Keldman Doff

Race: Human
> 5’11”, male, right handed, black hair (short; trimmed beard), tanned skin, age: 20, blue eyes, #145
Scar: left shoulder – gaff hook from Gwinnish marine; shark bit left leg
Behaviors: fastidiously groomed
Class: Fighter 2nd
Hit Points: 20
Strength: 12
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 14
Dexterity: 17
Constitution: 14
Charisma: 12
Sanity: 13

Proficiency @+2 Bonus

Skills: Athletics (strength), Perception (wisdom), Stealth (dexterity), Acrobatics [expertise; x2 proficiency bonus] (dexterity)
– “At Home in the Water” = normal movement rate in water if unarmored
– “At Home Fighting on a Ships Deck”: At 5th level, if on a moving ship deck with normal obstacles, Uncanny Dodge per Rogue
– “At Home in the Rigging” – At 2nd level, if you fall from any distance up to 100 feet near or in rigging, you can use your Reaction to reduce falling damage by half
Fighting Style: Duelist (single hand use = +2 melee damage with weapon)
Ability: Constitution, Dexterity
Armor: Light, Medium; * Cannot take Heavy Armor proficiency
Weapons: Simple, Martial
Tools: Navigators, Craft (water), Rope Making
> Rope Armoring (learned from merchant city navy; 10 silvers/DC 14 [10 for self] check; AC +0, absorbs 1 damage [double fatigue] per hit max. 3 hits) – uses leather or studded armor as base


Feature: Ships Passage (familiar with shipping, trade, and passage)
Second Wind: Heal 5 + fighter level as a bonus action 1/rest; if lightly armored and on a ships deck then add proficiency bonus to AC for remainder of round
Action Surge: Can take an additional action 1/rest > at 4th, if the dodge action is taken AFTER “At home fighting on a Ships Deck”, then all attacks it uses gain +2 attack from improved position.


Armor: Studded Leather (Resilience 1; 3hp Rope layer) Armor Class/AC: 12 + Dex [+3] = 15
Weapons: finesse w/DEX [+3] > Rapier (D8/4), Dagger (D4/2)

Dress: water proof boots, leather trousers, silk shirt w/clasp, neck tie/scarf, 30′ cord belt, rapier @ left/dagger @ right

Satchel: Navigators tools; sextant, compass; insignia: dockhand/deckhand/mate/bosuns mate/navigators mate (+ scroll with written recommendations from past employers for each position); dagger, waterproofing tin/grease, bosuns grog mug (50 silvers)

Day pack: tarp, bedroll, 2 changes clothes, mess kit, grooming kit, dagger, club, flint and tinder, 5 candles, 1 torch, 3 x 50 cord, lamp, 1 flask blue oil, 1 flask regular oil


Background: Sailor
PERSONALITY TRAIT: To me, a tavern brawl is a great way to get to know a new city/port
IDEAL: People – I am committed to my crewmates, not to ideals
BOND: Ruthless pirates murdered my captain and crew and left me to die – i will have vengeanace.
FLAW: I generally follow orders – even if i think they are wrong

Class Limits: If Eldritch Knight, patron is Elancil.

Joining the Blackwells:

Before the Blackwells: Keldman is a transplant from the Stormfront Fastness in the south. He grew up on a boat, working with his uncle and aunts business trading with the merchant cities of the south. He was employed by the merchant cities for years on fast frigates, blockade runners, and pirate quashing. He was a mercenary on the privateers of Umbak, making his way north. The Gwinnish, in some sleek new war sloop design, ambushed them and killed the entire crew, sinking his boat. Only one other survived. He floated at sea on debris for three days. He was picked up by a halfling coastal fishing boat, and brought to a village in Loamwold. After rehabing for a week there, a halfling captain named Lucky Red Scarf stopped in for supplies and took him to Torrelsons Ford. Eventually he ended up in south Dunstrand, looking to take a few month off and rest before journeying even further north to see the world. He became a dock worker after helping protect halfling merchants sailing into Torrelsons Ford in the barony of Crestwold of Bar-Innis in Dunstrand. He reoutfitted himself – staying away from drink and spending money on anything but his professional image for months.