Rabat (Character)

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Description: Human, male, 5’8″, #138, age: 20, platinum blonde hair, short hair, grey eyes, right handed; serpent tattoos on his legs; Size: Medium; Move = 30′ + the mark of the Summer Queen (on his inner thigh there is a tattoo of Titania in her garden)

Class: Rogue 2nd/Warlock (lesser) 1
HP: Rogue@1,2 = 8,5; Warlock 5 + 3 CON; Total = 21 -2 = 19

Charisma: 13 +1
Constitution: 12 +1
Dexterity: 16 +3 {proficient}
Intelligence: 12 +1 {proficient}
Sanity: 11
Strength: 11
Wisdom: 12 +1
Essence 11+14/2 = 12 – Aptitude -1 Warlock = 10
Communication: Gladornian (speak), Thieves Cant (speak), Feyloise (speak Elven) – Rudimentary (DC 15 to understand)


  1. Sneak Attack: 1/turn +3 damage on any attack with finesse or ranged weapon where attack has advantage (surprise). No advantage needed if foe is within 5 and engaged with another target or is incapacitated.
  2. Cunning Action: Can take a bonus action on any turn to Dash, Disengage, or Hide


Proficient = Deception (CHA), Acrobatics (DEX), Stealth (DEX; double proficiency bonus), Investigation (INT), Sleight of Hand (DEX), Perception (WIS; double proficiency bonus)
Lores: (+1) Gladnorian, Riverdans


  • Fearless: +2 all saves against fear
  • Toughened: Max HP at 1st level – grew up hard
  • Aptitude: Kinetic (reduces physical ability score requirement for multiclass)
  • Affinity: Kinetic (Dexterity14+D4 = 15)
  • Deft: +3 bonus to Initiative when already armed; if Initiative total is adjusted 20 or more, can make a multi-attack (attack twice) with his poignard!
  • Wonderment: Flame of Balthazaar – 1/short rest can add proficiency bonus to any skill check he is not proficient with.


Armor Proficient = Light Armor
Weapons Proficient = Simple Weapons, hand crossbows, long sword, rapier, short sword
Tactics: Prefers to strike from behind or throw knives with surprise; his thin poignard makes it easier to take down heavily armored foes – and he loves to see the mighty fallen on hard times… like death.

Proficient: Thieves Tools (lock picks, etc.)


Armor: Leather (11 + full Dex bonus) = AC: 14
Weapons: staff (4 dam 2 handed), poignard (1+3 dam; finesse weapon uses DEX (See DEFT trait!) / +2 to hit med+hvy armor), 3 throwing knives (1+3 dam; finesse; brace on arm of all three when adventuring)
Arcane Focus (Spell casting Focus): Brought back from the Feywild – a bracelet woven of vines from Rivin’s hedge maze.
Basic clothes (2 sets), good clothes (1 set), shoes, day pack, mess kit, bedroll, 2 torches, flint/tinder, 20m of cord, 2 belts, 2 small sacks, wine skin w/watered wine, 1 week worth of fresh rations

Pact Magic

Spell Save = 8 + Proficiency Bonus/+2 + CHA +1 = 11
Spell Attack = Proficiency Bonus/+2 + CHA +1 = 3
Cantrips: (2) Blade Ward, Chill touch
Spells Known: (3) Sleep, Protection from Evil and Good, ______
Spell slots: 1 @ 1st (regain all on rest)

  • Fey Presence: 1/rest = 10′ cube WIS save all creatures charmed or frightened for 1 turn


Origins: Riverdans of Dunstrand; Criminal background
Mannerisms: No fear – never flinches
Defining Event: brother was a fence, killed in a deal with rivals
Feature: Criminal Contacts – easily finds and makes contacts with shady characters
Personality Trait: The best way to get me to do something is to tell me i can’t do it.
Ideal: Independence – Chains are meant to be broken, as are those who would forge them.
Bond: I am guilty of a horrible crime, and i hope i can redeem myself for it.
Flaw: I have a “tell” that reveals when i am lying (left little finger twitches).
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron: Titania the Summer Queen (arch-fey) > Balthazaar of the Light = previous – given up the light faith after seeing the hypocrisy

Back Story: Rabat found the light after killing the man and family of the man that killed his brother. He used the weapon (poignard) his father once stole from a dead adventurer. He is a reluctant light worshiper, and probably not long for being a pious man – it slips away every day. He fled Bar-Innis into the Riverdans, and made his way to Terbans Cross. He finds more in common with the adventurers he met, though he was happy to take Balthazaars favor in tracking down the highwaymen that terrorized the area. Rabat and friends were able to recover the stolen Light of Balthazaar, but Rabat “accidentally” touched it – draining him forever, but opening his eyes to the wonderment of the world.

You had just tracked down down some highwaymen that stole “the light of Balthazaar” from a church… there were rival factions of gaia and Balthazaar – but it turns out it was not religious strife, but highwaymen trying to frame the Gaia worshipers. Horun was on the side of Gaia. Rabat for Balthazaar… Rabat realizes that the whole religious zeal thing may not be what he expected. He’s not much of a follower like that and the church of light is losing its flavor, so Rabat made up with Horun and both went with the group to the city.

Pact: The Feywild alters Rabat – his sense reach out as he travels through the hedge maze of the minotaur, and dark voices whisper in his head. The lure of power is great, and wielding magic will get him the respect he has always craved! On the vine bridge, crossing back into the Steel Realms he promises great deeds in the name of the arch-fey that guards over the place if he can take back but a fraction of their power. The spirit of Waele, patron of the temple of the moon they were at agrees to serve as messenger to his mistress, Titania, the Summer Queen of faerie. She agrees to Rabat’s wishes, granting him his rudimentary powers. Waele also grants him rudimentary knowledge of Feyloise – the elven mother tongue.

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