Icranes History

I came in at the exact same point in the last group.
The group was a bit like a rudderless warship, floundering
I’m taking control once again
We are a party of exceptional spell casters – favored by gods and fortune.
We are in a coven, we know intimately what each of us can do.
There is no reason we cannot build tactics like the military unit, just leveraging our spells.
We were brought together to do exactly this.
We are now being asked to do exactly what I came in and did before
The hammer of the gods will fall, and the bones of our enemies left on the battlefield will be picked clean
Esni, you are the light in the darkness. She is everything we should be.
She is kind, she is loyal, and does not hesitate when one of our own is threatened
She is our conscience. My conscience certainly.
There is a message in all of this, and it is a reminder that, perhaps, if one must have a constant conscience reminding one of better virtue, the will to do the opposite must be there as well.
And so that will remain.
Nor will I have it otherwise, for hard decisions require a hard heart.
I am the Harpy’s Messenger.

+1 Week
1000 silvers = party
Summons of Esni by city council, Fielns family is at this gathering
We find out the family want Esni to bear the child
1 among them is directing the family, but hes not a member
+1 day = letter w/city seal – sending us to the front lines vs. Kaithlin
+1 week to get there
Defensive camp
Commander Criese (8th in hierarchy of army) – whatever he wants
2 weeks of rations
Greeted by the mayor (discreetly)
We get healing access – dont tell others
Wait an hour
Patch – observed w/red
Officer = now our buddy real qmaster

Esni attack
Latrine duty 2 weeks = have to wait

Cackling as we leave

Ok, so, this is how Icrane feels after his first taste with the new party.
Same as the old.