Grinnish – Character

Setting: Steel Realms (Marsden, the north)
STATUS: Dead – sacrificed himself in play test of Behold, the Rat King

Race: Grollen
Background: Dog Soldier
Class: Fighter (champion)
Strength = 14 (+2)
Dexterity = 10
Constitution = 17 (+3)
Wisdom = 10 > Acute Sense Hearing/Smell = double proficiency bonus on Perception sense checks
Intelligence = 4 (-3)
Charisma = 8 (-1) > No intimidation penalty
Sanity = 7 (-2) > +2 on saves vs. Blood Lust
HIT POINT > 10,6,6,6 +12 = 40 (-1 perm) = 39
ARMOR CLASS > Hide and Shield = 14
Bonus = +2 @ 4th level
Skills: Athletics (str), Survival (wis), Perception (wis)
Saves: Strength, Constitution
Language: Hrubha, Gladnorian
Armor: All, Shield
Weapons: Simple, Martial

Class and Background Features
Style: Dueling (+2 damage when not using weapon in off hand)
Fighting Spirit: Gains proficiency bonus on final death save
Shield Bite (using rampage bit and hold enemies shield)
Second Wind
Action Surge

Race Features
Blood Lust
Dead on your Feet
Fast: Movement = 35′
Rampage: On successful attack, may take bonus action to bit enemy.

Mark of Irrigi the Rat King (perm. rate bite)
> Rats, mice and swarms of the same will not attack the bearer of the mark!

PERSONALITY: Enjoys being strong and breaking things
IDEAL: Ideals are not worth waging war over – live and let live
BOND: I fight for those who cannot fight for themselves – cannot help it
FLAW: Little respect for those who cannot fight

Grollen > Medium Armor is max.
Hide and Shield

Grollen War Flail (D8/D12; adapted grip)
Spear (D6/D8; short = 20′)