Adventure Scenarios for Incarna

ADVENTURE PRINCIPAL Do not let strict campaign or challenge level dictate your use of adventures. Story and play should be able to be modified to support most measures of Player Character capability. A good Game Master can generally use a system & tools to support them in telling a story with whatever characters and circumstances the Players have.

Adventure is a huge part of the quality of play in an role-playing system. Adventures listed here are adventures written for the various versions of Incarna. Most of them are part of a larger set of inter-connected adventures (a “campaign”).

Types of Scenarios


Action that happened as part of campaign test play, but it was a gm enhancement made up to allow greater opportunity for one or more characters. It is not core to the scenarios connected to it, and may not apply to the characters the GM running through the adventure.

Campaign Arc

This is a set of related adventures within a larger campaign set. These may take place lineally, or as individual steps interspersed throughout the campaign as sub plots as appropriate.


A set of adventures that together introduce new related game and world material. They represent a unified plot line that takes the PCs along a journey.

Living World

A campaign that modifies an instance of game setting as it goes. This is accompanied by large plots, man sub plots, persistent ideas and NPCs and records of whats happening throughout the setting and how the PCs actions are having an effect there.

Other Adventure Resources