Devco (character) the Ravager

NOTE: This was the prototype for the Ravager using 5th edition rules. This is NOT to be used going forward. Ravagers are plain dudes, strong and easily manipulated – shock troops and not something to be thrown away lightly if all the powers of a paladin are invested in them.
CREATED: 10/2016 – Arabus Grenier

Name: Draven Billings, Devco (Does not use last name since becoming a ravager)
Status: Alive, Bannerman, gallantine company of Dunstrand, Second squad, 1st platoon, Private: “Red hats”
Humna, Umbakian ravager, Pure Blood Sunnai, White, 6”, #220, Brown eyes, right handed, Blonde hair, 29 years old looks 10 years older. Shallow scars all over
Mannerisms: Tense, on edge

Class: Paladin, Ravager kit, Lvl 4
Race: Human variant, Umbakian Variant
Neutral Good

Hit Dice: 10, 5, 10, 7 + 3 per level = 44 hit points

Strength: 16
Dexterity: 13
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 12
Sanity: 9

Constitution, Wisdom, Charisma
Athletics, Intimidation, Medicine, Religion
All Armor, Shields, Simple weapons, Martial weapons
Gaming kit (dice?)

Resilient: Constitution
Shield Mastery

Class Features
Divine sense- 2 per long rest
Lay on hands- 5 points healing per level
Spell casting
Divine Smite
Fighting style: Protection
Sacred oath: Vengeance
Channel Divinity- 1 per short rest
Abjure Enemy
Vow of Enmity
Whelms Divine Rage- once per long rest

Personality Traits
“I can stare down hell without flinching”

“When people follow orders blindly they embrace a kind of Tyranny”

“Those who fight beside me are worth dying for”

“I have little respect for someone who is not a proven warrior”


Chainmail AC 13
Longsword d8
Mace d6
Holy Symbol
Explorer’s Pack
Shield +2 AC
50 Silver