Jacquelyn Blackwell – Character

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Character Portrait
Class @ Level: Fighter 7 - Champion (@1,2,3,4,5,6,7), Warlock 4 (@8,9,10)
Health/HP: =89; 7x6=42 (fighter) + 5,5,8,5=18 (warlock) + 11x3=33 (CON) -9 (wounds) > 2 failed death saves is permanent, not 3
Essence: 6 = (20+9=29)/2=14 -6 for Bone Shaker/-2 for statue in The Black Library Tower/-1 Malek drain/-2 to feed demi-god of burgeoning world/-1 Malek Warlock (not usual 3)/+1 Soul Gem/+2 4th fighter & Warlock/+1 4+ planes visit/+1 WIS; -1 Warlock Living Tome
Ability Summary
Charisma20 (+5) {proficient}
Constitution17 (+3) {proficient}
Dexterity13 (+1)
Intelligence13 (+1)
Sanity9 (-1)
Strength15 (+2) {proficient}
Wisdom12 (+1) {proficient}
Ability Notes: +1 CHA, +1 DEX @ Fighter 4th; +1 STR/+1 CHA @ Warlock 4th; -1 Dex/-1 HP from broken ankle/foot in rescuing the golden child; -1 Sanity/-1 HP from Rape and Violence in wizard tower; -1 Sanity from PanGeDiam; -1 Wis from head wound in Rauket battle; -1 HP scar on chest from Death blow of Taelin shooting arrow; -1 HP Trial of light battle; -1 HP cavalry battle finally taken down by Umbakians in the field; Emerald Falls Battle = (fall;cracked pelvis) -2 HP/(shoulder) -1 hit thrown or bow - not crossbow - certain angle holding it hurts/(massive internal) 2 failed death saves is permanent, not 3

Proficiency: Capability, Knowledge, Items

Proficiency Bonus: +4
Communication: Gladnorean (Speak+Literate), High Umbakian (Speak + Literate rudimentary level), Orrish (speak), Feyloise (Speak+Literate), Grollen (soldiers greeting and sayings only)
Skills: Proficient Skills: Arcana, History, Persuade {x2 proficiency bonus from Trial}, Athletics, Acrobatics, Perception; Ritual Spells*
Lores: +1: Grollen, Orrish, High King's Law
+2: Sea King, Heraldry, Dunstrand, Malek, Ciphers/Codes
+4: Umbak, Gallants (annals)

Researcher: The character knows sources of knowledge and lore; research facilities, libraries and the types of information they specialize in. General knowledge of best/most reputable and worst, most risky institutions and individuals involved in research. Character is aware of normal legal and illicit means of tracking down or purchasing information and libraries.

Armor: All Armor, All Shields
Weapons: Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons
Tools: Writing (proficient at ink, charcoal/lead, wood/stone/metal tablet inscription)


Radiance Bond
(Per Trait; from Malek's World) A "free" level of Exhaustion (the fist level does not impact them), gain Resistance to Radiant damage, +1 to all Persuade checks/-1 to Intimidate checks, and +1 on all healing effects to succeed and damage healed. They gain +1 on all checks against Fear/Frightened and Stun. If a character possesses Radiance Faculties, the Insight checks gain a +5 bonus. Sources of Necrotic damage do 1 extra damage. Once per Short Rest, the character can spend 1 Essence to gain a use of Wonderment or 1 use of Leadership.
Inspiration: [Bardic] (learned to inspire the troops)
Soul Gem: (grown for Forestal in radiance world; cracked) +1 Essence, Stabilize on Death (50% while cracked)
Pact Magic: Warlock; Ritual proficiency; Pact Boon: [Living Tome] Pact of the Tome ("Book of Shadows/Ancient Secrets") - Turns to ash when character dies; 1 hour ritual after Short or Long Rest to re-summon it or banish the old one. ** = Written in x2 cost inscription matls. persists for 1 re-conjuring.
[CHA] Cantrips from any class: Thorn Whip (30' range, D6 + Pulls 10' Closer), Ray of Frost (D8 cold + speed -10'), Produce Flame (10 min/10' bright + 10'dim/30' ranged D8 fire), Shillelagh (Spell bonus attack/damage; proficient + magical, D8 [quarterstaff or club]), Dancing Lights
"[Book of] Ancient Secrets" (Scribe any classes Ritual spell in the book and cast as ritual directly from reading the book; start w/3 or CHA)
1st: Tensers Floating Disc, Comprehend Languages, Speak with Animals, Illusory Script (bonus from Malek), Detect Magic (taken from William Enders Sun Stealer cultist and failed transmuter CY 9168; **)
2nd: Augury, Magic Mouth
Inspired Influence: (Trial of Influence at The Academy in PanGeDiam)


Inspiring Leader; [Seemed to be born with this gift!] 6 targets within 30'; +13 hp 1/Rest of the target
Shield Master; [Learned this from fighting on the road on the journey to Pan GeDiam] bonus action shove 5'/Add shield AC bonus to any Dex save/Reactions to have Dex save for half be save for full OR 1 free use of shield Resilience
Martial Adept: [Added to learned maneuver observing while in captivity by the Umbakians] D6 Maneuver Dice; 2+1 Maneuvers: Commanders Strike, Riposte, Rally (added by Trial of Influence)


  • Protection Style: creature within 5 attacks target other than me use my reaction to impose disadvantage - shield needed
  • Second Wind: Bonus Action regain D10/5 + Fighter Level in HP; 1/Rest
  • Action Surge: Take 1 added normal action; 1/Rest
  • Multi-Attack: 2 Attacks per Attack Action
  • Improved Critical: 19+
  • Remarkable Athlete: Dex/Str/Con check without proficiency gets half normal bonus
Warlock Pact Powers: [Patron] Great Olde One (Malek)
Spell Save DC: 8 + Prof + 5 (Cha) = 17 / Attack: Prof + 5 (Cha) = +9
Awakened Mind: Telepathically speak up to 30'; must be able to understand a language
Eldritch Invocation: Repelling Blast - Moves target 10' movement on a hit
Eldritch Invocation: Tome of Ancient Secrets
Cantrips: (2) Mage Hand, Minor Illusion, Eldritch Blast (120' D10 Force)
Spell Slots: 2 @ 2nd / Known Spells = 1st x 3, 2nd x 2
  1. 1st: Dissonant Whispers (60' range, verbal; 1 action > 3D6 psychic + Reaction to use full move rate from source on failed Wisdom save)
  2. 1st: Protection from Evil and Good
  3. 1st: Hex
  4. 2nd: Invisibility
  5. 2nd: Spider Climb



Scale Mail, Shield


Broadsword, dagger Arcane Focus: A silver sparrow made from silver from the plane of Malek; this charm is made to snap onto the head of a pin for cloak, hat, brooch, etc. clasp adornment. If you look closely, its eyes seem to follow you.
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Physical Features, Form, and Appearance

Race: Human Size: Medium | Movement: 25 (30'-5 from broken ankle) > Beauty: Striking
Description: Female, 5'11", #167, short red hair (dyed), left handed, tanned (sun exposed) skin, grey eyes, Radiance Bond Effects: dim motes of light in the pupils, tears that dimly sparkle, and paler nails and hair
Makeup: lip gloss/mascara

Scars, marks, etc.: Typical Dress: [on campaign] Plain clothes (trousers and tunic), no makeup, brown hair

Behavior, Outlook and Perspectives

Alignment: Chaotic Good | Affinity: Psychic | Aptitude: Kinetic (Constitution)
Behaviors: Code of Conduct (Virtuous); Code of Conduct (Benevolent); Code of Conduct (Gallants); Code of Conduct (Bannerman of Earl)
Combat Tactics: Typically tries to have a plan for all situations; makes sure innocents and non combatants are never involved if possible. Prefers to lead from the front (old habits), but understands value of lost command so will take steps to protect herself. She will throw himself in the way to save a comrade without thinking. If there's any question, always back the move of your brother in arms (and ask questions/get angry later), and be aggressive. Violence of action (he learned this from commanders in the Umbakian service and its the one tactic that works well in almost all situations) can lead to quick, easy victories and less suffering in the long run. Remain dogged and persistent in pursuit of enemies... but this has the highest immediate price in personnel and collateral damage.


Background: Sage / Origins: (Alchemist; driven out and became Scribe but studied forbidden pursuit as copier in Umbak)
Defining Personality Trait: I am used to helping others as knowledgeable or smart as I am and patiently explain anything and everything to others when needed or asked. Loves to talk about history especially.
  • Ideal: No Limits: Nothing should fetter the infinite possibility inherent in all existence. All people should be informed of all things to make most educated decisions.
  • Bond: It is my duty to protect my students and the seekers of mystery and truth that travel with me. They must be shown how information secures them, and they in turn can secure others through information.
  • Flaw: I am easily distracted by the promise of knowledge, especially that which can save lives or reveal hidden truths and power. I also feel as if i am the only one who is qualified to determine how swiftly knowledge should be disseminated (i.e. "forbidden" knowledge).

Patrons, Sponsors and Connections

Malek: Malek chose Jack as a pawn, willing to sacrifice as the rest of the Gallants, but soon came to realize that he/she succeeded where none thought they would. Jaq was the "unknown element" - the thing that tipped the balance and no one ever knew which way in the long run. When Malek looked for true catspaws, Jaq shone like a beacon. Malek played on her desire to return to her simple days in the library, but with that thirst for forbidden knowledge. Jaq's progression as a Warlock went better than planned. The Baron Wheglin of Bar-Innis: The Gallants served as primary pawns in the civil war. The Earl of Bar-Innis: The Gallants served as a political gift to Richfield, to kick the Umbakians of of their crusade in Dwindor Swamp, and to extend the political well-being and reach of their Earl. The Earl of Richfield: The Gallants worked to re-establish the northern defenses against political enemies and the Gwinnish occupiers of Tarmysia. The Duke of Dunstrand: The Gallants have worked to extend the good-will of the Duke much further north, formed the Gallantine academy to create fanatical loyal elite troops and bastion of Bar-Innis (even to possibly lift it up/down as a new Riverdan Territory).

What made the character become an Adventurer?

The Keeper of Secrets, or near enough, was Jack's name at a young age as a sage in Umbak. He would play 20 questions with knowledge he had learned with the other apprentices and he was always ahead in his studies to cross index tomes and manuscripts of the published, public lists. Jack always knew that uncovering knowledge was the key to allowing greater good - the more knowledge available to all, the greater access for informed decisions leaders would have and could provide better for their charges.

A story of growing up

A story of exemplifying beliefs

Jack protected his fellow classmates from the bullies outside the school who ridiculed them for "stuffing their noses in books". Jack was quick to anger and took the brunt of the beatings as his Quill Brothers fled the scene.

How the character came to be in the group

XP/CP/Inspirations Gained and Spent

COVER: An old mystic cowled god (Delleb) holding a book and casting spells battles the war god (Mizras); it is a charcoal drawing rough and not done by someone with an eye for art.

Hinterlands Saga; Last night there was an attack. Harahhd almost died – but no one trusts me enough to take me with them with just me. One of The Gallants could have perished because I jeopardized myself and now all of my friends may die trying to save me.

They tell me i pulled most of my hair out before we left Dunstrand. Shorter hair becomes me i think, as the tufts grow in i am decided to keep it short. It is better for fighting that way. Truthfully i remember only moments here and there where my mind are my own. I scrabble down thoughts in moments of lucidity. The spirit possessing me allows me longer moments after meals of bloody meat and vast quantities of foodstuffs – i am gaining weight and slowing down. Its difficult to ride, as the horse senses there is a foreign spirit inside of me and is spooked. Thankfully it is well trained. I can literally feel a sinking feeling in my head, as if a weight attached to it and i am falling northwards. Something there pulls the creature possessing me and i have the feeling it is not going to be something we want to deal with. No one speaks to me, or interacts with me as little as possible. I feel alone, truly, for the first time. I wish i had Bone Shaker at my side, i would feel much better equipped. The bastard Umbakians have sank it in the ocean as far as we can tell. Thought of vengeance stir in me – dashing the heads of Umbakian infants on the rocks of the Queens Coast shoreline… but i know it is the foul spirit inside me with these gleeful thoughts.

The grey figure keeps coming to me in my dreams. He tells me he understands my thirst for knowledge. My age old love of books, and research, of tomes and grimoires and parchments – it reminds me of the simpler days when i was a young man in Umbak copying prayer books and assisting the lecturers with research into scriptures and ancient works by the church masters of Ikribu. The grey man gives me hints – i think perhaps he is Delleb, an old, hidden god of knowledge from the distant memories of the early days when the sun shone on the lands of the Fallen East. He speaks so little, almost nothing to me, but allows me to lead myself on. I think perhaps he is forbidden somehow to declare himself – who knows what the politics of the gods allow them to do and do not.

A am able to slip oout and about with the elretch powers this patron in grey has given me. My flesh and hair, eyes and skin can slightly rearrange themselves so i slip past watches and people who may recognize me and find a way to hunt in the city at night. The cold is coming, i found a pair of homeless – a couple down on their luck. As a ghoul, i can smell when death was near and they would not have lived the night. I feasted! I could have left them to slip into the cold’s embrace but their last few moments were of terror as i clawed at their necks. I deserve to die. Tonight i have asked the grey man to take this power back. To mu surprise, though he looked sad, he placed his hand upoin my heart and took away the flesh altering powers. He replaced it wit the yearning for books and for mystical knowledge. He taught me to summon a tome from the shadows, from a place of strange angles and shapes. the pages seem not to conform to any shape. It is empty and he has given me a charge of filling it. At least my true live, my love of being a scribe, has returned to me. I am happy for a brief moment. But I do not deserve it! I shall volunteer for every dangerous mission, every suicidal attack! I will not subject my fellow Gallants to much more of this if I can help it.

Diary – I have Bone Shaker back, the order of Davros – the “True Druids” has returned to me what i thought was lost forever. For now, i need not eat the flesh of the living. I have become a vile things, a thing to be spat on and cursed by those who walk in the light of day. Even now i prefer the evening hours. Perhaps there is a greater purpose in all this. the only thing thing which prevents me in my moments of lucidity from killing myself is that my companions have done all this for nothing.

After i was slept by the gaze of the Jackalwere Val, i remember little. The tendrils of the void, my flesh and bones breaking and reforming. I was a man for a brief moment again! A soulless man. A man whose evil clearly knew no bound given you was willing to sacrifice his entire family. And clearly i have crossed the line myself. The woman we saved could not live with herself. As we waited for the authorities she killed herself. When i found her i could not resist and ate her flesh! The flesh! The ghoul inside me calls and is hard to beat down. Having Bone Shaker makes it a little easier – but for how long? The cravings are so bad it hurts me. I have done unspeakable things… an eater of the flesh i have become. The very thing i fight, i am becoming, and it is getting hard and harder each day to resist. Over a hundred days now and just the sight of bloody steak makes me flush and ready to fight.

They say we are traveling to one of the Shattered Cities. When the Lich Lords brought icy winter, water go into every stone and froze, shattering some of the cities. It left it totally destroyed in millions of fragments. This Termiri says there are only 3 hours out of the day it safe, otherwise the shadows are too long. Perhaps i will find a place to meet my end here, defending my companions. I am going with whether they like it not. I am tired of waiting in the wings.