Ghost Sector Mining Disaster (X-Wing Scenario)

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A distress call is sent and the Empire responds. An armada chasing the the Medaes Trade Cartel fleet sends one of its cruisers on a mission to rescue survivors of a gas mining colony in Vokir's Nebula that is sending a distress call.

Points = 120
(rough; force descriptions will indicate deviations/options)

# Players easily accommodated: Up to 6

Estimated time to complete: 2 hours


Scum Victory: Leave the carrier dead in space; cannot use torpedos - ONLY lasers or its not salvageable. 

Imperial Victory: All scum are floating junk

Draw: Scum forces left on the baord, Imperial assault carrier makes it back off the map in the same space it came in on.

Summary Information

Force 1: Imperial Assault Task Force

Force 2: Pirates/Scavengers

Force 3:

Force 4:

Back Story

Vokir's Nebula is a rich source of income for several trading costers - not all of them licensed by The Empire. Its difficult to patrol such a large, turbulent part of space, but Empreial presence nearby as Das Riggors


Author: Kelly Berger; first published February 2016

Play Testing:

-New rules!
-New ships!