Bobo – Character


Bobo was born in the Doolun Emirates – deep in the south. He trained hard as a warrior for years, growing strong and hearty. However, he was born into the tribe too close to the chief’s family. His father was the brother to the chief who had only a single son, and as he grew in prowess he was seen as a competitor. His father officially sent him outward to learn the skills of the stranger lands to the north (to travel to Beryl perhaps) – and this idea was hijacked by the chiefs wife. Instead he was “chosen” to participate in fighting the Umbakian crusaders. He was sent forth with nothing more than food and weapons. After years of fighting the powerful Umbalians, he sought to return to his tribe. He has amassed a great amount of booty – weapons and armor from the heavy infantry of Umbak. He sent word ahead but was warned by his cousin to not return. Too late to return to his war band of Nakrians that he had fought with, he turned north and spent all his fortune to get to the Raj Sea. There an assassin attempted to kill him and left him with a deep scar on his left ribs. He his himself for a couple of years as a privateer and smuggler – hiring as a mercenary and working his way up the coast to Beryl.

He sought a ship to the north, and was tricked into a ship going to a far north – REALLY FAR. The hinterlands! He had never seen such cold, but the place was strangely welcoming of him despite his skin color. He had heard tales of the people in the north, and mostly hating outsiders and those with darker skin, but the people of the Hinterlands were accepting of all… and he came to find out why. His first winter he discovered the horrors of the endless undead and the basis of the northern acceptance of diversity – it needed a supply of fighters to fight them off. Since then, he gained the trust of the locals with his prowess. Stability has returned to region and trade had been improving – the Twin River counties of Dunstrand far to the south had recently made a advantageous trade agreement, but it was very contentious. There was a great debate by townsfolk on the merits of it. South Drift, where he settled, saw a huge boom in population. With it came evil.

Bobo worked to the rank of “captain” (what people called him – actual rank Lt.) of the guards in South Drift over 100 years ago (common year 9057). He vanished from town records while chasing cultists who had kidnapped a little girl and took her to Emerald Falls, east of the town. He, along with a priest of Merkaine named Gervais set out to try and stop the cultists of Sun Stealer from enacting some horrible ritual in the magic of Emerald Falls… few go there without nefarious reason. He was ambushed by strange grey skinned, tall creatures with large swords. Gervais was slain. The last he remembers is another battle with strange lizard like creatures and the grey skinned ones. There were strange voices, and he felt the draw of the blade upon his skin and blacked out. When he awoke, the world was awash with scintillating colors. He drifted in and out of consciousness. He remembers strange creatures of odd geometry and a long, deep cold. When at last he woke up, there were several chanting figures in a strange chamber. He was groggy and could not resist as he was swaddled in warm blankets. He was laid upon a stretcher of sorts and a monotone voice told him that he was “alive by the graces of the knowledge of the great race of Gith”. He was being “returned to his kind” and could repay the great race by aiding those that have come from the lands of his origins to help the dwellers of “Zermai”.