Tom Potter

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10/2015: I am a 47 year old returned lapsed gamer. My roots in fantasy/sci-fi gaming go back to 4th grade, from influences of what was popular in the fringes of society and with the older crowd, and from my older sister, who read lots of fantasy and sci-fi. I started reading the Chronicles of Narnia and then the Hobbit in 4th grade, and started looking for more things to read in this genre. From 4th to 5th Grade, I read Lord of the Rings, and because older brothers and sisters did this, I joined a group of friends and started playing “Micro Games” such as Melee, Wizard, Death Test, Ogre and Gev. And then we started playing the “Collector’s Edition” of D&D with Greyhawk, and the assorted supplements. In 6th Grade, we moved from that to “Basic” D&D for a bit, before moving to “Advanced” D&D later that year. Besides D&D, we also played Gamma World, Metamorphosis Alpha, Boot Hill, and Top Secret. I did this through high school, but as I got more involved with sports and other things in life, I gamed less and less. Starting college we tried to keep it going, but finally in 1988, life got too busy to keep gaming. It wasn’t until I reconnected with a friend of mine from high school in 2010, Kelly Berger, when I gamed again. It was this time I was introduced to the Incarna game system he and his friends developed in the years I left gaming and the World of the Steel Realms, and I have been hooked ever since. During this transition of ours of coming back to our D&D roots with our own variant of the new 5th Edition, I have just started a campaign in Stormbringer, which I also find very exciting and fun, with Mario as our GM, which has caused me to re-read the Elric series I haven’t read since grade school. I hope my view point as someone who gamed when he was younger, then took a 20 year or so break, and then returned can bring fresh eyes to how a system and world should look to new comers to be welcoming and fun and easy to delve into.

Kelly’s Memories: Tom has been an asset to our game group since joining, and an asset to Incarna. His fresh perspective has allowed us to reexamine each aspect of Incarna with new interest. His help in creating the ongoing story and assistance with content development and testing has proven incredibly valuable.

Tom’s Incarna Testimonial

The Incarna take on gaming as well as the creatively developed world of the Steel Realms makes me look forward to every time we can meet for a gaming session, and I feel that each and every session has epic ramifications in the world that our characters live in.

Tom Potter – 10/2015

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