Emily Clibannon (Character)

Character Portrait

Rogue 1st
Description: Size [Medium], Movement – Normal (30’), human, female, 5’0”, #125, right handed, age 19
Alignment/Code/Mannerisms: Lawful Neutral; Lesbian
Background: Charlatan (scam: I insinuate myself into people’s lives to prey on their weakness and secure their fortunes.)
– Personality Trait: Flattery is the preferred trick to get what i want.
– Ideal: Aspiration – I am determined to make something of myself.
– Bond: I owe everything to my mentor – a terrible person who is probably rotting in jail somewhere.
– Flaw: I am convinced no one could fool me the way i fool others.
Hit Points: [5] + 1 = 6
Strength: 11
Intelligence: 13 (+1)
Wisdom: 14 (+2)
Dexterity: 17 (+3)
Constitution: 13 (+1)
Charisma: 15 (+2)
Sanity: 10


[+2 Bonus to proficient capabilities] Ability: Dexterity, Intelligence
Armor: Light | Weapons: Simple Weapons + hand crossbow, longsword, rapier, shortsword
Skills: Deception (Charisma; expert = double proficiency bonus), Sleight of Hand (Dexterity), Persuade (Charisma), Perception (Wisdom; expert = double proficiency bonus), Stealth (Dexterity), Investigation (Intelligence), Athletics (Strength)
Tools: Forgery Kit, Disguise Kit, Thieves Tools


Seduction +2, Rhyl +2
Language: Gladnorian (speak+literate), Mercat (speak+literate), thieves ‘cant
Lucky: 3 Luck Point per Long rest; can re-roll a D20 check for attack, ability check or save


Feature: False Identity (Expert at using false identities using disguise and forgeries in long term confidence games)


Armor: Leather (AC 11 + Dexterity [3] = Armor Class 14
Weapons: Dagger, 2 concealed knives (boot, hip), rapier (D6/3 + Finesse – uses Dexterity)
Bedroll w/Kit, flint + tinder and 3 blouses, trews, skirt and dress rolled up; makeup kit.
Satchel: small crowbar, hood, 80 cord (hold #180), small hook, lock picks
Purse: 3 silvers; 1 on neck that hold 4 gold rings (40/60/80/100 silvers), bracelet (20), anklet (20), necklace (30)
Locked Correspondence Box: writing tools; parchment, 3 “official” stamps, wax


Sneak Attack: +1D6 to any melee or ranged up to 30’ attack made with advantage, or if target is engaged with another combatant and not facing or engaged to the sneak attacker.


Emily came from a good family in Asereht (the Clibannons), that harbored a dark secret. Her father sexually abused her from the age of three. Emily had 2 brothers and sisters and by the time she reached 14, her father was losing interest in her. She knew her younger sisters were next, and murdered her father. She ran from her home and Emily Clibannon is considered a murderer and wanted on pain of death. She ended up in the streets and fell in with a man running urchins for petty theft named Fagen. He tried to turn her out as a prostitute, but instead she learned to use her sex to string men along and steal their jewelry and get them to pay her way. She learned that many desired young girls, like her father, luring them by dressing as a young orphan that her small size made easy to conceal her true age. She became good with the dagger and small blades – learning from Fagen’s stable of urchins. She killed her first predator when she was 16. She grew to hate men, but learned to hide it. When Fagen himself began to try and bed her after years in his employ, she moved on – to better parts of the city. Good clothes, an easy manner, flattery and a deft finger and she improved her station steadily. Two more deaths, one of them she managed to leave behind clear evidence of his predilections and free another urchin he had in bondage. Too often it turned out, as even with her disguise and constant moving she was almost caught. She fled to Salt Marsh to start again. Good hearted and seductive, the thief is a predator using their gender and allure to swindle the gullible. A dark streak of violence against child abusers follows her – she marks the number of ‘actions’ that has stopped a child predator from gaining another victim on a belt (that they were once restrained with by her father) worn under her clothes. In Salt Marsh she found another predator and she was sloppy. She was jailed in town under the suspicion of murder. When the half-elf was jailed for horse thievery, she defended her against the 2 brothers i the same cell who were going to rape her. When the bard found out what happened, he immediately got his companion out, and took an interest in her defender. After understanding the entire charge and circumstances, a good character reference was provided by the bard, who interviewed her more and confirms the evidence – an obvious child abuser and despite what the family tried to hide the bard reveals the truth. They forced the law’s hand she is released and all charges dropped… the thief now travels with the bard, owing a debt they want to repay.

A Problem with the Living

Gabrella, Emily, Dairn, Justav, Toulath, and Gaardu have joined forces to track down and evil renegade of the Narcosa Necromancer Guild and stop hm before he can do something horrible.