Durgin Stonefall (“Duck”) {Dead}

Created 9/2017 by Kelly Berger; died 12/2017
Character Name: Durgin Stonefall
Old Black Hound Nickname: “Duck”
Description: male, dwarven, age: 40, red hair (mohawk + full beard trimmed short), blue eyes, right handed, > tattoo of a duck on his ass with wings on the cheeks and his arsehole the ducks mouth.
CLASS: FIGHTER (2nd; Champion path decided; )
Hit Points: 10, 6 +6 = 22
Strength 18 { +4 }
Intelligence 10 {}
Wisdom 11 {}
Dexterity 10 {}
Constitution 17 { +3 }
Charisma 8 { -1 }
Sanity 13 { +1 }
Second Wind
Action Surge

Powers: RECKLESS; if a companion falls or has to retreat/be taken off the line, Duck has the ability to go with reckless (per Barbarian) for three rounds. He can do this again after a Short Rest.

Background: SOLDIER (Proficiency = Athletics, Intimidation, One type of gaming set, vehicles (land)) – Specialty = Infantry
Basics of Growing Up: [Clan Stonefell of the Stormfront Fastness] Clan Stonefell, in the Hareaver Clashes, fought against the pirate and scavenger forces that came ashore. It seems like the humans had a short memory of how the dwarves of that region had gained their name. They were reminded when their forces were crushed under an avalanche started by the dwarves. Duck’s blood lust aberration became apparent then – he gleefully slew the survivors. He fought for years against the Hareaver’s of Scrape, accumulating many kills and became decent warrior. His recklessness even got him onto a reaver boat in the tidal shoals during a counter attack – he was surrounded by water before he knew what was going on. His bloodlust eventually caused him to be forced from his clan, and seek employment in the Merchant Cities of the South.
Personality > I have a crude sense of humor.
Ideal > Our lot is to lay down our lives in defense of others.
Bond > I would still lay down my life for the people I served with.
Flaw > I have little respect for anyone who is not a proven warrior.
Languages: Gladnorian (fully spoken), Dumastorian (fully spoken)

How they got the name: The sound he makes when he farts.
Time in the Black Hounds: {9 years}
– Last rank was Private
What are they known for > Duck is know for his ability to take punishment and not go down, He is the center of a charge, and a bulwark against a line collapsing. In battle, his taunts often engage more than one opponent; He tangles up enemies while his friends pick them off from flanking. If he sees one of his companions fall though, he is known to sometimes become quite reckless. His loyalty to the company is absolute – it is his only home.

Hearing the Music of the Storm

After going unconscious in the battle against the shadows of Ashfall, Duck hears the Storm Music of the Bronzemen. His mind, in the throws of dying, is forever twisted. When he awakes, he is not Duck. The fury of the storm pounds in his veins, and the reckless abandon of the lightning drives him. A mad rushing is in his ears and he wakes. Tearing off his bandages, howls like a demon. Huff thinks it is a game, and joins him howling. Duck grabs his axe and were it not for the sheer bulk of his opponent, he would have killed him. Staring in disbelief, Huff, axe in his side, tears it out of the hands of Duck and staggers back, blood gouting out of him. There is no time, the company reacts to the hostile threat and Duck is cut down as he goes for the magical gauntlets that Billy Boy is carrying. He dies on the end of a few weapons – there is no single blow that fells him. Whatever madness drove him, the Blackwell Squad cannot fathom. So ends Duck, Blackwell until death.