Aelwyn Cei/”Kye” (character; Dead)

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This is an Incarna character.

Aelwyn Cei ('Kye')

Names: Aelwyn Cei (‘Kye’)
Player: Larry James
Created: Oct 2014
Systems: Incarna iDnD 5th Ed


gifts of weaponry – solid weapons with the mark of the Duke as a personal gesture. All fine expensive weapons, Durable and +1 Overall Damage. Aelwyn: a dagger

+1 Boots of Jumping from Black Omen Hall (carried by Kye)

Dagger of True Aim +1CS to hit when either held or thrown. When held equals normal dagger. When thrown 4AM and +1 RS on successful hit. If thrown attack is not successful, a recheck is allowed, but the RS bonus is lost. From Black Omen Hall (Carried by Kye)

Shortsword +1 Overall Damage (Carried by Kye)

Demon bound knife – protects against magical damage (strong presence; 4) (Kye)