Armors, Shields, and Screens

Access to armor varies by availability. Many properties of
armor are matched by weapons to bypass or negate them. Items can have properties added through crafting and/or technology. An appropriately sized set of armor will have the same relative impact, regardless of size. To add a deeper level of realism (and complexity), consider using mechanics for tracking wear and tear. Crafter’s Mark: The use of an item made by a famous and recognized crafter (or their guild/trade/school) may also be the equivalent of a Prestige Marker. Bone items of Colossi, Dragons, and Trolls can be fashioned into powerful armor.

Resilience: Armor has Resilience

Armor Value (AV); This indicates a structural damage threshold before which real damage is done to the item with Resilience. The rating indicates how much physical damage is reduced on each hit.

Enduring = resistance to type; enduring (fire) 1

D20 Worn Armor Mechanics

  • AV: Number of steps of a Result shift that can be done

Incarna Core Worn Armor Mechanics

  • Durable: Increases the AV by 1 and the total resilience by 20%


Shields are actively interposed to gain their maximum benefits. They can be operated manually or managed by automation or external intelligence.
Hand-held shields are physical objects that are maneuvered to block blows. The encumbrance of a shield is the combined size and material.

Material: Light, Moderate, and Heavy; Lighter materials are the equivalent of wicker and leather, whilst heavy tends to thick wood and metal. Setting and technology will dictate specific materials – heavier materials can be made with a lighter heft.

Size: Small: Covering roughly 25% of the target; Medium Covering roughly 50% of the target; Large Covering roughly 75% or more of the target

D20 Wielded Shield Mechanics

A shield can be used as an Improvised Weapon to do damage. This requires a skill in Improvised Weapons. The damage is a base d4, and gains a bonus equal to the AC bonus it grants.
Aspect AC Adj. Resilience Adj. Min. Strength
Matl: Light
Matl: Moderate +1 Res. 12 STR
Matl: Heavy +2 Res. 15 STR
Size: Small +1 AC
Size: Medium +2 AC
Size: Large +2 AC +1 Res.

Incarna Core Wielded Shield Mechanics

Matl: Light
Matl: Moderate
Matl: Heavy
Size: Small
Size: Medium


A Screen is powered armoring (usually covering the entire object to be protected); it is a projected force or energy that filters out specific damage type(s).


Technology allows for the use of advanced in material and process science to achieve a higher degree of quality with less time and cost, and makes it more widely available. For example, for the same relative price point a riot shield made of plastic has all the encumbrance of a light shield and takes punishment as medium armor. Advanced composites may automatically grant that effects of Durable or Resilient with no extra weight or encumbrance.


+1: For each Plus, the Armor gains 1 level of Durability (Extra Resilience). As long as it has 1 Resilience, it can be repaired. The cost is 20% of the armor’s value per point restored.

Divine Armor

For more details, see Divine Items.

Occult Armor

For more details, see Occult Items.

Psychic Armor

For more details, see Psychic Items.