Raxhanne level 2 (Character)

Raxhanne (Rasz-han-aye)
17,16,16,14,13,12; +2 STR, +1 CHA
CHA 20 +5
DEX 16 +3
WIS 13 +1
CON 16 +3
INT 14 +2
STR 14 +2

Bard/Warlock 2/2
HP: 8 (max)/+2 & 8/+2 = 20 [Warlock], 8 (max)/+2 & 5/+2 = 17 [Bard] = 37
Race: Dragonborn; White draconic ancestry; 6’4”, 230 lbs. soft white scales/skin, wing stubs, milky white eyes, no hair, left handed, female
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Background: Sage (Astronomer specialty)
Feature: Researcher – if you do not know a bit of knowledge, you know where to get it.
Personality: There’s nothing I like more than a good mystery
Ideal: The path to power and self improvement is knowledge
Bond: It is my duty to protect all knowledge
Flaw: Though political ideals are not worth going to war over she cannot help herself in standing up vocally to tyrants.
Focus: Music and Magic, Learn from Experience (as Bard); Sworn and Beholden + Delver into Secrets (as Warlock) > Inspiration = advantage to be used in fulfilling the focus
Special Power: +1 Eldritch Sign at level 3 Warlock

Otherworldly Patron: Great Olde One – Urdeth, “Whisperer in the Void”

Cold Breath Cone 15ft (CON save vs 8 + CON bonus + proficiency modifier) for 2D6 damage
Damage Resistance: cold (advantage)
Languages: Common, Draconic (taught by mother), Orc, Infernal (taught by Urdeth); Speak & Literate
Awakened Mind > Ability to touch the minds of other creatures. You can communicate telepathically with any creature you can see within 30 feet of you. You don’t need to share a language with the creature for it to understand your telepathic utterances, but the creature must be able to understand at least one language.

Armor Prof: Light Armor
Weapons Prof: Simple Weapons (as Warlock) + Bard
Tool Prof: Instrument: Harp/Lyre, Herbalism Kit, Healing Kit
Skill Prof: Persuade (as Bard); Investigation/Deception (as Warlock), History, Arcana (as Sage)

Spell Slots = 2 (Warlock 1) + 2 (Bard 1) = 3 @ 1st level
spell Save = 8 + Prof. Bonus (+2) + CHA modifier (+4) = 14
spell attack = Prof. Bonus + CHA modifier
Bard Spells
Known Cantrips: 2 > Vicious Mockery + Minor Illusion
Known First: 4 > Dissonant Whispers + Identify + Disguise Self + Charm Person + sleep

Warlock Pact
Known Cantrips: 2 > Eldritch Blast + Mage Hand
Known Spells: 1st x 2 > Witch Bolt + Armor of Agathys + prot vs evil and good
Armor: Leather
Weapons: spear (thrown/versatile) D6+2
GP: 80
Goods From Past Party
Herbalism Kit
Healing Kit
wooden shield
hide armor
riding horse w/tack
boar skull
wulf skull

Treasure and Gear from Mother
Dragon egg shell pieces coated/hardened in silver (100gp)
White dragon scales (12 large; can be made into a shield)
> After the Wurmshadow Campaign; The shield of “Brekkia’s Bulwark”
Normal medium shield
Can be used without proficiency by Brekkia’s offspring

White dragon hide (preserved)
> After the Wurmshadow Campaign; The armor of “Brekkia’s Hide”
Counts as Light Armor for proficiency, but as scale mail for AC
Grants Advantage on any saves vs. cold.
Reduces cold damage by 6 points per effect
When Armor of Agathys is cast upon the wearer, it adds ___ damage and ___ HP
Reduces fire damage by 3 per effect
White dragon massive teeth (4; dagger/spear point each)
After the Wurmshadow Campaign
A bronze statue of a hooded, robed woman that is empty – the idol of Urdeth (for those not paying her homage, it gives them nightmares if they possess it or sleep within a foot of it).
A pair of round quartz-like pieces – when the twins looks through it they seem memories of themselves (the eyes of their mother).
Kit: Gaming Set (made from human/father and bear/killer bone)
= ALL IN CHEST from mother’s great hall (they carry the chest between them)

Lap Harp “Brynlaw”: White dragon claw (mother’s came off from wound in battle), carved into odd column and frieze shape with strange scenes of erotic revelry and alien places and creatures. Strung using dragon sinew (replaced with Brekkia’s), woven with silver and fine strand of mithril – gift from conquered Dwarves to her mother (restrung by Dwarves). It is hardy enough to be used as an improvised club weapon without breaking.
Brekkia’s offspring get the following bonuses:
+1 on playing proficiency
+1 HP healing on bardic Song of Rest played with it
+1 on Bardic Inspiration when harp is played accompanying it
Playing it can serve as the spell casting focus and material component for any cantrip or first level spell (of any class).
Raxhanne alone can coax the harp to Direful Resonance:
Adds +1 to CHA spell save target
Can be used to obfuscate the casting of Bewitching Whispers warlock compulsion
1/long rest (exhausting to play) allows casting of 1 normal spell as a ritual spell incorporating the harp’s sounds

Brekkia Raxan was a infertile white dragon. It led to a great deal of anger as she grew to adulthood – and an evil temperament. She was always the first to raid, and cared little for the rewards of treasure, reveling in in the carnage and pain as reward instead. She fled to the far, far north of Vikmodere – exiled from her clan for her infertility and angering the Hunter of Dragons to seek her clan out. She lived on the fringes, mostly in human form as a witch known to the northern tribes for a thousand years. Then came Draggien Aurilkarst – favored of the blood of Auril. He sought to carve a kingdom in the north over two hundred years ago. He sought out and conquered Brekkia – in her human form, though her nature was known to him. Brekkia and he conquered several tribes and towns and threatened to march south with an army of hundreds of fearsome tribesmen when Aurilkarst was killed in a terrible hunting accident (some say foretold in prophecy) by a cave bear. Brekkia fled, miraculously pregnant and alone. She laid waste to several villages the had enslaved in her anger – covering them in hoarfrost forever. She raided along the rivers and knocked down the stone towers and walls of men, dwarf, and ork alike in her rage. She destroyed most of what she conquered, taking only the few scrolls and tomes, magic, and furniture and trinkets that survived her breath-wrath.
When Brekkia was destroying a remote village, their shaman lay dying, slowly freezing to death at the edge of one of her cold blasts. With his last bit of life essence, he summoned a fire elemental and put a geas on it to avenge their deaths on Brekkia or her progeny. Little did they know.
] She carried three of the dragonborn for 200 years – an abomination for so long and under strange mystical circumstances; into hibernation she went and was woken when the birth started.

Balderdash (Balder for short) was born first – a warrior and a fierce elemental force. Strong and powerful he grew – a hunter, a fighter, a provider. Standing 6’5”, he has fierce violet eyes, and his sister Belynn was an exact twin. Modax Winterheart was born next – a large creature of perfect scales but no breath, and soon his scales would shed and he would appear as a man. Raxhanne came last, and her birth was a hard birth. She was born blind and her first weeks she slowly regained her sight.
All appeared as normal dragon hatchlings at their birth! Growing up, the siblings learned to do everything together. Their mother doted on them, treating them as royalty and telling them they were better than the “lesser creatures” of the surrounding areas. She assumed her true form and reconquered many villages and towns of orcs, humans, goblins, and a few non-human enclaves under her name Brekkia. For dragon-born they grew slowly, appearing to her to be young white dragons. She was indulgent when they were hatchlings, but soon became hard and distant – as they became more humanoid. Modak shed his scales and became like his father – as lesser creature in his mother’s eyes. Belynn grew powerful, a warrior and sought out the power of Tiamat. Her own mother slew her as a threat. Raxhanne finally sprouted wings, which her mother cut off and burned with frost breath for fear of her usurping her own matriarchal power. Raxhanne (Rasz-han-aye) was always strange, claiming to hear voices on the frozen winds coming from the north. She would constantly wander away and her brothers would have to find her. Often times she would listen to humanoids outside of their villages, only to be attacked by their returning hunters and friends and have to be rescued by her brothers with their terrible breath. It was from listening to these humanoids and her conversations with her brothers hat each of the siblings took their non-dragon name. At times her brother Balder would try and one-up her to get the rare attention from their mother, and she and Modax would have to rescue him from his plans which often involved ambushing deadly creatures stronger than he could take alone. Modax began to study the strange magics that his mother had brought back as treasures – though she forbade this of them as “not the way of dragons”, he dared to defy her edict and studied alone and at secret, coming across the remains of the Sorcerer named Sverrun (who had apparently come to kill their mother – hired by local townsfolk). He often had his early magics, practiced alone, turned against him and would have to found under massive drifts of snow by his siblings. It seemed from an early age that Raxhanne could hear her siblings thoughts – even from miles away. They all had a knack for saving each other.
Balder grew into a matchless warrior and hunter, and Modax became a sorcerer of pale white skin the sun seemed not to touch and violet eyes. Raxhanne became consumed by voices from the empty wastes of the north. She wandered into the midst of the worst storm in decades and became snowblind. Her brother found her buried under snow – blind. She depended on him, and soon began to realize the limits of nature and the realization that there was the empty void – the place of no life or death. A spirit named Urdeth touched her in her blindness, and she agreed to venerate it in return for her seeing through its power. The pact was forged and her mind was exposed to the eternal gulfs of the void. She was quiet for many cycles of the moon until her shattered mind recovered and she spoke at length to her mother – who further rejected her because of her strangeness. But her brothers did not care – their optimism and belief in their own power countered her growing inner darkness and saved her sanity – balanced her. She grew to appreciate the stillness of the void of Urdeth and the echoes of everything she could hear in it. For 2 years she was blind until a dream-vision in which she traveled years through a white desert brought her back her sight (lead by Urdeth) – though her eyes were forever a frosty white thereafter. She become a warlock of the elder gods, and her brothers worried for her, she developed a decidedly evil outlook and tone like her mother.

Their mother never recovered from the birth of the unexpected children of strange blood, and though the siblings watched over her until she died 22 years after their birth, there was nothing any could do to save her early decline and death. When she finally passed – killed by sadness it is thought, the siblings were on their own. Their mother’s treasure hoard was hidden in the heights where they could not get to, so they packed up what they could from the great hall and left – after sending all the attendants and servants away. They burned the small town and great hall of their mother’s “kingdom”. Raxhanne had a vision, and they ate some of their mother – and gave thanks she made them strong and tough, and took her power into themselves. They skinned her and salvaged what they could of the dragon “queen“ – preserving it with cold. The strange ancient powers in the north had slowed their development, but once they had made several forays into the lands of humans in the last 10 years it’s grip was loosened and their age progressed as normal – alive for 22 years but only aged 13.

They lived amongst the humanoids of the north of Ardnut for 3 years, aging 2 during that time. Raxhanne managed to talk their way out of most altercations, and her brothers to fight their way free of a few ambushes, but soon a few select villages allowed them to come to trade and spread word of their presence in the north. In return, they managed to find a few souls who got lost in the frozen wastes over the years and return them to their homes, earning some small measure of appreciation. Modax took on many of the ways and customs of the barbarians of the north. Raxhanne took up the path of the skaald having rescued one from dying of cold and learned of their role and comfort – this bard was the one who gave them all their humanoid names after staying with them recovering for 6 moon cycles. Her brothers encouraged this relationship as they saw the music and talk balance the howling depths of the void within her. The bard was paid handsomely for his romance and training of their sister – the majority of their savings went with him in secret for him saving their sister from loneliness and despair. Now they have struck out on their own to make their fortune, taking all they managed to accumulate, leaving their kingdom in the north and striking south to more populous and prosperous lands where their blood heritage will matter less and their history of the family is forgotten. They have made their way to Rybalka because she has told her siblings that their future is to be found there and the bard said the people there were good.

Outside of Rybalka they followed the sounds of combat and found the ranger standing in a ring of dead bodies, trying to save her dying comrades. The siblings came forward and introduced themselves as the ranger nocked an arrow. After getting past their strange countenance the ranger explained what had happened. They volunteered to help bury her comrades, and Raxhanne said she would play over their graves a song that would make them remembered forever. The ranger found a cache of white tipped, rune covered arrows in a case on the winter wolf that had slain her comrades. To Modax she gave her comrade Eera’s polar bear full cape to keep him warm and a healing potion, to Raxhanne she gives the white feather from the strange arctic crow that Eera had, and the 2 other healing potions from Eera she gives to Balder. As the last notes of the song of Raxhanne fades in the winds, a strange crackling is heard. A fire elemental bursts from the trees, melting snow and creating steam all around it, attacking Balder. Balder tumbles down an embankment, snow flying. The flaming creatures chases the 3 siblings – ignoring the ranger. Spell and normal weapons do not hurt it. After several minutes, the ranger pulls the arrows she had found on the winter wolf and takes a chance and fires a few arrows into the creature. It turns on her, just as it has the exhausted siblings cornered. She fires arrow after arrow as it comes toward her, and the freezing aura from the last magical arrow snuffed out the life of the fire elemental. The three are in debt to the one. Raxhanne says it is a sign, they are destined to travel together. The ranger explains the local problem they were trying to solve, and all agree to help her and the local people – to continue the quest and honor the commitments made.

After the Wurmshadow Campaign
For many moons Rax was in a trance, missing a great deal of the end of the campaign which saw the metallic dragons rise supreme and the chromatic ones reduced to paltry local cults.

The shield of “Mothers Cover”

The harp of “”
The breath weapon of any of the dragons siblings can heal any others in its effects when blown through the strings – it will do no damage and heal any of the dragon’s blood by a damage amount normally done instead.