William Claye (“Billy Boy”)

Character Name: William “Billy Boy” Claye
Description: Male, human, age 20, right handed, 170#, 5’10” (get his name because he looks so young – boyish face)
CLASS: FIGHTER (3rd; Fighter – Champion)
Hit Points: 6, 6, 6 +6 = 24
Strength 14 { +2 }
Intelligence 11 {}
Wisdom 11 {}
Dexterity 12 { +1 }
Constitution 14 { +2 }
Charisma 11 {}
Sanity 12 { +1 }

Proficiency @+2

Armor: All
Weapons: All (except improvised)
Abilities: Strength, Constitution
Skills: [2 from class], Athletics, Intimidation, Gaming (dice/cards), Vehicles – Land (cart, wagon, mule, horse)
Languages: Gladnorian (fully spoken)


Action Surge
Second Wind
Weapon Style: Great Weapon Fighting (+1 base damage & +1 initiative)
Enhanced critical: Critical on 19-20

Medic Background: Can use 1 silver’s worth of materials and 15 minutes to suppress a single level of [non-magical] Exhaustion each day.

Feats: None


Weapons: Great Axe (D12/6; slash; Baron Veff’s gift – sturdy enough for Resilience 1), short sword (D6/3; pierce)
Armor: Studded Leather (+2 AC/1 Resilience)
Medic Satchel: 4 pair clean dry socks, clean bandages, sewing kit, bitter root chew, koffee, vapor rub, splints and wraps, flask with whiskey, clean rags, deck of cards, dice, balance sticks, sandals, 2 sashes with cords + ties (better secure gear)


Background: SOLDIER (combat medic)
Basics of Growing Up: [Duchy of Dunstrand] Billy was the third son of a teamster in a small merchant company in Bar-Innis, the westernmost earldom of Dunstrand. His parents family survived the civil war unscathed and he grew up well adjusted and safe.
Personality >
Ideal >
Bond >
Flaw >
* Heavy pipe smoker; when stressed wake-n-bakes + smokes all day = SAN DC 7 check or 1 level of Exhaustion
What are they known for > spending 15 minutes with each company member in the evening, making sure they have clean socks, wounds are tended, some hot koffee or bitter root, chatting and playing games, rubbing feat or hands and showing concern – keeps morale up

How they joined the group >
Growing up he dreamed of joining The Gallants – the company of bannermen under the earl of Bar-Innis and duke of Dunstrand. He had little to recommend him. His father however, sent him away from the chaos of Bar-Innis after the civil war into the service of Baron Reylen Veff, vassal of the count of west river run – to the north.

While in service to the Baron, he was sent as a contingent of expendables to support the continued battle at Gillman Pass, against the Gwinnish in occupied Tarmysia. In the constant chaos and seemingly set up to fail situation of defending the pass, he fell in with a small mercenary band named the Ravenous Ravens who taught him to fight but some of the things they did I battle/after didn’t sit well. Gillman Pass was a brutal campaign of some 20+ years of constant fighting – each side using every horrible trick in the book to try and change the position of the other. William tended to hang around the slightly gentler medic of the Ravenous Ravens. Sampson Murdoch “ole 3 finger” got his nickname from the fact he was missing two fingers on his left hand. As the pair became friends, Sampson would teach him to treat miner wounds and ailments of the group of mercenaries – but that keeping their spirits up was the most important job of a medic – clean socks, a friendly word, a smile in the freezing cold of winter. It was Sampson who introduced him to the pipe weed, and stress made it into a habit. Two years passed before rumors circulated that Baron Veff was mired in some political scandal. His father had instilled in him a deep loyalty to his lord and patron, and so when troops of the Count of West River Run came to the camp, testing loyalties, William left under the cover of darkness and returned to the keep. The only one he told among the Ravenous Ravens along was his friend and mentor ol 3 finger; as he leaves, a tear falls from Williams face at the thought of losing a friend and getting closer to my life long dream of a Gallantine like service to a noble lord. William returns to find the keep in chaos. He literally steal a horse in Baron Veff’s attempt to escape assassins of his own once liege, the Count of West River Run.

When the treachery of Baron Veff’s family was revealed (colluding with the Gallants against the corrupt count – but never proven), only a couple of his retainers made it out alive, with the baron and his wife. The other group, with their children, were all murdered by the count’s men (though it cannot be proven – blamed on rioting). Arriving with the disgraced Baron Veff, he labored in the lands of the earl of Richfield as a teamster and laborer. He vowed to recover his honor and his lord’s honor, making his way south into the the fiefdom of the Earl of Bar-Innis (a young girl, Cyceley Aelishan) and joining a patch of new recruits for the Gallants to fight in Tarmysia. The recruits were not locals, like him they were the least desireable of the inhabitants of the area – itinerant workers, outsiders, ex-mercenaries with loyalty to coin and drink. Dogwood Flats was a harsh area, and he got sick a lot, and missed the most important campaigns and chance to distinguish himself. Finally, when the call went out for more recruits to the Gallants, he was taken. Its been 3 long months of his gut problems getting slowly better – the Gallants have nursed him back to help and trained and drilled him until it hurts. He was placed to assist the baggage train of the new elite squad formed of fallen Gallant enemies of the mercenary band known as the Black Hounds – renamed The Blackwell Squad.

Character Progress