Jack ‘Slick’ Ryan – Character


This is really a third version of Rafe Ryan

Character Name: Jackie ‘Slick’ Ryan aka. Slick Jack, Ryan, or plain old Slick

Archetype: Fixer/Face Man/ Leader type.

Starting CP: 30(start)+6(CHA)=36 – 36cp =0


AP: 1+1=2

CP: 3+3+5=11-4=7-7=0

Money: Personal: 23sc, Party: 40sc

Reputation: 1 (start)+1+1=3

Aptitude: Physical 4

Attributes: CRD 6/RCT 3, HLT 3/VIT 5, MUS 4/STA 2, CHA 6/WPR 2, INT 3/PER 6, RSN 4/SAN 2, APR 4

Traits: Good Luck (1 cp), Poverty (+1cp), Familiarity: Improvised Weapons (1cp), Club (1cp), Sling (1cp),

Skills: Climb 1+1=2 (1cp)(CRD/MUS), Evasion 2+1=3 (3cp)(RSP/PER), Fend 3+2=5 (6cp) (CRD/PER), Grapple 1+1=2 (1cp)(MUS/CRD), Jump 1+1=2 (1cp)(CRD/MUS), Language: Speak Gladnor 4+0=4 (0cp)(RSN), Literacy 1+0=1 (1cp)(RSN), Melee 4+1=5 (10cp) (CRD/MUS), Persuasion 4+1=5 (10cp) (INT/CHA), Propel 2+2=4 (3cp) (CRD/PER), Stealth 1+2=3 (1cp) (CRD/PER), Urban Survival 3+1=4 (6cp)(RSN/INT), Hide 1+1=2 [PER](1cp), = 35cp

Total = 36cp

Familiarity: Melee: [Small Blades ,Club] Propel: [Thrown (Small Blades, Improvised Weapons), Sling] Fend: [Shield]

Equipment: Club (6pt), Vest (2pt), Leather (8pt), Night Core Blade:Razor Sharp (6pt), Small Shield (slung), Sling, Sling Bullets (12), 20m rope, Knife, Throwing Knives (4), basic cloths, Green Sash,

Known Associates: Arron (aka Slip), Gryxixx (aka. Bounce or X), Mongo (Former watchman, wanted for questioning), Patric, and sometimes Sleeves.

History: Most people seemed to naturally like little Jackie Ryan even if he got into a lot of trouble at a young age when no one was looking. That being said even grown-ups didn’t seem mind having him around at worst cause he seemed well behaved and at best for entertainment value.This leading him to seeing a lot of fucked up shit and learning a lot about human nature at an early age.

In such an environment being able to talk ones way out of loss of fingers and/or teeth is greatly under valued. He earned the nickname of ‘Slick’ by having the ability to weasel his way out of the worst of troubles and not have anything too terrible stick to him. Eventually he learned that not everything could (or should) be attempted alone and gathered a small group around him to further his prospects of survival.