Eera the Druid

Description: Elf (Drow), female, age: 150 (slightly older than normal starting), no hair, clipped ears, left handed, black skinned, deep brown eyes (lilac specs if you look deep), 5’2”, #117
Ideal: [Live and Let Live] All have a place – negotiation and cooperation is the overall optimal approach to achieving a balance between nature and civilization. It is not improper to look for the local advantage in dealings with those outside the family – such is the way of nature.
Bond: [Nothing More Important Than My Family] – Like a mother to her cub, I must nurture and protect my family who trusts in me – but not be selfish if and when they are ready to pursue their own path. And honor ins all things – a word once given, is a sacred oath.
Flaw: Civilization breeds selfishness (bias) – I am the hand of nature to check the greed and there is no mercy for those who seek to exploit the ideal. Those of the family must be watched and reminded lest their ties to the civilized world overstep the ideal (she can be preachy sometimes). Sometimes though, its not that you gave your word, its who you gave it to (outside of family).
Code of Conduct:
All natural plants and animals ARE family.
Have a high regard for natural places and life to make their own choices.
Keep word of honor.
Lie and cheat if word not given, and outside familial structure
Will kill or take advantage of an unarmed foe
Help those in need (if family – negotiate with others)
Not use torture unless absolutely necessary.
Work with a group, negotiated.
Never harm an innocent (but may take advantage of them).
Never kill for pleasure.
Never betray family.

> Speed = 30 feet
> Darkvision = 120 feet
+ Sunlight Sensitivity: Widom (perception) and attack rolls penalized in direct sunlight
> Trance 4 hours per day = sleep equiv.

Class: Druid
Background: Hermit
> Life of Seclusion: I was exiled for a crime I DID commit
> Discovery: The solitude of nature was blissful (and cultivated) compared to the unending scurry of the Underdark. There can be no life without death and death without life – the outside world (the swamp at first) is the perfect expression of harmony and balance.
> Personality Trait(s): Oblivious to social etiquette and expectations; life is simple, ask and answer plainly. Think clearly, speaking need be minimal and listening is more important.
Alignment: Lawful Evil
HP: 8+3
Generation: 11, 17, 15, 14, 16, 13 (witnessed by Mario months back at a session) = NO; 30
Elf: +2 Dex, +1 CHA from Drow
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 15
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 17
Constitution: 16
Charisma: 10
Perception (Wisdom)
Survival (Wisdom)
Nature (Intelligence) + Savant: Always advantaged (best of 2 checks)
Medicine (Wisdom)
Religion (Intelligence)
Common: Speak and Literate
Elvish: Speak and Literate
Druidic: Speak and Sign
Undercommon: Speak and Literate?
Fey Ancestry (resist charm, cannot be put to sleep)
Drow Magic
Drow Weapon Training: Rapier, Scimitar, Hand Crossbow
Druid: Light and Medium Armor + Shields (non metal), clubs, daggers, darts, javelins, maces, quarterstaff, scimitar, sickle, sling, spear
Armor: leather armor (AC 11)
Weapons: scimitar x2 (D6; finesse [STR or DEX], light [best dual wield])
sling (d4; range 30/120)
Gear: Explorers pack
Druidic Focus: fire sharpened antler ‘knife’, on thong about neck
GP: 70
Trinket: An enormous scale, perhaps from a dragon (found in the swamp)
Prof. w/ Herbalism Kit
Spell Save DC = 8 + proficiency bonus + Wisdom modifier
Spell Attack Mod = proficiency bonus + Wisdom modifier
Ritual Casting Allowed (if spell allows)
Cantrip x 2
Poison Spray
Produce Flame
1st x 2
> Charm Person (most likely option in place of thunderwave when in urban settings)

Sacred Plants: Lotus (seeds are true delicacy/special)
Sacred Wood: Casuarina glauca – Saltmarsh Ironwood

Eera grew up as a typical entitled female Drow named Silvenia amongst her people. When she sheltered a male who was being chased for nothing, taking him food and water for days, she was cast out of her family and caverns at age 27. She could hear the other children hunting her, though her unusually decent treatment of the spiders and lizards (she always had an affinity with animals – though cared less for most of her people) meant that the few sent to find her often chose not to harm her, or lead others away. She was forced to fend for herself. Eventually, she made her way to the surface – the only place her people would not follow. She ended up in a swamp near Grarrosh Bay.
There were spiders, and lizards, and snakes, and many of the same fungi and strange things that grew in the underdark and that she was used to and good with – it felt more like home than any city she might retreat to. She survived for decades, talking to no one and avoiding everyone. One day she was awakened by a great silence, only to find a large ork-like beast standing over her. Through sign and calm demeanor, he (Tugrok) sat with her and explained that she was in the domain of a druid – him. Over weeks he learned of her story, and must have felt a kinship with her, for he offered to take her under his care and train her. The swamp was beautiful to the right senses he claimed, and he was right. She learned everything under him of medicine and nature, though she was far more resentful of the surface dwellers who would judge her, and the civilized underdwellers of her people. He never could take the edge off her anger, but tempered it best as he could – teaching her about real family, and real trust. They worked with the swamp’s materials and eventually her hair would never grow back – her tell-tale silver locks would never identify her as a Drow again. He also cut her ears – he taught her to tolerate pain. The herbs in the swamp burned, but it took years to heal in the mire – despite many potent herbs. She paints her face now, and covers her ears blue to hide the scars. He even helped her to change the color of her eyes – rare and unknown swamp poisons made her look more human. Outwardly, aside from her skin, she appears as a strange, small human woman. He lastly reconciled her fallen faith in in the spider queen – showing her a great deal more variety in the swamp than she should ever see underground, making Lolth subservient to the the natural order but part of it. She was fascinated with them, and the snakes and spiders and lizards of the swamp nearby began to see her as an ally – for she would lay traps away from her lair and set offerings of food for them nearby. At night, they began to congregate near her fire, but never harmed her.
Eventually, after 15 years of trekking with him, he helped her to integrate with the first humans and gave her her new name and her sign as a druid. She began by moving into a small community on its edges – and soon used her knowledge of the swamp for herbal remedies and a friend to the midwifery community. Never staying more than a decade here and there, she made her way to bigger and bigger communities until she began to slowly integrate with a civilized populace. she did well at playing the part of the eccentric – while plain and simple herself, she grew to know the pantomimes people expected a “wise woman” type to have, and played the part. It allowed her to exist alongside civilization, without being part of it. As the resident “witch” of the North Flats of Grarrosh Bay, she was aware when a man named ____ came to the small crossroads of Reed Link – an Inn and local gathering place for many farmers thereabouts. A dandy from Portent Downs, he flattered the ladies, was brazen in his affections, and made quite the stir. Many was the girl looking for a love potion to work on him. She same to the Inn to see for herself. Right away she knew he was trouble. Right away she began to keep an eye on him, and in a few days time her fears proved right. In the middle of the night she was awoken by a serpent set to watch over him. He had been kidnapped and taken into the edges of the swamp by a group of men. She overheard them pronounce their judgement upon him – apparently he was to hang to rape. It sounded more like no true jury would convict, and that that young man was no more guilty than the willing lass of an affair – but the woman’s husband obviously had money and friends, and meant to exact his revenge. Even though the beatings and threat of death, the young man managed to make fun of them, and never lost his wit. There was something amusing and sad about him, intriguing to Eera. When at last then men had enough and made the move to hang him, she made her move. They did not bind his hand – hoping for him to dance a long while, and pulled him off the ground. Using her druidic powers, she caused the clearing to rustle, and her large snake to crawl out on the branch and hoist him just enough to breathe while she screamed and danced and threatened the men – telling them she was a witch, and that they had violated upon her sacred place. She demanded a sacrifice! They must leave a trinket, and depart, and the life of the hanged man would be collected by the earth! She mumbled apologies, and lift a minor trinket – and believed the struggling bard would be a victim and report back to her husband in the city. It worked! After minutes, the snake’s energy gave out, but they left. The bard had long since figured out the trick and played dead, though started to struggle as the snake grew weaker. She ran to the knot and cut it with her sacred antler knife. ___ dropped to the ground, twisting his ankle and leaving him at her mercy. Talking no more than a whisper, for her voice was not used to much talking, she got from him his tale of his past, and the events leading to the love affair and the attempted murder. They spent three days together while she helped him to heal his ankle – using her skills to keep the swelling down, while he helped her re-learn the nuances to the common tongue and social interaction. The long moments of silence were strange for a man like him, as the long moments of talk were for her. But he made her laugh, something she did not do much. They both felt as if a connection had been made, and he hesitated before leaving. They sat and hesitantly agreed that maybe they should leave together. She had been in this small area for a dozen years – it was time. He said even a druid must understand the civilized world if ever she hoped to bridge the gap between them. She made him promise not to leave her side until she was comfortable, and he pledged his company and life to her for saving his (within reason of course – a man like him must always be on the move – something that also appealed to her). She had collected quite a small hoard of the golden coin, and it having little use to her, she gave it to him. It took days before her stomach was better after her first meals in civilized lands. They moved closer to Portent Downs each day. Heading towards the city, making camp one night, they were nearly surprised by a strange looking creature which came out of the woods. It immediately intrigued Eera – how could she be snuck up on by such an oddity. At first the creature was hostile – but son came to realize they were harmless., much due to the antics and glibness of her new found friend. Apparently a band of goblins had raided a village nearby and taken a couple of young ones. Everyone knows its only to keep them fresh – their ultimate fate was sealed. Such is the way of nature. Yet this creature was working for the villagers for now reason other than to protect them – no pay seemed to be offered, no reason other than she wanted to return the young ones to their mothers. They could not provide any assistance, though this ranger assured them that the campsite was on a path used by these raiders. The creature thanked them, after continued into the night. But Eera stopped her and promised to aid her – she could not let this attempt to restore the balance go unnoticed. She told her new young man his debt to her would be served if he would help and so so 2 became 3. The ranger tracked the goblins to a camp, where they saw the local village headman’s son be given coin – obviously he had a hand in setting up the raid. The group charged in only to find themselves surrounded by others hiding in the bush.