Troy Lancaster

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My name is Troy C. Lancaster, I was born in Renton in 1974 as the youngest of three children. My brother is 6 years older than me, and my first memories of gaming started with him and his friend. I was 4 years old and it was 1st Edition D&D, I chose to play a warrior class, a fighter. Anyone that knows me, this should come as no shock to them…and I mean not at all! What can I say I was hooked, fighting monsters, slaying the bad guys, rescuing the girl, and taking the treasure…What’s not to love for a child with a budding imagination? We moved onto the advanced rules when they came out, and I played with them for a couple of years. Eventually I had another friend in elementary school who was into playing it as well. I changed schools, and he and I kind of moved on and it wasn’t until I was a sophomore at Renton High school, when a classmate that sat behind me started up a conversation, and he asked if I liked playing D&D. He had a few friends that liked to play pretty frequently and he invited me to join them. We had an awesome time battling creatures of all kinds, and we had moved onto 2nd Edition D&D rules. We also played G.E.R.P.S., TMNT, Mech-Assult, and several others. D&D was always are go to game though. That same friend would introduce me to one of his other friends who also played D&D, but he played Marvel too. We were big into them all, and by this time we had a petty sizable group that met once or twice a week to play. I played with that group until my mid-twenties when a new job and a chance encounter with the only other long haired guy working there, Larry, would invite me over to Kelly Burger’s house to play Incarna. Kelly and I hit it off immediately, and I was asked to make some characters using the Incarna system. I think Kelly said I broke the system about 13 times in my first attempt by Min/Maxing and for taking many flaws to get enough points to get positive traits that I wanted. To be honest, those characters were very cracked out, and what did I pick? A warrior, what else! I don’t believe they lived very long in any case. I was a loose cannon, pretty crazy, and always ending up in big brawls with those in a tavern, or often enough with those in my own party. Was it smart, No! but was it funny as hell, Oh yeah! I have many great moments during all the many changes and different phases during the years helping develop Incarna. I eventually realized I couldn’t play the way I used to if I wanted my characters to survive. Kelly as GM, BJ, Larry, Arabus, Kelly R., Mario, Tom and others that have rotated through at different times and many incarnations of Incarna in the Steel Realms over the years, but these group of friends became my brothers through trial, and combat. We have formed a bond through our gaming experiences together, and many of us are in our 40’s-50’s now, but I do not believe any of us have the notion of stopping anytime soon…maybe when we’re in our graves? but not before. I could not ask for better friends in life, and it is due to gaming in the Incarna system that this has become possible. Kelly Berger, and our crew of misfits, I owe an eternal thank you for being there through the good times and the bad…Thank you Brothers! I always look forward to any opportunity we have to get together and game with those I love the most, no matter how frequent, or infrequently we find them. Incarna ‘Unto Death!
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Troy’s Incarna Testimonial

Incarna is a very deadly system, it’s gritty, realistic, and allows you to shape and grow your characters into some of the best I’ve ever played. I just had a bad habit of making some bad decisions during game play that lead to character death, worst of all, it started to put the others at risk, and that’s when I started to change my style of gaming.

Troy Lancaster – 10/2015