Animist Fount

An animist fount is a wellspring of Essence. It continuously leeks the stuff od Essence. The source of this is known – perhaps somewhere deep in the Etheral or Astral palnes. A connection between universes. Regardless, the side effect is that a character can Attune themelves to it.

Founts hav all manner of effects but can generally be broekn down into the following three main types:

Fount Types

Energy Stream

The fount is streaming all manner of energy. Elritch Miasma (for Eldritch Invocations), Synergy (for Channeling Divinity), Chi (Ki for Kinetic power), Mana (for Sorcery powers), and Coil Lovigdrum (spell slots), Locus Lovigdrum (psychic). IF a character can find a way to attune themselves to it, they gain the benefit in terms of gained access to powers without epxending schools. The monks reduced the font to a level where it was for emergency only. The following energy pools are left:

  • Eldritch Miasma: Eldritch Invocations
  • Synergy: Uses of Channel Divinity
  • Coil Lovigdrum: Spell Slots
  • Locus Lovigdrum:: Psychic
  • Chi: Ki points
  • Manna: Sorcery points

Power Stream

This allows characters to adopt a class that would not normally be allowed y race, geneder, or abilities. Each Fount will be atteuned itself to certain options, and these are the only ones that a character can opt for.

Restrictions/Limitations: The knowledge gained in this way is a form of False Impression

Memory Stream

This allows characters to encompass an entirely new Background. Its an entirely new invention, with an alternate history and everything… it just never happened. Each period of time equaling a Long Rest for the first 4 long rests after squiring the knwoledge necessitates a Sanity saving throw. The first is a DC 5; each successive was +5 for 10, 15, and 20. Total up the characters gap between the target and what they rolled. If it is greater than their free Essence, then they Class ability fades over the next 30 days and is gone at the end of that. They must take a level in their current class. Classes available through this node are:

  • Druid: There is enough energy to do this twice!
  • Wizard: Only Transmutation (its the only path the new wizard can take. If the Druid is used first and the remaining power is to go to Wizard, that Wizard recipient gets disadvantage on their Sanity checks!.

Corrupted Founts