets.

Requires Attunement; it takes a bonus action to take the necklace off or on. The wearer must sing for an hour 1/short rest and at least 3 times per long rest to re-energize the necklace.