Mulgap (!?)
Parameters given:
1) not a fighter (to start – understand need some skills later)
2) healing
3) augment (traits, attributes, maybe armor… but Steven has that covered)
4) minor weapons – enough to defend himself. Staff… sling maybe for distance
5) human probably… but elf or other is ok
6) don’t want them “too damaged” – not to the point of not being useful, trusting, or holding back
7) faith or magic based – either will work

Healer type (religious or Magical) no preference.
Has spells/abilities that allow temporary sacrifice of caster’s Resilience to heal others. Starts at 1:1 and raises to higher ratios which higher skill level. If this is a mage skill/class then easier to heal as they have such high Vitality.
Might have some other spells that can heal without sacrifice or with lesser sacrifice.
Healing will probably not help with hard damage or illnesses like disease or paralysis until higher level or have specific spell.
Possible physical augmentation of others like with the old Bio-Mage class?
Would being a pacifist be a necessity? I’d think so. Hopefully they can train defensive skills….
The more I think about it the more I’d assume this is a Mage class, it involves more sacrifice than deific energy flow. You’re call of course.
Possible exceptional healing at risk of permanent loss of REL or Health? Save vs.Vitality?

I thought about a fey elf, but they are a bit too damaged and elves are not trusted. I also thought about a half breed, but again, i think you want to be in the thick of things – not left too far out. Maybe healfing, but it may be a bit too far removed from that sort of power. So, some strain of human. I thought then about Tom’s character and the Elon (gypsy’s), but i think one type of character from that culture may be enough. There are a few human strains, but i wanted something interesting… we had mentioned briefly about the Nurth idol we found under Tarly castle, and before you left it had been tossed around the idea of you being Nurth. Nurth are evil creatures – humans from the Fallen East where darkness rules, bred by the Orrish as slave armies. They are quite comfortable underground. So, i eventually settled on a background story that might work.

The basics:
I had to come up with something special if you were going to let me create him… so Nurth alone is not enough. The explanation was that some expedition to his homeland captured him, or some raiding band to the surface was caught. Coincidentally, some of the White Sister were on hand, and instead of being killed outright, they decided to test out some new rehabilitation techniques on you. Ok, this works.
– He would be Ru-Lak

The “special” part:
Well, every character created by the GM gets some special ability or hook into the campaign – thats the incentive for letting me create them and make sure they are well balanced. So, heres the craziness: He used to be a ghoul. He has had this undeath purged from him by the White Sisters and in return he has a code of conduct he must follow. Instead of hurting Dunstrand, he MUST work to save it – the surfacers are his new people, and new home. He has some weird residual powers form that, being able to use his STA to fuel some of his powers – like a ghoul can shift their STA to improve physical attributes.

Source of Power:
Its going to be faith based, but not in the normal way – more like a shaman. The Nurth faith is a pretty simple one, and they are simplistic in their outlook – eat, or be eaten.The White Sisters will have transformed this somewhat – but after time the olde ways have crept back into his perspective again.


Forgotten/unclear: He was trained in the Darklands, where his people are from. Traveling by night, resting by day, he was sent west into the lands of light. He was sent to increase disturbances around the Dunstrand area, in particular with the Split-Nose tribe of goblins in the Riverdans region – he was taught the ways of Orrish and goblins in order to integrate into their culture better and take control of an effort in deliberately frame certain parties of the Riverdans of being in league with Dark-Spawn. He was also taught the ways of Dunstrand and Riverdan culture. When he got there, he discovered the entire area – only recently remembered by his masters (the priests of Everdark), was ruled over by an terrifying being called the Bolg-Morda. He managed to get close to some of the Goblin shamans after a year, but it was slow going with the part giant-part troll hybrid ruling by fear and violence. Coincidentally, surface trespassers in The Deeping managed to kill the Bolg Morda, collapsing the entire area’s culture and stability. In the ensuing chaos, he hid himself. The screams lasted for weeks as the strong ate the weak and the entire area devolved into anarchy. The hunger burned in him, and a desire for vengeance against his masters. Soon he found himself beyond death, but the hole burning in his stomach he could not control. It drove him to madness and he found strength he did not know he had – as a ghoul. He sated himself repeatedly on the flesh of goblin, and soon became a ruler in his own right. An unknown time passed, and he realized that he would have to raid the surface lands or run out of food. He organized the goblins into a war band and raided a town at night. He was caught, and saved by 2 members of the White Sisters traveling in the area at the time. Rather than kill him, they returned to Dunstrand city and tried an experimental treatment on him, removing the taint of undeath and restoring him to health. His memories were foggy, but he remembers the hunger, and the hatred for the priesthood of Everdark. The White Sister harnessed this and “rebuilt” him as a healer.

Current: To repent from his old ways, he was forced to join Berithor’s cause – though not in war. The White sisters have sent many of their number on both sides of the civil war conflict in Bar-Innis. They wish to send a mending of ways, where brother no longer kills brother. Unfortunately for the White Sisters, the war itself tore asunder a lot of their hard work. Eat or be eaten seems to be the order of the day in Bar-Innis. Mulgap ran away from his assignment… though he did not abandon his new ways – he just found them flawed. He fled north and stayed in the forests of the Lowlands for a while, until rebels turned him in to the agents of Baron Wheglin. A curious find, he was questioned and put to use by the Baron’s men. Mulgap was put into the baggage train of the army in the field and soon realized his prospects of being crow food were pretty high. The Gallants had developed a reputation of accepting anyone into their ranks, while he knew his lot, if he stayed, had played out as far as it could with the Baron. When the Gallants left, he asked to be able to be able to return to his temple (the High Temple in Dusntrand City – a lie). He shadowed The Gallants as they went east and ended up in Naekli. As a member of the White Sister affiliated order and a healer, he was accorded every respect everywhere he went.

I got a whole story working out in my brain, but let me know if this works for you and i will keep working on it.

SAN 4 (-1 on SAN check directly)

Size = 10

Good Luck, Cultural Lag, Near-Sighted, Sun Weakness, Soft-Hearted (if lost; gains Nightmares [moderate]), Allergies: Alcohol (mild), Compulsion: eats twice as much (mild; to gain STA back), Toughness 1 (regardless of aptitude, gets full STA), Synergy Pool (52), Compulsion: Must resist ANY specific outlook adoption (good, evil, etc.).
= social programming

* Mark of the Black Mother (Elil – Nurth Mother Goddess)

* Reduced shifting: (per ghoul; using STA)

Combat: Evade 1, Fend 1, Shoot 1
Languages: Orrish 4/2, Gladnorean 3/1, Dukat 3, Mercat 1
Lore: Religious 1, Swim 1, Lore: Dunstrand 2, Discern Holy Presence 1+1

Resilience: 10×4=40 + 8=48
Tactics: Prefers to augment those around him before a battle, and then use a light crossbow from a distance.

Synergy (depleted after so much conversion and pledging to multiple faith’s) 52
Blessings: 14
Prayers: All