Durrgo “the Laughing One”

CLASS: BARBARIAN (2nd; Undecided path)
Hit Points: 12, 7 +8 = 27
Strength 17 { +3 }
Intelligence 9 { -1 }
Wisdom 8 { -1 }
Dexterity 14 { +2 }
Constitution 19 { +4 }
Charisma 11 {}
Sanity 12 { +1 }

Proficiency @+2 Bonus

Saves: Strength, Constitution
Armor: Light, Medium, Shields (all)
Weapons: Simple (all), Martial
Skills: Nature [grew up in the wilds], Athletics, Animal Handling, Survival, Land Vehicles
Languages: Gladnorian (fully spoken), Hruba (fully spoken)


Thirst for Blood (Sanity check DC 10 to not engage in hand to hand)
Dead on Your Feet: Constitution check each time they are hit, DC = 5 + the last damage they took to avoid death- but automatically fail real death saves. Its a save the party ability.
Tough Hide: Natural AC 11
Swift: 35 feet base move; Grollen have a long stride and have adapted to long distance running (because their physiology makes it impossible for them to ride beasts comfortably), using their long arms to help them lope occasionally.
Practiced Runner: A Grollen can run twice as long at a normal pace before tiring.
Large Bearing (Max HP at first)
Acute Sense (smell); Perception checks based on Smell have Advantage
Acute Sense (hearing); Perception checks based on Hearing have Advantage
Darkvision; 30′
Lore: Grollen; The Grollen pass on a rich oratory history to all members of the tribe.


AC: Hide 11, +2 Dex, +4 Con = 17
– when using 2 handed weapon / +1 or +2 with shield
Initiative: -1 Grollen, +2 Dex = +1
Tactics: Crossbow from afar, 2 handed grollen war flail in hand to hand


Weapons: grollen war flail (2D6/7 with Grollen), dagger, light crossbow (D8/4 armor pierce/+2 vs med and heavy armor) w/10 bolts
Armor: large light shield (+2 AC/0 resilience)


Background: CARAVAN SPECIALIST (Proficiency = Animal Handling, Survival, Land Vehicles, and Languages +1)
Basics of Growing Up: [Pale Plains – Grollen] Personality >
Ideal >
Bond >
Flaw >
Character Name: Durrgo the Laughing One (named by the tribe’s shaman)
Old Black Hound Nickname: “Huff”
Description: Male, Grollen, age: 25, 7’2″, 339#, right handed
How they got the name: The sound he makes every time he’s asked to do something… the Grollen version of a sigh… “Hruffff”.
Time in the Black Hounds: {6 years} No one expected him to live this long.
– Last rank was Private
What are they known for > Huff is actually pretty smart for his kind. Unlike most, he has a sense of humor about just about everything and is willing to laugh out loud (which is really unnerving for those not familiar with the Grollen), even at himself. He likes to play simple, practical jokes and loves to let children crawl all over him and tickle them. Of course, no one lets their kids within 10 miles if they can help it. Its theorized that the blow to the head he took in the Montaurn Campaign when he first joined somehow altered him. Like all of his kind, he howls and dances… and the full moon is his favorite time to do it.