Dalcia Malor


Joining the Blackwells/Gallants

Senior Magister Answar of House Malor has brought you to the southern Barony of Crestwold because there have been disturbances there. Your time in House Malor has been served and it is time to expose you to the more terrifying threats facing the duchy. Even with your meagre powers, you can sense magic in the air. It is turning to fall, and fog and mist hide a lot of the barony. An ancient site has been unearthed – but this seems to be the least of the problems. Dozens of deaths have been recorded in strange events. The arch enemy of Dunstrand – Gwinn – and her patron goddess have made advances deep into Crestwold to exert their influence. And, the latest in the line of Gallantine recruits is somehow at the center of it all again. The entire village of Rakefield is caught up in something – mercenaries took control and sacked it, only to be thwarted by the Blackwells – the Gallantine recruits. After a bloody battle against a creature which can only be described as a nightmare, the eldest of the recruits is somehow turned by Elancil and betrays the group. It turns out that sleeping beneath an old wound was one who was always loyal to the storm queen. Rejaek, sargeant brother of the House Malor Sentinels lead the force which stopped the agent of Gwinn outside Torrelsons Ford. But the Baron of Crestwold is blaming the Blackwells as a group. Outsiders, adventurers, with no restraint. Magister Answar has come to you after conferring with a small council of House Malor members present. You are chosen by the small council house members to join the Blackwells and travel with them. It is a matter of convincing the Baron it is the right choice to let them go – and this will help assuage his fears. They wont accept someone to simply spy on them – therefore you must join them. In the eyes of House Malor this is acceptable. They have been trying to get a native of the house in their ranks for a decade. Your allegiance cannot be to the house alone, and you must learn to live the life of split loyalty. Remember your teachings, be true to the duke and the king, and bring these to your comrades in arms. In this, the council feels will be the best approach towards steering the Gallantine recruits in the right direction. The evening of the second day on site, you are presented to the remaining members of the Blackwells. It is an honor that they cannot refuse – literally. They see you as a spy, but your oath of loyalty and smooth words, rehearsed again and again, win them over. You stand with them now, trusting that your brethren will ultimately persuade the baron to release them (they were 99% of the way to convincing him when you left).