William Claye [Original] (Character)

Character Name: William “Billy Boy” Claye
Description: Male, human, age 18, right handed, 170#, 5’10”
CLASS: FIGHTER (2nd; Fighter)
Hit Points: 6, 6 +4 = 16
Strength 14 { +2 }
Intelligence 11 {}
Wisdom 11 {}
Dexterity 12 { +1 }
Constitution 14 { +2 }
Charisma 11 {}
Sanity 12 { +1 }

Proficiency @+2

Armor: All
Weapons: All (except improvised)
Abilities: Strength, Constitution
Skills: [2 from class], Athletics, Intimidation, Gaming (dice/cards), Vehicles – Land (cart, wagon, mule, horse)
Languages: Gladnorian (fully spoken)


Action Surge
Second Wind
Weapon Style: Great Weapon Fighting (+1 base damage & +1 initiative)

Feats: None


Weapons: Great Axe (D12/6; slash; Baron Veff’s gift – sturdy enough for Resilience 1), short sword (D6/3; pierce)
Armor: Studded Leather (+2 AC/1 Resilience)


Background: SOLDIER
Basics of Growing Up: [Duchy of Dunstrand] Billy was the third son of a teamster in a small merchant company in Bar-Innis, the westernmost earldom of Dunstrand. His parents family survived the civil war unscathed and he grew up well adjusted and safe.
Personality >
Ideal >
Bond >
Flaw >
* Heavy pipe smoker; when stressed wake-n-bakes + smokes all day = SAN DC 7 check or 1 level of Exhaustion
What are they known for >

How they joined the group >
Growing up he dreamed of joining The Gallants – the company of bannermen under the earl and duke. He had little to recommend him. His father however, sent him away from the chaos of Bar-Innis into the service of Baron Reylen Veff, vassal of the count of west river run – to the north. When the treachery of Baron Veff’s family was revealed, only a couple of his retainers made it out alive, with the baron and his wife. The other group, with their children, were all murdered by the count’s men (though it cannot be proven). Disgraced, he labored in the lands of the earl of Richfield, making his way south and joining up to fight in Tarmysia. He got sick a lot, and missed the most important campaigns and chance to distinguish himself. Finally, when the call went out for more recruits to the Gallants, he was taken. Its been 3 long months of his gut problems getting slowly better – the Gallants have nursed him back to help and trained and drilled him until it hurts. He was placed to assist the baggage train fo the new elite squad formed of fallen Gallant enemies – The Blackwell Squad.