Bailyn Dulak (Character)


BACKGROUND: Courtier (in a back water anyway)

Life as a Ghoule

Bailyn went feral in Dwindor swamp. He did not want to consume the flesh and so hoped that something would be able to return him to the land of the living some day. He felt he would be keeping his homeland safe by entering Dwindor and feeding off the lives there. He did, for countless generations. He remembers nothing of life when he was feral. He was “rescued” by The Witch of Dwindor… but it was not the same witch he had known. He was rehabilitated with feeding off goblins for 2 weeks. In that time, staying in the text, he saw Feather (the Gallant’s Lt.) come and go a few times and argue with the Witch of Dwindor – as if she we either invincible or insane. Bailyn determined it was later. With a clear mind the witch made him an offer. In exchange for anything he knew of the swamp (what little he could remember – although the traps/triggers and effects on the tomb of the Once-King were invaluable) and 100 years of service she would keep him restored. He would not have as much vitality he normally had as a ghoule, but he would be cloaked like a skin walker (his undead nature masked) and he would serve as her spy in the Gallants. He agreed. He found with a clear mind that his notions of good and evil were irrelevant. All he cared about was continuing to live – but live as a human and be immortal! He would still need to feed on fresh animal, raw flesh and bone. But it need only be every third or fourth night. He and her minions would capture on the Black Hound Company trainees in Tarmysia, and steal his face and eye. He would be kept alive for 20 year – in absolute agony and misery. Bailyn was ok with this… such things no longer bothered him – such was the price for immortality. He would have the face of the victim (similar to his own), and his eye would be replaced and a ritual of the witch’s coven would allow them to see out of it. Perhaps even her familiar could as well – such were the hints. He saw as a human again through the eye – not the miserable grey world of the undead. It did, for a brief moment, make him long for real life. A battle was about to be fought in which the Gallants were going to attack The Black Hounds, and she believed win. Her own minions – the goblins – were leading as scouts at night to get them in place. Bailyn would be put in right before the attack. He would take a blow to the face – it will be a death blow, but he could claim that it was just a heavy bleeding blow. It will account for his lack of familiarity with things – an addled state. He will pick at the scar for weeks to prevent the ghoulish healing from covering it over and anyone asking questions. He has to fake eating, sleeping, and having senses that actually smell and taste. The witch feed him all manner of shaman vision drugs, causing his mind to expand and his perceptions to stretch. She gives him 3 months supply of this, he must do this an hour before he goes to bed each night and he will be ready. A charm with three crystals is given unto him to meditate to every night. If he dedicates himself, his bond with the witch and his study will grant him his spell casting abilities as soon as he reaches a slightly greater level of experience and understanding. The witch, as his patron of the craft, is to be referred to as “Mistessa”.
Controlled Shifting: If ‘protein’ powder is missed, -2 CHA; second day+ = -1 SAN & CHA/+1 CON (Max 20)
> “anger” > CON > 17 = can be used for +2 STR or DEX per point; each use of “shift” reduces INT by 2 for 10 minutes. CON returns to normal after Short Rest. Shifting causes “Terrifying Visage” and requires feeding before next short rest.