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Open Details About the Scenario

As if the threat of constant warfare was not enough, townsfolk are now going missing. Not even those important to the war effort – just ordinary folk. Everyone is scared to walk anywhere alone, and the town is nearly empty at night. With all its resources going to the war effort, can you help the local magistrate find out what happened before the rumors spread and someone gets hurt!?

TYPE: Designed as an Incarna™ ASIDE scenario set in Crestwold Barony of Dunstrand (set in the larger Dunstrand Duchy of the Steel Realms) of the [Fantasy] Steel Realms Setting, and integrated into the Living World story within Dunstrand Rising Living World

Rule Set: This adventure is compatible with the [[ System Ref ]] (ex: “D20 System) with noted other source references (ex: “Additionally, it has descriptions which use the Essential D20 System Modifications for Incarna.”

Challenge: Approximate character level designed for (and Total Levels). Designed as a Solo scenario for a 3rd – 4th level character. One or two minor NPCs (as town members) may accompany the character.

ADVENTURE PRINCIPAL Do not let strict campaign or challenge level dictate your use of adventures. Story and play should be able to be modified to support most measures of Player Character capability. A good Game Master can generally use a system & tools to support them in telling a story with whatever characters and circumstances the Players have.

GM Details About the Scenario

Source: An Incarna original adventure by Kelly Berger OR Adapted from © Adventure-A-Week – Abandoned Shrine

Combat / Story:
– Notes about the level of combat vs. story.

Specific Challenges: (ex: “Traps, tracking/finding, sanity/horror, spell caster NPC, creatures (Zombie, Grimlock, molds/fungus/ooze, Gibbering Mouther), villagers (getting information, antagonistic)”)

> Suggested Skills/Traits:
> Suggested Skills/Traits: Intelligence ( Religion | History)

Horror/Sanity Checks: Few; If the GM feels like the horrors presented have already been seen or an equivalent experience, they may adjust or ignore the checks.

> Suggested Skills/Traits: Charisma ( Intimidate)
Divine: The fallen temple is having an effect on the creatures of darkness and evil which have come there – it will work directly against the PC(s).

Using the Scenario Materials


Idea: Kelly Berger 2020
Writing: Kelly Berger 2020
Design: Kelly Berger 2020
Published: December 20th, 2020 (via Incarna website)
Testing: Arabus Grenier
(Testers and Test Resources)


Incursion at Torrelsons Ford by Kelly Berger is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Using the Scenario Content


Read through the entire adventure and familiarize yourself with the entire scenario and encounter set. If its too much to track, break the game session and milestones into what you can manage - generally it is better to end early with a good experience than fumble through a poor one. Materials are presented here in groupings of the most likely order the players will experience them in. If they go off-script, you must be ready to adjust and improvise.

Maximize Online Materials

The optimal experience for using these materials is as online content. This material contains links to material outside the text - familiarize yourself with this content as well. Follow the links, and print out or have loaded on a device ahead of time all materials needed to effectively run this adventure. Print friendly PDF or ePub versions also maintain the links in most cases.

  • All linked materials were publicly available at the time of original publication.
  • Linked materials usually contain more information about creatures and places, though some are to assist the Game Master's running of the adventure.
  • The stats for creatures are not presented. It is assumed GMs have access to system source books or materials for them. Where possible, creatures are linked to online resources.

Prompts and Formatting

This adventure contains text that is formatted in a certain way to enable easy narration and play. Familiarize yourself with these to make the pace of the adventure and flow of each encounter is smooth.
This is primary text for you to read aloud to the Players - it is what their characters will perceive upon interacting with the encounter.
This is supplemental text that can be read aloud after the related primary text.
This is a dialogue option you can read aloud.
This is information which can be gained with a noted skill/knowledge [check].
[GM]> This is a note to the GM for options and preparation ahead of time.
Online Reference: This is a Character or Creature in an encounter (# appearing if more than 1)

Tactics to be used by the creature appearing above.

party# This is the number of characters in the players party; you will find suggestions on scaling the number of creatures in an encounter based on this.
NARRATION > This is a tip on how to read to or interact with the Players.

Do not read beyond this point if you intend to participate in this scenario as a PLAYER!

Heading 2: A Large Area (named) or Document Section

Heading 3: A Specific Encounter Area (name and number)

Heading 4: A sub area or encounter (name and/or non-number label)

Heading 5: Outcome of an Encounter >

Background Information

This is a summary of events leading up to the point the characters enter the picture.


What the Characters Know

What might the characters know about the background, if anything?

  • Common Knowledge:
  • Uncommon Knowledge:
  • Hidden Knowledge:

Fitting into Existing Campaign

Timeline of Scenario Events

  • XX Days ago: Event 1
  • XX Days ago: Event 2

Setup/Introduction/Getting There

[[Any notes about the current weather, terrain or other factors which will affect the party’s movements.]]

Encounter 1 – Getting There

Encounter 2 – Getting There

[[The characters find out where they are going.]]

[i]> Each of the following bits can be gained with a [Skill] check.
[[List of knowledge to be gained and the check required]]

Encounters at XYZ

Arrival at XYZ

Arriving at XYZ, you do 123 and go see ABC.

Some notes about the place and people in it.

Exploring further, you learn that ABC wants you to go to 456 and find out if DEF can be taken into custody. You tremble in fear, knowing it will not go well.

ABC says things like Are you insane!?

> Outcome Option 1

> Outcome Option 2

Notable Characters & Creatures

Creature or Character #1

[!> This is a variant of a D20 Monster with custom powers and stats as noted.]

About this creature…

!> IMAGES: [[Link to image or google search for a related image.]]


!> Harder to Kill / More Lethal >
!> Easier to Kill / Less Lethal >




Map 1

Map Description



Conditions for success.



Conditions for failure.



> Followup Scenario 1

After the adventure is over, XYZ happens…

> Followup Scenario 2

After the adventure is over, 123 happens…

New Items

New World Information

Credits, Tools, and Assistance

This adventure was made with the help of the following tools:

Written by: (Authors)
Designed by: (Layout)
Published: (dates)
Edits: (Editors)
Testing: (Testers and Test Companies/Resources)




What is the adventure about?

Location: [Setting] Brief information on the main or starting locale.
Premise: How do the characters get involved?
Story and Progress: What is expected to happen during the adventure?
> Outcome(s) > What is the end goal? Any potential other results?
Challenges: Monsters and type, traps, role-playing pitfalls, physical costs
Rewards: What can the outcomes bring to the characters?


Entire background of events leading up to the point the characters enter the picture.

What the Characters Know

  • Common knowledge: No checks required
  • Uncommon knowledge: What checks are required?
  • Hidden knowledge: What is completely unknown to the players (and perhaps to the NPC’s!).


When: season

  1. Characters enter the picture…


Narrative for the characters to get them into the adventure.

Key Characters

Key Character Template

Who they are…. and their role in it all.

Motivations: What does the character hope to achieve?

> Aversion(s) > What do they hope to avoid or will not do?