Kelly Berger’s RPG Encounters Scenario Additions

Text content written for the RPG Encounter app and posted.

URBAN ENCOUNTER: Agitators opposing the local ruler are causing a lot of stir. The call goes out for freebooters and mercenaries to assist with the defense of a just and noble ruler. It turns out the ruler is going senile – his edicts have been erratic and harmful. The PC’s are actually hired to engage in a series of brutal repressions – putting down riots and demonstrations and raiding enemies stores, property and gathering. The PCs will force people out of homes and participate in seizing businesses. They are overseen by what was once the rulers guard, but now a brute quad of toadies, sycophants, and nepotistic appointments – can they get out before their conscience gets them? Perhaps killing their overseers to join the rebels?

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URBAN ENCOUNTER: The wizard Anwin has work to suppress the locals in many uprisings. The “council” that holds his leash is terrified of him now, as he has grown rich and accumulated much knowledge and power. He has grown too difficult for them to control, and now plans to usurp their power – killing or exiling them. Can the PCs rid the area once and for all of this menace? What about the their association with the council – is their job over or will they take on the mundane powers of a corrupt body? They may side with the locals who have had countless business and possessions confiscated in the council’s name – and must go against those hired by the council to deal with them now.

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SMALL QUEST: Word has come that enemy forces are marching in the north. This time, they are marching north of Armenache Reach and circling around – one of the High Kings Rangers himself has brough word – he alone was lucky enough to
spot them marching in the frozen wind-blown cold of the season. Just last year 3 new settlements were made, believing that the more inhospitiable regions and small population would not be a draw for the enemy. Now all three are unknowningly threatedend, and a coming storm threatens to cut off all settlements unless aid and word can be gotten to them.
There is only a single way to reach them in time, over the High Snake Pass of Deelya Mountain. The PCs must brave the extrme cold and altitude, and get word to the inhabitants to prevent them from being wiped out.

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QUEST: The crusade by Umbak against the Orrish goblins of Dwindor Swamp has awakened old powers. The bodies of the victims are being used for horrific purposes by followers of an evil spirit of malaise and death – Tizre’al, the “Lord of Flies”. It is an ancient power, long dormant but now its agents rise from the muck and grave sludge, and begin their reign of terror. Each side accuses the other of employing the undead, in the mean time goblins and citizens, and patrols of soldiers and under siege. With each day the undead priest gains blessings from the fear and death created – can he be stopped before he can summon his master?

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QUEST: Viscount Demetrius Baleroy of Bevmordain, a petty and larcenous individual, has hatched a plan to increase his personal power. Demetrius is more a scholar than warrior, though he has studied both magic and sword play. He has uncovered the provenance of an ancient book – “The Seven Gates of Shadowfell”, and has used his meager occult powers to summon a evil presence to control his neighbors and increase his titles and lands. It is far more than he could control and now chaos reigns. Stories of perverse events and gatherings, bizarre marriages, celebrations of profane powers are now all leaking out of the local area. Can the PCs figure out the source of the madness before it spreads and infects them? Can they be saved if not?

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ENCOUNTER – SHORT: The party will be lured to an Inn on the outskirts of the city of Mev to rendezvous with a High King’s ranger. There they will be targeted by a group of assassins, sent by the associations of the Orrish (goblins, orcs) in the nearby swamp. Although their shaman (One-Claw) has made peace (presumably) with the locals, the factions of darkness have noticed the rise of a group of adventurers who will definitely be set in their path. This is an attempt to get rid of them once and for all – before they become any more powerful. A darkling cleric of Everdark has been raising and grooming Frenge – an elf gone fey – as his personal weapon against the forces of order and light, and they will be sent against the party.

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