Invocation Practice of Casting

[su_permalink id=""]Spell[/su_permalink] Castings of the Invocation variety divide effort and effect in a syncretious way???____???. The principal/authority granting the power produces the effort to manifest it and places its power in the caster. The final effect is then focussed by the caster to release when and how they see fit (within the parameters the Granting Authority allows). It can be interrupted in both Casting and Concentration. Invocation manifesting can reach Unencumered Casting[/su_permalink]. Invocation manifesting derrives from the Mystic Tradition(s) of ____. Because understanding during manifestation is external, the final manifestation presentation (i.e. the physical properties – color, smell, etc., not basic parameters) can only reflect a generic expected manifestation or one tied directly to the aspect(s) of the Granting Authority.