Tazia (Character)

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Character Portrait
Class @ Level: Warlock - Pact of the Blade (@1,2,3,4)
Health/HP: Warlock@1,2,3,4 = 5,5,5,5; CON +4; Total = 24
Essence: 17 - Aptitude = 16 - 4 Warlock = 12
Ability Summary
Charisma19 (+4) {proficient}
Constitution12 (+1)
Dexterity12 (+1)
Sanity15 (+2)
Strength14 (+2)
Wisdom13 (+1) {proficient}
Ability Notes:

Proficiency: Capability, Knowledge, Items

Proficiency Bonus:
Communication: Feyloise (speak/literate; learned in Feywild), Gladnorian (speak/literate; parents taught), Orrish (speak - taught by father who fought against them "in the east")
Skills: Medicine (WIS +1; as hermit and +2 on healing any natural animal within the bounds of Dunstrand from the bond with the land), Religion (WIS +1; as hermit), Nature (WIS +1; as Warlock), History (INT; as Warlock), Persuasion (CHA +4; as human)
  • Sworn and Beholden: Gaes at 4th, 8th, and 12th - Service to the Arch Fey
  • Delver into Secret: Thirst for knowledge and power to protect others like her, her son and find her daughter
  • Discovery: Alone and away from civilization she found an entrance to the Feywild and her patron for protection of defenseless women like she was; she has a nack for finding her way back
Armor: Light Armor
Weapons: Simple Weapons (+ Pact of the Blade)
Tools: Herbalist Kit (to make antidotes and healing potions)




  1. Polearm Mastery: (father taught) - staves, halberds, glaives
  2. Ritual Caster: (begun in Feywild, training completed by the Sprite summoned sent from the Queen of Summer)


Pact Magic

  • Fey Presence: 1/rest = 10' cube WIS save all creatures charmed or frightened for 1 turn
  • Cantrips = 3 (Prestidigitation, Eldritch Blast (120' @ D10/5 force), Mage Hand)
  • Spells Slots = 2 @2nd level (regained on any rest) | known = 1st x3, 2nd x2
    • 1st) Hellish Rebuke, Arms of Hadar, Armor of Agathys
    • 2nd) Shatter, Spider Climb
  • SPELL POWER > Save DC = 8+2+4 = 14 | Attack Mod = +2+4 = +6
  • Eldritch Invocations (2) = Thief of Five Fates (cast Bane 1/short rest), Beast Speech (cast speak with animals at will)
  • Pact Boon: Pact of the Blade (can summon a weapon as an action - Glaive (D10/5+2) - as an action; proficient with it, can dismiss it at will)

Rage of the Summer Queen; Hellish Rebuke OR 3 effects of prestidigitation (usually wind, sparks, and red glowing eyes) burst forth at the beginning of her turn, grants +4 initiative or -4 initiative to all foes within 5' - thought to be a gift from her patron; cannot be done deep underground or in the dark and only when defending her own life (less than half HP) or that of another woman's = 1/rest.

Spirit of Dunstrand: Imbued with power to call on the land by greater Dryad spirit of Dunstrand; +1 all Survival and Athletics checks in Dunstrand/on Dusntrand lands; a single use of Wonderment (apply proficiency bonus to any single check); +2 Lore for any flora and fauna of Dunstratrond; +2 recognize any druidic sign while in Dunstrand = 1/short rest, duration = 1 encounter



Leather Armor [primary; AC: 11+Dex = 12]


hand axe (D6/3+2), short bow (D6/3+1) w/10 arrows Arcane Focus: necklace (twisted as bracelet on left wrist - blackened wooden animal and plant charms made of branch from lightning struck tree, with her menstrual blood dripped on them); when seen out of the corner of the eye, the charms appear to be moving
Full Listing >
  • satchel: 2 healing potions (2D4+2/7), burn balm (D4/2), poultices and medical kit for Medical checks), powders and ointments to remove natural poisons
  • pouch: dates/candied fruits - used as treats to speak with animals and get information
  • Travel Pack: Basic clothes (4 sets), beautiful colored elvish cape, boots, sandals, folded day pack, home made mess kit, warm bedroll, 3 torches, flint/tinder, 20m of cord, 2 belts, 2 small sacks, wine skin w/watered wine, 1 week worth of fresh rations
  • TRINKETS > a tiny silver icon of a raven, a torn blood soaked piece of a scarf from a faerie battlefield in the Feywild, an empty glass vial that always smells like perfume (5' rad) when opened
  • Ritual Book: (as Wizard) Find Familiar, Identify (100sp pearl), Alarm (bell and silver wire)

Physical Features, Form, and Appearance

Race: Human Size: Medium | Movement: 30 > Beauty: Striking
Description: Human, female, 5'6", 140lb, age: 19, blonde long hair, brown eyes (green flecked), right handed

Scars, marks, etc.:

Behavior, Outlook and Perspectives

Alignment: Chaotic Good | Affinity: Charisma | Aptitude: Divine
Behaviors: Tazia will almost always choose to defend women and advocate for them without thinking. She does have a subconscious drive to prove a woman can be as powerful as any man and and always tries to establish this equality in the first interaction with people... volunteering, advising, and interacting as a leader (and sometimes unsolicited) to prove she can do it - even if the role is not hers, she is compelled to prove that she can do it at least once to each party member and important NPC.
Combat Tactics: She favors using critters to gain information and knowledge to use as advantage over blind charges, but overwhelming offense if fighting is required; appear weak and not worth the attention and use position and guile to attack swiftly and kill opponents. When she decides to enter battle hand to hand, she is terrible to behold. Otherwise uses a bow from a distance and do not give away the presence of magic powers. Chill touch against the walking dead! Never yell, scream or attract attention - fight with calmness and serenity.


Background: Hermit / Origins:
Defining Personality Trait: I am utterly serene, even in the face of disaster
  • Ideal: Inquiry and Free thinking are the pillars of progress
  • Bond: I am still seeking enlightenment i pursued in my seclusion - it still eludes me
  • Flaw: I'd risk too much in my need to uncover a bit of lost knowledge

Patrons, Sponsors and Connections

Otherworldly Patron: Arch Fey - Titania of the Summer Court; The pact was to learn martial knowledge in order to protect her family and recover her daughter some day. The queen feeds her drive to empower women.

What made the character become an Adventurer?

She sits and waits for a sign that her next journey is beginning. At some point, she must venture forth on the journey into the world which will lead her to her daughter. What that journey might look like she has no expectations. She tends to find a place of easy defense, where a garden can be tended and goats raised. She speaks to the local animals, tends to their wounds and helps their young. In return they warn her of danger, and look over her son when she is tending the homestead. She raised a litter of pups, one of which is Granger (a powerful Shepard, trained for war by a she-wolf in exchange for saving one of her pup's life) and her son's favorite and watches over him and the homestead. He is 4 years old. She spent years mastering her bond with the Queen of the Feywild, and struggling to teach herself the powers of the book she had been given. When her son turned 5, on his birthday she was able to conjure forth a Sprite from the realm of faerie based on her limited mastery of the ritual book. The sprite became the playmate of her son, and taught her the rest of the rituals in the book. Shes has spent years honing her skills as a warrior-witch - she lacks the stamina and armor of a fighter, but not the spirit.

A story of growing up

Born in the country by homesteading parents, she raised herself after her parents died of the flu one seasons. Her father had been a soldier and a criminal and sewed distrust of all other people that has taken her years to get over - but her penchant for living alone never left her. She fled to the forest after her parents death and avoided all contact with others - this is really all she remembers of her early life. She was born somewhere in the years around 9130 somewhere in Dunstrand - her memories escape her. She had a sister at one point, but she was sent away. She remembers that there was a pale woman before her mother - and believes that her mother is not her real mother, or even that her parents are not her biological parents. At the age of 13, she wandered into a faerie ring and into the Feywild. She remembers spending decades there, and nothing more, though she returned and was only age 18 and had with her a book written in ancient Elvish. Years later, after hiding in the woods for years and having little contact with others, she understood that she had gone backwards in time - that the current year was much earlier than the year she last remembered. She had a son (Bronislaus) and a daughter (Fiola) in the Feywild... but only the son came back with her. they both appear to be human, but she cannot remember their father, only the singing, dancing, and a smiling man's face. She remembers too the woman who rescued her from the tower she was "imprisoned" in (a velvet cage) - the maiden of the Summer Queen. In the court of the Summer Queen she was granted her freedom. She has raised her son herself with the power she found in the Feywild. She has a reputation as a healer and herbalist. She sings to herself and her son (who only speaks elvish fluently currently - by the time he was 1! - Gladnorian is only very basic) to pass the time, and her voice is terribly lonely and deep. She is sad as she searches for her lost daughter.

A story of exemplifying beliefs

Her current grove where her home is also has some confusion wired in - it borders on the Feywild, so it's hard to find the place unless you're invited or already familiar. She discovered the place after being chased by strange hounds in the forest - and seeking a refuge for her and her son she held him tight and crawled into a mass of brambles - nearly killing herself to protect him. She swore to the powers that would listen that she would gladly give her life if her son was spared. Strangely, the brambles closed about her and feral creatures could not get her. When the sun rose, the black hounds were still prowling about, but elk, bear, deer, and all manner of forest creature harassed them in battle after battle, and their anger and stamina was lessened by the sun and they were driven off. She promised the spirits of the land that day to look after the creatures - though no druid, she would tend their young, and protect them in exchange for the lives given that day. The lands of Dunstrand respond well to her singing, and her herbal gardens.

How the character came to be in the group

XP/CP/Inspirations Gained and Spent

Up to 4th: Zero Inspiration: 1

CURRENT POSITION: The tricks she learned in the Feywild she has perfected into the herbalist craft in the normal world. She grows food for local woodland animals who just know when they are desperate and can wander in and take it. Over time, she has sought to understand her bond with nature – the goddess Gaia was a natural place too look but she has continued to feel the pull of the summer Queen from the Feywild. As long as her dreams are pleasant, she is content to stay with her patroness. She makes her living selling women’s remedies, as a midwife, and as a herbalist. Occasionally some will come to her seeking to identify items they believe are magic.

Currently part of the Ancient Blood campaign.

War Dog: Granger

AC: 13 | HP: 14 | Speed =
STR 12 | DEX 13 | CON 12 | INT 3 | WIS 3 | CHA 9
Skills: Perception, Survival; recognizes family unfailingly by scent
Combat: Bite (2D4/5+1 as wolf; +3 hit)


Sprite: Maeling

female, blue hair, white wings, yellow eyes, left handed, green painted toe and finger nails
AC = 15 leather + Dex | HP = 2 | Speed = fly 40’/walk 10′
STR 3 | DEX 18 | CON 10 | INT 14 | WIS 13 | CHA 11
Skills: Perception +3 (passive 13), Stealth +8
Languages: Gladnorian, Feyloise, Sylvan
Combat: Longsword (1), Short Bow (+6/40′) (1 + DC 10 CON or poisoned 1 minute; 5 or less save = unconscious)

Heart Sight: Touch a creature to know its emotional state; DC 10 Charisma save or knows alignment as well (Celestials, Fiends, Undead automatically fail save)

Invisibility: At will as an action along with any equipment until concentration ends or attacks.